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October 23, 2020
Editors' Picks
By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy is a list of 37 universal practices that are markers of the spiritual life. As COVID-19 has ravaged the world, we have found ourselves looking at how we can apply the alphabet practices to pandemic concerns and activities. Some practices reframe what we are experiencing in light of the teachings of the spiritual traditions. Others suggest specific strategies we can use to cope.

For more practices, readings, films, quotes, and other resources to help you navigate these times, see Spiritual Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Practicing Democracy Project
By Fetzer Institute and the S&P Team

We invite you to download a set of 52 cards designed to spark engagement with democratic values. Cards on democracy, freedom, equality, and the common good feature quotes from a wide variety of voices, questions for reflection, and suggested actions. Use them with family, friends, classmates, and colleagues.
Practices for the U.S. Election
By the S&P Team

Before voting in the November election (already underway with mail-in ballots and early voting), use our ritual to dedicate your voting hand to what is important to you. Also, check out these other features created for our Practicing Democracy Project: Election Day, Voting as a Spiritual Practice, Our Voting Companions, Citizenship Vow Ritual
PDP Blog
By Mary Ann Brussat

Harry Chapin is perhaps the greatest writer of story songs of all time. After watching a new documentary about his career and humanitarian work, Mary Ann decided to listen to his songs about America.

More in the Practicing Democracy Project: Naming the Days features: Birthdays of Theodore Roosevelt, Will Rogers, Eugene V. Debs, Dorothy Day, Thomas Berry
By S&P Team

Enthusiasm means being one with God or having God within, and it can be practiced. Here is a collection of enthusiasm practices -- including people watching, singing, reading poetry, and hosting celebrations.

Praying the News
Tiny Prayers
By Micah Bucey

The Rev. Micah Bucey is one of S&P's film reviewers. For the last six months, he has been writing daily prayers that reflect what is happening and how people are feeling today. There are two collections:

November 2 - 27

This e-course explores the lives and teachings of some of the great mystics of the Christian tradition, revealing how their wisdom can inspire and transform our lives today. Try practices inspired by the writings and witness of Hildegarde of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, Howard Thurman, Dorothy Soelle, and others.

Read more about this one-month e-course and register here:
By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
November 2 - 22

Are you interested in mining the meaning of your experiences? Do you believe that your failures and mistakes provide a chance to transform your days? Have you discovered that one of life's many saving graces is the ability to see misfortunes as blessings in disguise? Join us to explore reframing as a life-affirming state-of-mind.

Read more about this 21-day program and register here:
By Jay Shetty

This is an accessible and practical self-help book for those of all spiritual traditions or no tradition. Shetty reveals what he learned while living as a Hindu monk in India. He covers identify, negativity, fear, intention, routine, the mind, ego, gratitude, relationships, and service. Each chapter ends with a meditation. 

More Books: Angry Weather by Friederike Otto, Mystical Places by Sarah Baxter, The Selected Works of Audre Lorde edited by Roxanne Gay, Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith H. Basso.
Children's Book

In their latest book, vibrantly illustrated by Annie Bowler, Sasso and Levine touch on a very big problem indeed: our inability to get along with each other. It is a heartening look at God's intervention when each part of creation vies to be loved most.
Directed by Rick Korn

Harry Chapin sold more than 16 million albums of his story songs about outsiders and people facing challenges. But he is also remembered and revered for his humanitarian activism in the fight against world hunger.
Directed by Aaron Sorkin

This powerful historical drama recreates the infamous trial of anti-war protestors charged with inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. It raises concerns that continue to our times about the demonization of dissent.

More DVDs and Streaming: Coming Home Again, The Mole Agent, Once Upon a River, Radium Girls, Totally Under Control, What the Constitution Means to Me, Yellow Rose
Short and Sweet Spirituality
By Frederic Brussat
This week's blog features wisdom from Zen Buddhism, Sufism, a movie, a mystic, a prayer, a proverb, and a spiritual teacher on finding meaning in the life around us. As Gary Thorp suggests: "Try to be a good audience for whatever kind of experience reveals itself to you."
More Short and Sweet Spirituality Blogs: Life Lessons, Moments of Happiness, Choices to Make
By S&P Team

Since the Black Lives Matter demonstrations this summer, we have noticed an uptick in interest in conversations about racism, anti-racism, and white privilege. So we have identified some discussion guides for adults and children. The list is part of our larger topic on Racism.

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By S&P Team

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From Our Wisdom Archive
By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

This collection reveals the challenges, the benefits, and the importance of journalism. When the press is being attacked by politicians and others, these movies serve as potent reminders of the important role of the fourth estate in a democracy.
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