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The Third Sunday after the Epiphany

January 22, 2023

7:45 & 10:00 A.M. Service

Father Steve's Sermon:

Ending the Darkness of the 21st century

January 22nd at 9am & Noon!

You can meet them in person or on zoom at

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GSP Creation Care Committee

Grace St Paul's is forming a new Creation Care committee to focus on GSP's theme of Earth Justice. This new committee will address our care for Creation, for the environment, and the living beings who dwell around and among us. If you have been interested in the Green Church, AnimalI Spirituality, Building and Grounds ministries, please consider joining GSP's Creation Care committee. 

All are welcome - your ideas, suggestions, and experience will be invaluable! Our near term goal will be for us to take part in an upcoming April 15 diocesan retreat for Creation Care teams. Please contact Angel Wang at

There is NO youth group

Jan 22nd or Jan 29th due to 

“Get to know Your Vestry Candidates” on the 22nd 


“Annual Meeting” on the 29th

Adult Education

Amos was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets who were responsible for a collection of prophetic books written between the 8th and 4th centuries BC. Find out more about him from Dr. Chuck Dickson's latest Virtual Adult Education presentation, available on the GSP website: 

January 5, 2023




         Why I continue to call this class by the name shown above only God understands. Episcopal 101 is neither. It is not just Episcopal, because we cover the entire span of Christianity through the ages. And it is certainly not a 101 level class, because we would argue that you will learn more about Christianity and the church than you ever would in an entrance level study. 


         This six-week class is specifically designed for those who are relatively new to this tradition and also for folks considering being officially Received into the church. This year, Bishop Reddall will make her formal visit to GSP on April 30, and that is the day she will confirm, receive, and ceremonially welcome new members to the parish with the laying on of hands. If you have never had a Bishop lay hands on your head, this is for you. In addition, many folks at GSP and beyond take this class for various reasons. Some take it as a refresher, some want to increase their knowledge in specific areas, some come to hear the Rector’s own take on the history, liturgy, sacramental tradition and theology of the church, and many come to take part in the theological discussions that have become such an important part of the learning in this class. Others just want to mock the Rector. For all of these reasons, it remains one of the most popular classes we offer.


         Our first class will be on the history of the church from Jesus to the Protestant Reformation. (All of that in an hour and a half.) The second class will be history, part II, a look at the church as it developed in America. Class three will be everything you always wanted to know about the Book of Common Prayer and our liturgy, but were afraid to ask. We will also talk about why GSP has a Season of Creation. Class four will be a discussion of Sacramental theology, and what we mean by Sacrament. Class five will be on Episcopal church polity, how we get things done and how we govern ourselves. This class is particularly important to us now as we consider American politics and also the fragile state of the Anglican Communion. The last class will be a comparison of the Episcopal tradition with other Christian denominations, a discussion of the issues facing the church today, and what it means to be an Episcopalian in what may be a post-religious age.


         We are going to cover a bunch in a short time, but the classes will be informative for all and always fun, whether you have a doctorate in Anglican studies, or you think that Episcopalian is something that only appears on spelling tests. And did I mention that there will be no papers due! 


         Come join us every Sunday during Lent in the Sanctuary at High Noon. We will have drinks and snacks outside on the Labyrinth between the 10 AM service and the class. Each session is 90 minutes long. Each class will also be live streamed on our two platforms; and  




February 26 - (Lent 1) - Church History to the Protestant Reformation


March 5 - (Lent 2) - Church History from the Henry VIII thing, to the George III thing, and in the United States


March 12 - (Lent 3) - The Book of Common Prayer and the Liturgy


March 19 - (Lent 4) - The Sacramental Tradition


March 26 - (Lent 5) - American Church Polity and what else happened in Philadelphia in 1789


April 2 - (Palm Sunday) A comparison of Christian denominations, present day challenges in T.E.C. and the Anglican Communion. Come join the discussions and the fun.

Steve +

                                    January 5, 2023


Annual Meeting Time


         Canon 15 - Sec. 6. “Annual Parish Meeting. The Annual Parish Meeting shall be held during the month of January, or in the month of December immediately preceding the month of January in which the meeting would otherwise be held, at a time and place within the Parish specified by the Rector. All communicants in good standing whose names appear on the Parish register shall be entitled to vote.”

         So says the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona in compliment to the Constitutions and Canons of the Episcopal Church. This year, “the time and place within the Parish specified by the Rector” will be January 29 at Noon in the sanctuary or in your home by Zoom. We are reminded again this year that “the Parish,” the church, is not a building. It is all of you. From that perspective, I think it is perfectly legal for us to meet in a hybrid fashion so that all of you may attend.

         Annual Meeting is your opportunity to learn what has happened, what is happening now, and how we see our future together. We will honor folks who have worked so hard this past year. We will elect new individuals to the Vestry and Delegates to Diocesan Convention. We will learn about how all of our ministries managed to survive and even thrive in another crazy year. We will talk about finances and how we will continue to grow and live into our mission of Earth Justice - Migrant Justice - Social Justice. In addition, this year we will consider a change to our by-laws that requires your vote. 

Everyone is invited to Annual Meeting and all of you in good standing, meaning you have been to church three times in the past year (livestream or live) and are a “giver of record” are eligible to vote. You do not need to be an official member of the parish in any other fashion to participate or vote. See you at Noon on January 29. Snacks will be provided after the 10 AM service and before the meeting begins. If you are participating on Zoom, you will have to provide your own food. Ha! 

         In preparation for Annual Meeting, we will have our “Meet the Vestry candidates” session the week before Annual Meeting. Join us on January 22 at Noon to listen to and ask questions of those candidates running for Vestry. We are electing four individuals to Vestry. Each candidate will make an opening and closing statement and all of you will have an opportunity to ask them questions in between. Join us in person in the sanctuary or at for the Meet the Candidates forum.


                                                                               New Year Blessings,


Spirit Now & Taize

Dear friends in Jesus: 

How are you planning to shape the new year? Have you made a place for claiming time & holy space for mid-week prayer, worship, service & fellowship with others?

Well, on the first Thursday of each month, there will continue to be a renewing contemplative 5 p.m. Taizé service. Then, on the following Thursdays of each month, the "Spirit Now" service will take place, usually in the McBride Parish Hall at 5 p.m. This winter & spring, the "Spirit Now" service will look & feel a bit different!  

Our first two services are planned for Jan.12th & 19th. Special guests will join us to share their story of a recent journey to Senegal, Africa to see & dedicate a boarding school for street kids & children of low income families. Crafted here in Tucson by Senegalize friends & benefactors, "The Forgotten Children" sanctuary is a special place for safety & growth by children from ages 5-14. Learn more at Special African music will be shared at both services! And, it will be an interfaith service as our Senegalize friends are Islamic.

For many years, the "Spirit Now" service has provided a unique chance for a desired mid-week worship at GSP. Utilizing the Book of Common Prayer brief outline for Eucharistic worship found on page 400 BCP, friends, faith explorers, & strangers will gather to worship & seek to discover God's very real presence reactualized in the experiences we will share. That, of course, can be the reality of any Eucharistic worship of God. 

The "Spirit Now" community will plan & facilitate each gathering to meet God again & again. Through a planning team & service members input (you're invited to join the team), the fine arts, music, drama, body movement, holy and insightful readings of scripture & other sources, we will move from experiences reflected upon to actions & power in Jesus' name.

So, if some of your new year's resolutions are to do something different & perhaps to engage in mid-week worship of God & fellowship with others, then why not consider trying out the Thursday "Spirit Now" service? Your gifts, passions, concerns, and unique presence are much needed by others & God. Together at "Spirit Now," we will help create opportunities to sanctify life, time, space, service & actions, noticeably driven by the Holy Spirit as we seek to live as Jesus' body in the Eternal Now!

Fr. Allen, 

Affiliated clergy, 

GSP & SPITH Churches, Tucson

The Snack Packers will meet on

Jan. 23 to pack snacks for migrants at 4:00pm in McBride Hall. 

All are welcome to help in this important part of the migrants' journey. 

If you have any question please contact

Marjorie King

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1st Friday 6:30 PM

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