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February 23 - March 1, 2014
SUNDAY, February 23, 2014
Sixth Sunday after the Octave of Nativity


Morning Service 9:15 AM

Divine Liturgy 10:00 AM

Scripture readings:

Isaiah 63:18-64:12; Titus 1:1-11; John 7:37-52 


HOKEHANKISD- Memorial Service

For the souls of:

John Ipjian (1 year)

Hagop and Yeranik Ipjian

Requested by Mrs. Mary Ipjian and Family

Feast of St. Ghevond The Priest and His Companions

St. Gevont

The Feast of St. Ghevond the Priest and His Companions is dedicated to the blessed memory of the Armenian priests who fought alongside St. Vartan and the entire Armenian Nation for their Christian faith in the Battle of Avarayr. The eldest among them was St. Ghevond the Priest whose companions were Catholics Hovsep, Bishop Sahak of Syunik, Bishop Tatik of Basen, the priests Mushe (or Mushegh), Arshen and Samuel and the deacons Abraham and Kajajn. After the Battle of Avarayr, the Persian King Hazkert took revenge on the Armenians and ordered these brave clergymen to be killed.


According to tradition, the Feast of St. Ghevond the Priest and His Companions is also a day to celebrate all clergy who serve God's people in their example.

Feast of St. Vartan The Captian and Companions

St. Vartan the Captain is considered one of the most famous heroes of the Armenian people. St. Vartan, along with a brave band of 1,036 Armenian soldiers, clergy, and companions, resisted the larger and more powerful Persian army and sacrificed their lives in order to defend their Christian faith. The famous battle took place on May 26, 451 on the plains of Avarayr in the Province of Artaz in Armenia. It was the first of many instances when Armenians proved themselves to be a people who freely chose Christ and who remained steadfast in their Christian faith, unwilling to betray it for any ransom or at any cost. The Feast of St. Vartan the Captain and His Companions marks their martyrdom in this heroic battle.


St. Vartan the Captain was the grandson of St. Sahag, who in turn descended from St. Nerses. Ultimately, his lineage can be traced to St. Gregory the Illuminator. St. Vartan was  educated (most likely) by his grandfather, Catholicos Sahag, but instead of entering the priesthood as others in his family had done, St. Vartan chose to become a soldier. He was eventually appointed as commander-in-chief of the Armenian army by the King of Persia.


Though he did not join the clergy, equally important to St. Vartan's soldiership was his dedication to being a faithful Christian. He believed that one cannot serve one's people without serving Christ at the same time. This proved to be a difficult philosophical position for St. Vartan to maintain because the Persian ruler, King Yazdigerd II, while respecting St. Vartan's military abilities, was a ruthless ruler who was also fanatically opposed to Christianity. He was particularly cruel to the Armenians for their strong faith and sent out a decree demanding that all Armenians convert to Zoarastrianism. In response, Armenian bishops, led by St. Leontius and St. Vartan, called a council at Ardashad and unanimously agreed to defend their faith at all costs. Ultimately, these brave Christians, led by St. Vartan, were forced into battle against the great Persian army. On the fateful day, they prayed, recited the Twenty-Third Psalm, shared food and took communion together as they waited to face the Persians. The battle has been described as bloody and horrendous, and although St. Vartan and his companions were defeated and killed in battle, their fight to defend their faith was not in vain: The Persians eventually stopped their efforts to convert Armenia to Zoroastrianism.


The Feast of Vartanantz, commemorated on the Thursday preceding Great Lent, is both a religious and nationalist celebration. It is a testimony of Armenians' spiritual conscience of faith as well as a political statement against tyranny and the preservation of national identity and sovereignty. Vartanants, as it is commonly called, is one of the most sacred feasts of the Armenian people. In the Armenian Church, the Feast day of St. Vartan the Captain and His Companions is also celebrated as the Naming Day of His Holiness Karekin II. To mark the occasion, at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, a Pontifical Prayer is offered before the Holy Altar of Descent.

Lenten Worship Schedule

The 2014 Lenten Series will begin on Wednesday, March 5, and continue through subsequent Wednesdays during Lent. Wednesday vigil will begin with a worship service following by a spiritual discussion. The theme of the discussions will be "I Confess with Faith", Nersess Shnorhali's prayer consisting of twenty-four verses. As always we will conclude the evening with our traditional potluck supper.  

In addition to Wednesday vigils prayers will be offered on Friday morning- Sunrise Service will begin at 10:00 AM. (Note: there will be no Sunrise Service on Friday, March 7th).

Sunday worship services will begin at 10:00 AM with Sunrise Service followed by "Veiled" Divine Liturgy.

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Armenian Church Opposes Ruling by European Court of Human Rights on Genocide Denial Decision

His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, has sent his written concerns regarding the unacceptable ruling issued on December 17, 2013, by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the lawsuit of Doğu Perin�ek v. Switzerland. Perin�ek, a Turkish political activist, was convicted under Switzerland's hate speech law for publicly challenging the legal characterization of the Armenian genocide, calling it "an international lie" and had lost all appeals in Switzerland, eventually appealing to the ECHR.


His Holiness has dispatched a letter to Mr. Dider Bulkharter, President of the Swiss Confederation, expressing rejection of the decision, on behalf of the Armenian Church and all Armenians dispersed throughout the world, in response to the shocking ruling by the ECHR. His Holiness conveyed that the ruling was a threat against establishing justice in the case of genocide crimes, and creating peace and mutual respect among nations. Supporting universal rejection on this matter, the Catholicos of All Armenians has addressed and exhorted the Swiss Government, particularly the Ministry of Justice, to make an appeal against this case. His Holiness Karekin II has urged all the people and nations of good will to express their positions regarding this case against Genocide denial for eradicating discrimination and intolerance and preventing crimes against humanity.


The Catholicos of All Armenians has also sent an official letter to Rev. Dr. Olve Fyske Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, detailing the facts and legal analysis of the case, and encouraging the member Churches to raise their voices against this unfortunate decision, lending their support in encouraging Switzerland to appeal this decision. His Holiness additionally sent a letter to Bishop Markus B�chel, President of the Conference of Bishops of Switzerland.


According to the December 2013 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, it is not a criminal offense to deny that the events of 1915 constitute a genocide, and thus the Swiss law against Armenian Genocide denial violates freedom of expression. Switzerland has until mid-March to file an appeal.

International Mother Language Day
February 21, 2014

The International Mother Language Day, proclaimed by the General Conference of UNESCO in November 1999, has been observed yearly since February 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.The United Nations' (UN) International Mother Language Day annually celebrates language diversity and variety worldwide on February 21.


Fall Food Bazaar

Saturday, October 18, 2014 


As a follow-up to our annual Street Fair fundraiser, the Parish Council would like to organize an indoor food bazaar each October to raise additional income. Many who come to the Street Fair comment that they would love additional opportunities to experience Armenian cuisine from different parts of the diaspora. 


A Fall Food Bazaar would be such an opportunity. For this first year, the theme is The Cuisine of Georgian Armenians. Varya
Anbarchian, a Georgian Armenian from the capital Tbilisi, is chairing this event and needs your help in pulling it off. If you would like to be part of the Fall Food Bazaar committee, please come to our first organizational meeting  at 

after Divine Liturgy on Sunday, March 2nd  in the Der Hayr's  office. We will need plenty of help with logistics, setup, food prep, cooking, serving and cleanup. RSVP Varya at if you plan to attend. 

All parishioners are welcome, but we would love to see new volunteers who are not already involved with our annual Street Fair.

Volunteers Needed 

St. James Church is beginning a new undertaking and needs your help. We are in need of volunteers willing to give a few hours of assistance to elderly members of the Chicago Armenian community with household chores, minor home repairs, shopping, rides or just companionship.


We are in the process of putting together a directory of individuals interested in volunteering their time. This directory will be used by church staff to pair seniors in need of assistance with volunteers. (This is a great community service opportunity for students.) If you or someone you know wishes to help, please contact Der Hovhan at or (847) 864-6263. 

Altar Guild's Wish List


1.  Two jajanch radiance (ostensorium). $300-600 each . Pledged.

2.  Painting for the main altar. $5,400. Pledged.

3. Painting of St. James of Nisibis. $1000. Not pledged.

5.  Painting of St. Stephen the Protodeacon. $1000. Not pledged.

6. Priest's 'half-vestments'. $500. Not pledged.

8.  Censer stand- $300, not pledged



Sunday School's Wish List

1.   Cabinet for storage of books and supplies. Not pledged.

2.   Room furniture for students and teachers. Not pledged.


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Lecture by Prof. Richard Hovannisian at AGBU Center

Women's Guild General Meeting

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM)

Street Fair Meeting (7:30)

AGBU Young Professionals Pre-Poon Party 

Vespers (Kirakamtits)

Poon Paregentan Dance

Poon Paregentan Sunday (Masquerade) 

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Fall Bazaar Meeting

First Day of Great Lent

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday)

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Vartanantz Commemoration at AGBU Center

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday)  

Saintly Women's Day (Greenfield, WI)

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday) 

St. James Parish Leadership Retreat

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday) 

ACYOA Sr. Regional Retreat 

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 
Lenten Vigil (Wednesday)   

ACYOA Jr. Lenten Retreat at Camp Hickory

Women's Retreat (Racine, WI)

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM)  Lenten Vigil (Wednesday) 

Palm Sunday. ACYOA Day

Easter Sunday

Martyr's Day Commemoration  (Sts. Joachim & Anne) 

Commemorative Concert hosted by ACYOA of St. James

Instructional Divine Liturgy

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February 24 - Commemoration of Bishop St. Mark, St. Pion the Priest, Deacons St. Kyouregh (Cyril) and St. Benjamin and holy martyrs Sts. Abdlmseh, Vormzdana and Sayen

February 25 - Feast of St. Ghevond the Priest and His Companions

February 27 - Feast of St. Vartan the Captain and Companions

March 1 - Commemoration of 150 Pontiffs participating in the Ecumenical Council of Constantinople






An Illustrated Lecture 

by Prof. Richard Hovannisian

Friday, February. 21, 2014


Refreshments at 7:00pm

Lecture at 7:30pm


AGBU Onnig Norehad Center

7248 N. Harlem Ave. Chicago, IL


Click here for details.


Sunday, February 23, 2014
at 12:30 PM



March 1, 2014




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Sunday School of

St. James Armenian Church (Evanston, IL)

Invites you to celebrate





Sunday, March 2, 2014

following Divine Liturgy


Festive Masquerade



Harrisa and Spas (Tan Abur)




Calling all youth!

The summer conferences dates have been announced and registration forms will be available soon. Each conference is limited to only 25 participants. Please save the date as you make your summer plans! For information regarding this year's special Deacons' Training Program, please contact the program director, Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan, at


High School Summer Conference A: 

July 14 - 23


High School Summer Conference B: 

July 26 - August 4


Post High School Summer Conference: 

August 6 - 12



Click here to access our special E-Bulletin featuring numerous programs (camps, retreats, training, scholarships, etc) made available to you by our parish, the Diocese, St. Nersess Armenian Seminary, AGBU, Armenian Assembly of America and the RA Ministry of Diaspora. 


Vartan Mamigonian

Sunday, March 9, 2014

3:00 PM

AGBU Onnig Norehad Center

7248 N. Harlem Ave. Chicago, IL


Sponsored by 

St. George Armenian Church, St. James Armenian Church, Sts. Joachim & Anne Armenian Church, Armenian Evangelical Church, Chicago AGBU, AGBU Young Professionals, Knights and Daughters of Vartan, AIWA


Click here to see the flyer.

 Midwest Churches of IL and WI invite you to attend



Saturday, March 15, 2014 

11:00 AM 

For Worship Service, Lenten Luncheon and Program


Hosted by St. John the Baptist Armenian Church (Greenfield, WI)





Saturday, March 22, 2014

Location and Time TBD 




Saturday, April 5, 2014

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Siena Retreat Center

5637 Erie Street

Racine, Wisconsin


Sponsored by 

the Women's Guild Central Council

Registration Fee: $20

Morning refreshments and lunch included


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Coffee hour tables can be simple or complex.  Sometimes when people do a coffee hour table they put out coffee cakes and doughnuts; sometimes they put out some fruits. Others put out entire lunch. We encourage you to sign up for coffee hour a couple of times each year. It can be simple or an entire meal - either is fine. The sign-up sheet is in the church hall.

Rev. Fr. Hovhan Khoja-Eynatyan, Pastor
816 Clark Street, Evanston, IL 60201