Saturday, December 26
4:00 pm Richard J. Wieser
4:00 pm Living and Deceased of the Jerome and Mildred Skelton Family
Sunday, December 27
7:30 am Living and Deceased Members of the Goeser and Svitter Families
9:30 am Edmund and Joan Schmitt's 59th Wedding Anniversary
Monday, December 28
8:00 am Francis and Helen McMullen
Tuesday, December 29
8:00 am Harvey Bowe
8:00 am Robert and Josephine O'Malley
Thursday, December 31
8:00 am Intention of Katie Fries
Thursday, December 31
Solemnity of Mary
4:00 pm Living and Deceased Members of the Unger and Flood Families
Saturday, January 2
4:00 pm For the People of St. John the Baptist and St. Thomas Aquinas
Sunday, January 3
7:30 am Phyllis Wiesner
9:30 am Lawrence Donohue