January 10 - 16, 2016
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SUNDAY, January 10, 2016
Fifth Day of the Nativity and Blessing of Water
Morning Service  9:00 AM
Divine Liturgy    10:00 AM
Bible Readings:   Hebrews 12:18-27 Luke 1:39-56
Feast of the Naming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Each year on January 13, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of the Naming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. As the evangelist St. Luke writes in his Gospel, according to Jewish tradition, "On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise Him, He was named Jesus, the name the angel had given Him before He had been conceived" (2:21). Jesus is a Hebrew word meaning "savior."

According to the Gospel of St. Luke, when the angel Gabriel came to Mary to give her the good tidings of the birth of the Son of the Most High, he told Mary that she was to name the baby Jesus: "You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus" (1:31). Parallel to the name Jesus is the name Christ, which is a Greek word meaning "consecrated," corresponding to the Hebrew word messiah. 

On the Feast of the Naming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Divine Liturgy is celebrated in all Armenian Churches. On the eve of this Feast, a special ceremony is also conducted following evening services.

Feast of the Birth of St. John the Forerunner (St. John the Baptist)

The birth of St. John the Baptist is described in detail in Luke 1:5-25. One day, Zechariah, father of St John the Baptist, was doing his work as a priest in the temple and was burning incense at the altar. An angel of the Lord appeared to him and said that God had heard his prayer and that his wife would bear him a son. Zechariah was to name him John. Zechariah didn't believe the angel as he was an old man and his wife was old, too. As a result of not believing the angel, Zechariah became mute and remained silent until John the Baptist's birth.
St. John the Baptist, who would later baptize Our Savior, had become aware of and rejoiced the birth of Jesus even before His birth. According to the Evangelist, Luke, when St. Mary, Holy Mother of God, visited Elizabeth, mother of St John the Baptist, the latter, being filled with the Holy Spirit cried out, "Why should this great thing happen to me, that my Lord's mother comes to visit me? For as soon as I heard your greeting, the baby within me jumped with gladness" (1:43-44).
Elizabeth is addressing all Christians throughout the world in her message on this feast day when she says, "How happy you are to believe that the Lord's message to you will come true!" (Luke 1:45).

Gift of Love- Yughakin
Christmas Yughakin. In this Holy Season of Christmas it has become a tradition in our church to donate our Christmas Yughakins as a gift of love in memory or in honor of our loved ones.  The Yughakin form and the enclosed Offering Envelope are for your convenience.
Yughakin tradition is an ancient custom, which goes back to the Old Testament times. The faithful would bring oil to the temple of God so that its servants would have enough to eat.  Later on this custom entered into the Christian religion when oil was brought to Church by believers in order to illuminate it by lighting the lamps in the Church.
Today, Yughakin is simply the price or the value of oil donated to the Church. Yughakin in Armenian means "price of oil." In our church, today, we of course do not burn oil in order to illuminate the sanctuary, but we use electricity, gas and other operating expenses. Let us continue the custom of Yughakin to keep the lights of St. James always burning!

Raven Theatre for Syrian Armenians
On Thursday, January 28 at 7:15 pm, the Raven Theater in Edgewater,  Chicago (6157 N. Clark) will be staging Horton Foote's play The Old Friends. 

Tickets are $30 and can be  purchased through parish council members, with
checks made out to St. James parish, and will be held for you in your name at the Raven box office to be picked up the night of the performance.

There will also be a cover-free cocktail reception from 6:00 to 7:00 at Fritzy's Tavern (6156 N. Clark directly across the street from the Raven), featuring the live musical stylings of Krikor Paylan's jazz band, 'Tiny Miles and the Big Kids.' Parking is limited at the Raven. However, there is free, unzoned parking all over the neighborhood and metered parking right on Clark St. This event is co-sponsored by the following Chicagoland Armenian Churches: Armenian Evangelical Church, St. Gregory, All Saints, St. James, and Sts.
Joachim and Anne.

Please note that this play is not appropriate for younger audiences.
Christmas Celebrated at Holy Etchmiadzin 

Armenians around the world celebrated the Feast of the Nativity and Theophany of our Lord Jesus Christ on January 5 and 6. At Holy Etchmiadzin on Wednesday, January 6, His Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, celebrated the Divine Liturgy and performed the Blessing of Water ceremony.

Among the dignitaries present were Armenia's President Serge Sargsyan, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, and other government officials. Colonel Jalal Haroutinian of Nagorno-Karabagh served as the godfather for the Blessing of Water. He will carry the cross used in Wednesday's service to the Karabagh border, where soldiers will have an opportunity to venerate it in the coming days.

In his message, His Holiness Karekin II prayed for peace in the world, and especially in Nagorno-Karabagh, where violence has escalated this winter. "Let us follow the teachings of our Lord without doubt," he said. "Let us be guided by the spirit of service, love, and devotion. May the Lord keep our nation and people in peace, bless our lives in this world, and lead us into the everlasting light."

Click here to read the message in its entirety in Armenian and in English.
A Gift to Carry Forward
Message of Archbishop Khajag Barsamian

To Bethlehem they went, these wise men from the East, bearing gifts to an infant born to be king. Not just a king-the kind people had known from time immemorial-but the King: the one, true ruler of earth and heaven. The colorful details about the wise men-that they were three in number, representing the fullness of the human family-come to us by way of pious Christian tradition. But Scripture is explicit about the gifts they brought to the newborn Christ: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
Taken as symbols, those gifts mark the outlines of Jesus' later ministry: gold for his divine kingship; frankincense for his holiness; myrrh for his anointing and burial. Coming as they do in his infancy, the gifts are a kind of anticipation of Christ's mission: they reveal his identity, and what he was meant to be.
There is no record of what became of the wise men's gifts. But it is interesting that one of them is mentioned in the accounts of Christ's crucifixion and burial. St. John's Gospel states that myrrh was used to embalm our Lord's dead body when he was brought down from the cross. And myrrh was quite likely among the elements carried by the oil-bearing women-the yughaperitz ganaykh-when they approached Christ's tomb on the Sunday of his resurrection.

Click here to read the message in its entirety in Armenian and in English.
Home Blessing
Holiday season is the time when homes are blessed by the Pastor. All parishioners who wish to have their homes blessed on the occasion of the Feast of the Theophany and Nativity of Christ should call Der Hovhan (847) 644-7389 to make arrangements. Have a piece of bread, dish of salt and glass of water available for the blessing.

Click here to read more about home blessing.
Video of the Week

Calendar of Worship Services and Events at St. James
January 10
January 15
January 17
January 24
January 28
January 30
January 31
February 6
February 6
February 7
February 8
Annual Nativity Luncheon and Program
Family Night at the AGBU Center
Women's Guild Meeting
ADCC Bake Sale
Syrian Relief Fundraiser at Raven Theatre
Evening Worship Service (in English)
Parish Assembly
Vespers - Kirakamtits
Poon Paregentan Dance
Poon Paregentan Sunday                               
Great Lent begins


January 11
Sixth Day of the Theophany

January 12
Seventh Day of the Theophany

January 13
Eighth Day of the Theophany.
Feast of the Naming of Our Lord Jesus Christ

January 14      
Feast of the Birth of St. John the Forerunner (St. John the Baptist)

January 15     Fast day

January 16     Commemoration of the Patriarch St. Peter,  Bishop St. Vlas and Deacon Abisolom


Thessalonians 4:12-17;
John 11:1-46

Romans 1:1-7; Luke 2:1-7

Colossians 2:8-15;
Luke 2:21

Proverbs 8:4-11;
Malachi 4:5-7; Isiah 40:3-5; Acts 13:25-33;
Luke 1:57-80 

1 Timothy 4:1-12;
John 2:23-3:12

Wisdom 5:1-8;
Baruch 3:31-4:4;
Romans 8:28-39;
John 10:11-16  

NAME DAYS celebrated this week: 

John, Hovhannes, Ohannes, Ohan, Garabed, Mgrdish, Peter, Vlas, Abesaghom.
Sunday, January 10, 2016
12:00 noon

Tickets: Adults - $ 15, Children under 10- $7

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January 24, 2015
after Badarak

The Armenian Dance Company of Chicago (ADCC) will be hosting a bake sale fundraiser on Sunday, January 24 after Divine Liturgy. They will also be showcasing a few of their latest dances to entertain parishioners during coffee hour. 
FEBRUARY 6, 2016


at Monty's Elegant Banquets

703 S York Rd,
Bensenville, IL 60106

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Every Third Friday Beginning

January 15, 2016

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

7248 North Harlem Ave Chicago

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Please park on the street or in the Maple Street Parking Garage at the west end of Clark Street which is free on Sundays.  Thank you.

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