December 2016
City States Rising!
By John Fullerton
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Globalism's associated and accelerating complexity of interconnected crises from migration to terrorism, from pandemics to climate change, define the new context of our 21st-century reality.  Unmanaged technological change and an outdated economic ideology compound the already unfair burden these crises impose on global citizens.  One need only consider the 18 percent approval rating of the United States Congress, the recent U.S. election, the EU/Euro fiasco, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Turkey (and more) to question whether the Nation State, a 400-year-old response to a different challenge in a different context, is up to the task.  

Ideological rather than pragmatic, a political abstraction that has no grounding in the concrete reality of where and how we live and how life-supporting ecosystems function, the Nation State, together with its political party structure, is not well equipped for today's most important globally interdependent challenges that cannot be solved through inter-State rivalries where self-interest and might rule the day.  

The "City State" predates the Nation State; it endures.  Rome is older than Italy, Alexandria is older than Egypt.  Cities are expanding as we know.  They are already home to more than half the world's population, and 80% in the developed economies.  They are home to 85% of the global economy (and associated greenhouse gas emissions) and much of the evolution of our culture.  Like it or not, we have become an increasingly urban species.  (Con't.)
Philly's Extraordinary Community Investors
By Susan Arterian Chang

This month the Field Guide illuminates the stories of two extraordinary Philadelphia women: Judy Wicks and Kate Poole. 

Kate Poole and The Healing Power of Regenerative Investing
Kate is investing her inherited wealth with deep intentionality. In addition to her personal investments, as a founding member of a collective of wealthy young people called Regenerative Finance, Kate is working to give those most affected by racial, economic, and climate injustices access to capital they can direct toward projects that meet their community's needs.

"I get a tremendous amount out of working with the accumulated, historical baggage of my wealth and doing healing investments with it, redressing the power of extraction that came with what I inherited," Kate told us.

We hope you enjoy Kate's story and her original drawings.

The Circle of Aunts and Uncles
Kate is also a member of The Circle of Aunts and Uncles , a group of 35 friends in the Greater Philadelphia area who have come together to invest in intergenerational relationship- and place-building. The Circle provides low-interest loans and a network of social capital to worthy, under-resourced entrepreneurs in their city. Its founder, Judy Wick s, is urging her baby boomer peers to stay home and participate in co mmunity regeneration.  

"My baby boomer friends are traveling all over the world," she reports. "That's all they talk about - the trip they just came back from, the trip they are about to take. We should be working at home to help the younger generation prepare for their future in this very uncertain world."

In these times of great national and global uncertainty, when so much seems out of our control, the resourceful men and women who have inspired our Field Guide stories help us recognize that we can make a difference, starting where we live.

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