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Daily methods for local government leaders to be resilient.

A blog post by ICMA - Rob Joseph

It’s like pellets of water rolling off a duck’s back.

What would it feel like not to take something personally and to repel things that don’t make you feel good?

You may be thinking, “I’d like that, but it’s easier said than done!” And you would be right!

But the research is also clear that it’s possible to deliberately build resilience.  Here I offer three activities that can help you armor up and face the ups and downs of life with confidence.

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Recognizing the importance of political understanding in the role of senior municipal administrators, also referred to as political acumen, the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) launched a Political Acumen Toolkit.  This resource can be found at


Politics are performed in the public domain and as a result, are loved by the media. Media, whether it be formal news institutions, online reporters/bloggers, or the commentary of online social networks, act as a check and balance for elected officials by “keeping them honest.” This can either be a good or bad thing depending on a CAO’s political acumen and ability to work with media representatives.


Today’s featured category is tips on talking to the media  To read more click here and read the case studies below from your colleagues on talking to the media.

Case Studies:

Managing Media During a Crisis

Media Relations Training

Union Negotiations



CAMA's Human Resources Toolkit is designed to provide information regarding several different human resource topics with support through samples and links.

The recruitment process has three main steps.  The first is planning for the role. Whether it is to fill a job that is or will be vacant or in the development of a new position, there should be an element of planning. Following the planning of the position, the next step is in recruiting. Recruiting can take a number of forms and can either be a short and somewhat easy process or longer and more in-depth. Some municipalities will handle recruiting in-house and some will contract out recruiting, while most do a hybrid of the two with the executive-level or hard to fill position being handled by a recruiter while the positions below the executive level are handled in-house. The final step in the recruitment process is the selection of the candidate. This is likely through an analysis of resumes and an interview process.  Some positions may require multiple interviews and have a skill testing component where the candidates will work through a plan or presentation to show they have the skills they have claimed in their resume. This sort of testing should be scored blindly to ensure fairness in the process. 

When evaluating a candidate’s responses, you need to be certain that you assess them without bias or prejudice on the facts of their responses. Some common rating errors include the following:

Visit the Recruiting & Hiring Process Chapter of the CAMA Human Resources Toolkit to learn more about the following topics: Employer Branding, Nepotism, Privacy Practices, Leadership Styles and Behavioural Assessments in Recruitment, Executive Search Firms Versus Internal Interview Committees, Sourcing Strategies, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Resume Screening, Interviewing Skills & Etiquette, Types of Interview Questions, The Perfect Blend, Common Rating Errors Conducting Reference Checks, Regrets to Unsuccessful Candidates, Offer Letters/Employment Contracts, Council's Role in Recruitment, Employee Orientation & Onboarding, Internal Recruitment and Promotion Policy.

The toolkit can be found in the CAMA's Member's Section (Click the Toolkit Button).




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Watch for the next article on how to “Share Your Municipality’s Accomplishments with Peers”. 


Nomination au Prix Willis de l'innovation pour les municipalités ayant entre 20 001 et 100 000 habitants 

Cellule Communautaire et Table de quartier d’Outremont

En réponse à de nombreux enjeux vécus par la population en début de pandémie, dont principalement la sécurité alimentaire des aîné.e.s, l’arrondissement d’Outremont, en collaboration avec le CIUSSS, a mobilisé une quarantaine de partenaires communautaires, institutionnels, commerciaux et é lors de rencontres virtuelles hebdomadaires.

Cette nouvelle concertation englobante a permis de réaliser rapidement plusieurs projets dont un Guide des ressources pour les aîné.e.s, une Brigade d’intervention jeunesse (sensibilisation COVID), une Halte-connexion (fracture numérique), la création d’un OBNL d’aide à domicile (Fondation aide Outremont COVID-19), les rues actives et familiales, les corridors sanitaires, etc.

De plus, une attention particulière a été mise sur l’inclusion de groupes auparavant moins sollicités, notamment les communautés juives hassidiques (environ 20 % de la population totale), par l’entremise d’un projet novateur d’agent.e.s de sensibilisation à la vaccination trilingues (FR/AN/YID) en collaboration avec les tables de concertation sectorielles et des leaders hassidiques.

Willis Award for Innovation Nomination

Population Between 20,001 & 100,000

Community Cell and Outremont Neighbourhood Round Table

In response to the many issues experienced by the population at the beginning of the pandemic, including mainly food supply for seniors, the borough of Outremont, in collaboration with CIUSSS, mobilized some forty community, institutional, commercial and elected partners through virtual weekly meetings.

This new, comprehensive cooperation has made it possible to quickly carry out several projects, including a resource guide for seniors, a youth intervention brigade (COVID awareness), a drop-in centre (digital divide), the creation of a home help non-profit organization (Fondation aide Outremont COVID-19), active and family-friendly streets, health corridors, etc.


In addition, special attention has been paid to the inclusion of previously under-reached groups, notably the Hasidic Jewish communities (approximately 20% of the total population), through an innovative project of trilingual (FR/EN/YID) immunization awareness in collaboration with the sector-based round tables and Hasidic leaders.


Angela Littlefair, Director, Municipal and Community Affairs, Yellowknife, NT

Shawn Olson, Director, Engineering & Environment, City of Leduc, AC

Derek Prohar, City Manager, City of Leduc, AB

Kev Sumner, Director of Community Services, Town of St. Stephen, NB

Jeff Bishop, Executive Director, Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS

Vanessa Roach, Director General/City Manager, Village de Senneville, QC

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