Dystopian Developments!
As many of you may have seen from our recent Facebook and blog posts, things are full-speed ahead in the Dystopian World. We wanted to make sure you've all been brought up-to-date with the really exciting developments we're working on for Dystopian Wars. Read on to find out more!

We also thought, what better way to kick off these developments than with a little preview of some scenery we've been working on? That's why anybody that spends over £50 on Dystopian Wars products this weekend will receive a FREE Dystopian Scenery Pack! See below for more details.
Kingdom of Brittannia Spotted off the Coast of Africa!
No doubt many of you have seen the little previews we shared on Facebook of the new ships we're working on.

This is a preview of the brand new Kingdom of Britannia Battleship, seen here in three different variants - Torpedo, Weaponry and Bombard. We're aiming to introduce more modularity into all of our new ships, in order to give you even more variety when it comes to fleet building.

Don't think it's just the Brittanians getting some love either - we're busy working away on Battleships for all of our core races. There's still a lot of work to be done before these beauties are ready for release, but we wanted to share our progress with you. To find out more about this ship, and the story behind it, click here to read our first Frontline Despatches blog. 
Building your Dystopian World
Calling all Dystopian Wars players and fans... have we got some cool models for you!
Element 270 has changed the Dystopian World beyond all recognition, so we've been feverishly working on new scenery and models that will make it super easy for you to create stunning looking battlefields, scenarios and campaigns on your gaming mat.
And to show just how confident we are that you'll love it, we're making a bundle of terrain FREE for our Dystopian Weekend Deal! Spend £50 on any Dystopian Wars products this weekend only, and receive this FREE Dystopian Scenery Pack. All you need to do is apply the coupon code ' DWSC01' to your order.  
Please note: The KoB Heavy Battleship is pictured for scale only, and does not come with the deal. 
From a Sturginium-powered lighthouse to an observatory, sand bar and craggy-rock hazards, to a top secret military facility, this pack of goodies will look amazing on any Dystopian Wars Naval tabletop. This deal will last from today (Friday 16/09) until Monday (19/09) so place your order in our online store now!

The Sturginium-powered lighthouse 
The top secret military facility  
 And this is only the start of your world-building fun. We have got some amazing models coming your way! Be sure to check out our new Dystopian Blogs as we detail scenarios and campaigns, many of which will talk about new and exciting things coming your way...
The World War has come to southern Africa with a vengeance. As the Great Powers plot, plan and build their forces in the rest of the world, the Kingdom of Britannia and the Prussian Empire, the first nations to stake their claims to this continent in force, are about to cross swords in a deadly encounter!

Prussian spies have spotted something big afoot off the Guinean coast... And they won't be giving the Brittanians a free pass. Time for them to apply their iron military doctrine: strike hard, strike fast, strike first!

Head over to our latest blog, Frontline Despatches: OPEN FIRE, to find out about our latest campaign and download the first scenario!