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August 25 - 31,  2013
SUNDAY, August 25, 2013

2nd Sunday after the Assumption. 8th Day of the Assumption

Morning Service - 9:15 AM
Divine Liturgy- 10:00 AM

Scripture readings:
Proverbs 11:30-12:4      Zechariah 2:10-13       2 Corinthians 6:16-7:1      Luke 1:39-56
Commemoration of Sts. Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Holy Mother-of-God, and Oil-Bearing Women

According to the tradition, St. Joachim was a descendant of King David, and St. Anna was the daughter of a priest. One day, while performing a service in the cathedral, the priest tells Joachim to stand in the end, as he had no son. Becoming upset, Joachim comes out of the Cathedral and immediately climbs up the mountains, vowing not to descend the mountain until the visit of God. Following his example, Anna, staying at home, devotes herself to prayer and repentance. And once, when Anna sees in the garden the birds playing with their nestlings becomes sad and cries, as she wasn't granted the grace of being a mother. Just at that moment the Angel of God visits Anna, telling her that God will be granting her a son who will be the mother of the Savior of the world. Joachim also has the same vision and becoming very happy, gives alms to the poor. The parents decide to devote the baby to the Church. The baby is named Mary, which means "Illuminated".


The oil-bringing women are the witnesses of Christ's torments. They are the first to give the good tidings of the Resurrection of our Lord. The Oil-Bringing women followed Christ during all the time of realizing His earthly mission. The church calls them "Oil-Bringing Women" as on Sunday, in the morning, they hurried to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus by the aromatic oils prepared by them.


Thanks to their devoutness they were first to see the Rosen God and told about it the Apostles. They were in the upstairs during Pentecost and together with the Apostles received the graces of the Holy Spirit.


The Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates the memory of St. Joachim and Anna together with the oil-Bringing Women.

Commemoration of the Prophet Jeremiah

Rembrandt van Rijn
, "Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem",
c. 1630

Prophet Jeremiah is one of the four Major Prophets of the Old Testament. In comparison with other persons and saints of the Holy Bible, there is much more and rather trustworthy information about the Prophet Jeremiah. 


The Prophet Jeremiah lived during the latter part of the seventh century and the first part of the sixth century B. C. He was the son of Hilkiah, one of the priests of the town Anathoth not far from Jerusalem. He lived and preached in Jerusalem. Feeling the calling to serve God he has devoutly served refusing to marry and have his own family. The people, being idolatrous and experiencing social difficulties and unfairness, could not understand his honest motives. As the result of such attitude the Prophet Jeremiah prophesies the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of Temple.


Witnessing his nation's idolatry and sin, he continuously preaches equality and true faith in God, exhorts them to change the way they are living and to be fair in their treatment of one another, to stop taking advantage of aliens, orphans and widows, to stop killing innocent people in this land, to stop worshiping other gods, for that will destroy them (The Book of Jeremiah, 7: 1-6 compare with 5:25-28).

Commemoration of St. Thomas 

"The Incredulity of Saint Thomas"
St. Thomas Apostle (called the Twin) is known from the passage of the Gospel where the other Apostles state that they have seen Risen Christ, whereas Thomas insists that he won't believe unless he sees the scars of nails in His hands and puts his fingers on those scars and his hand in His side. A week later Jesus appears in the indoors to the untrusting Apostle. Thomas, believing the miracle, kneels down and says: "My Lord and my God!"  (The Gospel according to John 20: 24-29). When the remaining Apostles hesitate to go with Christ to visit dead Lazarus, as there was a great danger to be stoned, Thomas bravely says to his fellow disciples, "Let us all go along with the Teacher, so that we may die with him!"  (The Gospel according to John 11:16). 

According to the tradition St. Thomas Apostle has preached the Word of God in Parthia and India, and has been martyred and buried in Madras.

Commemoration of Sts. James and Simon Apostles

In order to differ St. James Apostle from James, the son of Zebedee, he is named "James son of Alphaeus" and "James Junior". The Apostle James son of Alphaeus has preached the Gospel in the Southern parts of Palestine and in Egypt, where he has been martyred. 

St. Simon the Patriot Apostle is famous as "Simon of Canaan", which also means "Zealous". There was a grouping with that name among the Jews, who without making distinctions between means struggled against the foreign Roman yoke and for eliminating the betraying and fond of foreigners Jews. St. Simon has preached and has been martyred in Persia.

New Educational Program for Teenagers at St. James

The St. James Christian Education Committee would like to invite teenage parishioners between the ages of 13-19 to participate in a pilot educational program this fall. The program is a two-session seminar on September 28  and October 19 from 9:30-1:30 on Morality and Moral Choice and Mercy and Forgiveness. The seminar will be led by Parish Council member Gevik Anbarchian, a high school English teacher, and Der Hovhan. The focus of the program is to fuse Christian teaching with academics, including Armenian writers and artists,  in an effort to help impressionable youth critically examine their lives at a time when they are most unsure about religious and philosophical matters. Look for a formal invitation in your home mailbox.


Academic Year 2013-2014


SUNDAY, September 8, 2013




Visit classrooms and meet the teaching team

Sunday School registration

Home Blessing



Classes offered for children from Pre-K to 8th grade.

ONE CHURCH-ONE NATION: photography by Hrair "Hawk" Khatcherian

Join "Hawk" Khatcherian for a journey around the world...his expedition to 42 countries in the last 20 years grew out of a vow to photograph every Armenian church on the planet after surviving cancer. 
Free-will offering to benefit Syrian relief.
Book signing & sale. 
Artist's reception following presentation. 

Presented by the Kooyumjian-AGBU/Chicago Armenian Humanities Festival, an ongoing series of community cultural events made possible by the generous support of the Kooyumjian Foundation.


Event Info
AGBU Chicago
7248 North Harlem Avenue, Chicago, IL 60631 

Saturday, September 7, 2013
New Deacon-in-Charge for Charlotte Parish

Dn. Justin Ajamian
The parishioners of the St. Sarkis Church of Dallas, TX, are anticipating an extraordinary milestone this weekend, as their deacon-in-charge, Dn. Justin Avedis Ajamian, becomes a priest of the Armenian Church.
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern), will ordain Dn. Justin into the holy priesthood, in services at the Dallas church. The ordination will begin with the traditional service of calling on Saturday, August 24, from 5 to 9 p.m. A reception will follow the service.
On Sunday, August 25, Archbishop Barsamian will celebrate the Divine Liturgy and ordain Dn. Justin. The service will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a celebratory banquet to follow.
The newly-ordained priest will travel to St. Nersess Seminary for his 40-day period of seclusion, which will involve fasting, meditation, and prayer. He will later return to St. Sarkis Church as its pastor.
Dn. Justin holds a bachelor's degree in History from Ramapo College of New Jersey, and is a 2010 graduate of St. Nersess Seminary, who has also studied in Jerusalem and Armenia. He was appointed deacon-in-charge of St. Sarkis Church in 2011. Dn. Justin and his wife Hasmik have a daughter, Noelle Srbouhi.

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August 27 - Commemoration of Sts. Joachim and Anna, Parents of the Holy Mother of God, and Oil- Bearing Women 

August 29 - Commemoration of the Prophet Jeremiah 

August 31 - Commemoration of Sts. James and Simon Apostles

August 31 - Commemoration of St. Thomas 

AUGUST 25, 2013
Street Logo

Taste of Armenia Big Raffle Tickets are available.


$100.00 per ticket.

For more information click here


Following are some dates to remember for food preparation for our upcoming Street Fair:


Saturday, August 24

Sheeshing meat and chicken, 

making hamburgers, set up


Work begins at 9:00 a.m. and continues through clean-up. 


We will need 
AS MUCH HELP AS POSSIBLE on each of these days!!  Please do your part to make our Street Fair a huge success.     




Men, women, teens - everyone is needed. There are many jobs to be done - tent set-up/take-down, table
set-up/take-down, general set-up/clean-up, food service, sweet table sales, cultural table, and games.  Please volunteer your time and talent by contacting Debbie DerAsadourian 
or Wendy Farsakian 

 Thank you 

for helping St. James!



Colin Groh on ABC 7
Click here to watch video.

The 7th Arlington Heights Teen Film Fest is Friday, August 16th from 7-9 pm at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, 
500 N. Dunton Arlington Heights. Tickets are FREE!



Saturday, September 21, 2013


Click her 

for the flyer.



That will cost you nothing. You do not need to spend extra money, yet you will make a contribution to your church.

Go to to learn 

more and to sign up. 

It's FREE. 


The Parish is looking for old photos for the website and archive.  
Anything historical having to do with the Parish, Church Building, Church organizations and events or Armenian community in Evanston. We are also looking for photos of our past pastors. If you can help contact or 847-864-6263.

Your photos will be scanned and immediately returned.
Help us Celebrate the Parish 70 year anniversary!


Saturday, October 19, 2013



Assyrian Community Center

9131 Niles Center Road

Skokie, IL


For tickets call: (847) 965- 4537 or email:



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Parking is FREE on Saturdays and Sundays at the large condominium building at Clark & Benson (Quartet Copies). Enter the garage from Benson street.


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"Taste of Armenia" Festival 

Sunday School Open House- Registration

Saturday Evening Service- Kirakamtits


Remembrance of the dead (Merelotz) 

Church Annual Picnic at Harms Woods

Saturday Educational Program for Teenagers

Saturday Educational Program for Teenagers 



September 8

Knights of Vartan (Proesel Park in Lincolnwood, IL)



Coffee hour tables can be simple or complex.  Sometimes when people do a coffee hour table they put out coffee cakes and doughnuts; sometimes they put out some fruits. Others put out entire lunch. We encourage you to sign up for coffee hour a couple of times each year. It can be simple or an entire meal - either is fine. The sign-up sheet is in the church hall.