Wednesday June 22nd, 2022
Dear Member Dentists and Registered Dental Assistants,
Manitoba removed public health orders related to COVID-19 as of March 15, 2022, and has transitioned from an acute response to a longer-term response to ongoing COVID-19 cases in the community, with a focus on recovery and preparedness.  In the four months since Manitoba shifted from public health orders to public health recommendations, our membership has maintained the infection guidance document developed early in the pandemic. The document has served the membership well accomplishing the goal of protecting both the public that we treat and the team members that provided treatment. 
Covid 19 remains in the community, however, we move towards resuming normal activities made possible by the positive effects of the vaccination program and the development of Covid 19 treatments for those who remain at higher risk of severe disease. 
Please find the updated Pathway and Interim IPC Guidance for Patient Care During the Covid 19 Response (access here) that comes into effect as of July 1, 2022. Significant points and changes to the updated document include:
  1. Routine Practices (formerly known as universal or standard precautions) are the foundation for preventing the transmission of microorganisms during care in all healthcare settings. Members are urged to review the most recent Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living document Routine Practices and Additional Precautions: Preventing the Transmission of Infection in Health Care that forms the basis of current and updated information. 
  2. Masks are recommended for patients and visitors while they are in the dental office, however, members must apply their knowledge, skill and clinical judgment regarding decisions and potential mitigation strategies related to individuals with a higher risk of severe disease. Protocols must not restrict the access to care or the quality of care you provide. Please see page 7.
  3. Recommendations on levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) employed will be based on risk assessment related to levels of transmission in areas of outbreaks. For non-suspect Covid19 patients, please see page 9. Routine and enhanced precautions are recommended for Covid19 suspect patients, please see page 12.
Thank you to our membership for your continued efforts in maintaining safety and providing access to care for Manitobans through this pandemic.
Dr. Thomas Colina
President and Board Chair