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Sunday, November 20th, 2022

7:45 a.m. & 10:00 a.m.

The Last Sunday of Creation

Proper 29C

   Hope and Action

Marilyn and Peter Woods

“We are fairly new to GSP. We had attended the Creation Sunday liturgy a couple years prior to the pandemic and we were very moved by the liturgy. Life marched on with our usual patterns; then when the pandemic hit, we started re-examining our life journeys, individually and as a couple. At the start of the pandemic, I finally decided to sign up with Facebook so I could watch the Maundy Thursday service at GSP.


After getting our Covid vaccines, we decided to try this new (for us), progressive church. We feel strongly about social justice issues and really appreciate that women can be ordained (imagine that!) but also appreciate the inclusivity of this church and that everyone is welcome at the table. The preaching is fantastic and infuses the congregation at several levels of consciousness. I feel both challenged and nurtured by the Sunday liturgies.”

Sarah Blankinship

“I stumbled upon Grace St. Paul's during a very difficult time in my life. During an 8 year stretch of losing a close family member every year from 2012-2020, (including my mother and father, 6 months apart), I fell back to my Catholic roots, but also started looking into Episcopal churches. I loved what I learned about the Episcopal Church, and am so thankful for Father Steve and everyone else who I have come into contact with here. I see how much this church is doing for the homeless, poor, and any other group in need. It makes me proud to be a part of this parish, and I continue to support the missions of Grace St. Paul's anyway I can.”


Many thanks to those who have made their pledges this past week, and to those who are sending testimonies about why you first came to GSP and why you stay! Please keep them both coming!


And don’t forget the children and youth’s contribution to next year’s budget by “Seeding Hope” through Change for Change! This is an opportunity to offer those “spare change” jars in support for our children and youth programs. Ask your friends and families to help out by donating their Change for Change too! You can bring your change, pledge cards, and any other church offering forward and place them in the two orange and white buckets at the front of the center aisle before o r after church, or during the offertory.


Whether you attend our services in person or from near and far online, we ask you to consider a pledge to support the ministries of GSP in 2023.

Pastor Delle

(, (520)- 204-6295)

If you're wondering how you might be able to serve at Grace St. Paul's then you might consider being an usher. Ushers hand out bulletins and welcome people to the 10AM service on Sundays. Shortly, ushers will be taking up the collection again and will continue to direct people to communion. You may serve when it is convenient for you. It is our hope that people would only have to volunteer once every six weeks

Contact Steve Streeter at

Francesca Jarvis is 90! Please come help celebrate this momentous milestone birthday on Saturday, November 26, 2022. We’ll be in McBride Hall from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., open house style, kicking back, eating cake and munchies, and telling stories about Mom’s long life and movie career in Tucson. Please join us!



Please bring blank Christmas cards to church on Nov. 20 or Nov. 27. The congregation will write greetings to detained migrants on the cards during the Dec. 4 St. Nicholas Day worship. These cards give hope to people detained during the holiday and introduce them to the Casa Mariposa Detention Visitation Program.


The next zoom migrant vigil will be on Nov. 21. The next in-person snack packing will be on Monday, Nov. 28. Thank you to everyone who is supporting migrants through GSP activities and through your own prayers.

GSP Shower Ministry

We are looking for shower volunteers

for Wednesday mornings.

Please contact

for more information & details.

Sunday Offering

Thank you for your continued support of Grace St Paul’s. We are able to make a difference in the world because of your support & generosity.

You may also make your donations by U.S. mail or via the

EasyTithe online portal.

The following is an up-to-date list of all services and classes currently offered. 
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Worship or Meeting

Date and Time

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Live Streamed Sunday Worship

Sunday 10 AM   

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Sunday bulletins

Youth Group - In person

Sunday 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Sunday Worship

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By 7 PM Monday


GSP Today

Monday at noon

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Migrant Prayer Vigil

1st & 3rd Monday at 4:30 PM

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Evening Prayer 

Tuesday 6 PM


Fourth Tuesday 7 PM


Liturgy Meeting

Wednesday Noon

Staff Meeting

Second Wednesday 2 PM

Fourth Wednesday 2 PM

Guided Meditation

Wednesday 7 PM

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Morning Prayer

Thursday 9 AM

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Between the Lines - Lectionary

Thursday 10 AM

Spirit Now/Spirit Song Worship

Thursday 5:00 PM

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GSP Spirit Players

1st Friday 6:30 PM

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Contact Nanalee Raphael or the office

Friday Night Evening Prayer

2nd, 3rd, 4th (& 5th) Friday 7:00 PM


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