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March 16 - 22, 2014
SUNDAY, March 16, 2014

Sunday of the Prodigal Son                                


Morning Service            9:15 AM

Sunrise Service:            10:00 AM        

Divine Liturgy:              10:30 AM

Scripture readings:

Isaiah 54:11-55:13

2 Corinthians 6:1-7:1

Luke 15:1-32


For the soul of:

Garabed Kurtjian (2 years)
Sara Buyukkurt
Manug Buyukkurt
Nurise Duzeltir
Isahag Duzeltir
Mardiros Buyukkurt
Ohannes Buyukkurt
Sarkis Buyukkurt


Requsted by:

Mrs. Fransuhi Kurtjan
Mr. and Mrs. Isahak Kurtian
Mr. and Mrs. Varujan Kurtjian
Grandchildren: Mr. and Mrs. Arden Kurtjian, Garen Kurtjian, Daron Kurtjian
and Nareg Kurtjian 

Sunday of the Prodigal Son 
Prodigal Son
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn

 The Return of the Prodigal Soncirca 1668

The third Sunday of Great Lent is called the Sunday of the Lost Son based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son told in the Gospel of Luke (15:15-32). There was once a man who had two sons. Upon the request of the younger son, the man divided his property between his two sons. After a few days, the younger son sold his part of the property and left home with the money. He went to a country far away where he wasted his money in reckless living. Soon, he had spent everything he had. Then a severe famine spread over that country and he was left with nothing to his name.
In that time of trouble he remembered his father's house, began to regret his reckless living and soon returned to his father's home. Seeing that his younger son was repentant, the father received him joyfully. Seeing this warm homecoming, the elder son began to complain, saying that during all those years he had worked for his father like a slave and had never disobeyed his orders yet had never deserved such honor.
His father answered him, "My son, you are always here with me, and everything I have is yours. But we have to celebrate and be happy for your brother was dead but now lives, he was lost but now he is found."
The elder and the younger sons allegorically represent our simultaneously righteous and sinful souls, and the father's receiving of his lost son represents God's acceptance of us as repentant sinners. Furthermore, in telling this story, Christ reminds us to guard against self-righteousness, and the Parable admonishes our self-conceitedness. 
Arevakal: The Sunrise Service (Continued) 
By Fr. Zaven Arzumanian 

Central Theme of This Service

It is exclusively the light. The word Looys (light) occurs in the Sunrise Service 32 times, of which 17 alone are part of the distinctive hymn which begins with Looys, Ararich looso, arachin Looys (Light, Creator of light, primal light).


As an introduction the sunrise is proclaimed which is for sure the creation of the Creator. The background of the service being the physical light of the sun which shines both on the righteous and the sinners, and which makes manifest the deads of men, good and evil alike, the essence of the Sunrise Service is the shining of the divine light through the three Persons of the divine light through the tree Persons of the Holy Trinity. This divine light is identified by St. Nerses Shnorhali as the "intelligible light" which becomes brighter and more meaningful to us on earth through the intercession of the saints.


Whereas the transitional theme of this service is found in the prayers addressed to the saints, the conclusive theme is a direction toward the way Janabarh, the Truth and Life. For a change this is the only service where we do not find a dichotomy of the two opposing forces: light and darkness; sinfulness and righteousness. There is only one use of the word Khavar (darkness) and one use of the word Meghk (sin), a case which makes the Sunrise Service the more pleasant, positive and sustaining service.


The intelligible light is its central theme, which is at the same time the light of God, above and beyond the sun light, both of which however make manifest our daily lives and our deeds, leaving behind no room for darkness, except of darkness becomes our choice. The central theme of the intelligible light is preceded by the profession of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and by the intercession of saints, and finally is concluded in the finding of the true way. (To be continued)

St. James Parish Retreat

The Parish Council of St. James Armenian Church will  be hosting thefirst annual retreat on Saturday, March 22 from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center (2001 Waukegan Road, Techny IL 60082).  The purpose of this retreat is to get the Parish leadership and congregation together to have a Bible Study session followed by a  working session to develop the mission and vision for the church.  There is no charge to attend and lunch will be served.  Please RSVP by sending an E-mail to or by calling the church office at (847) 864-6263 by Friday, March 14

Lenten Worship Schedule

The 2014 Lenten Series will begin on Wednesday, March 5, and continue through subsequent Wednesdays during Lent. Wednesday vigil will begin with a worship service following by a spiritual discussion. The theme of the discussions will be "I Confess with Faith", Nersess Shnorhali's prayer consisting of twenty-four verses. As always we will conclude the evening with our traditional potluck supper.  

We encourage you to download the prayer on your iPhone, iPad, and a Kindle or to purchase for $5 a copy of the book from church's office.

In addition to Wednesday vigils prayers will be offered on Friday morning- Sunrise Service will begin at 10:00 AM. (Note: there will be no Sunrise Service on Friday, March 7th).

Sunday worship services will begin at 10:00 AM with Sunrise Service followed by "Veiled" Divine Liturgy.

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 Video of the Week

Everyday, A Source of Hope
Everyday, A Source of Hope
Photo of the Week


Altar Guild's Wish List

1.  Two jajanch radiance (ostensorium). $300-600 each . Pledged.

2.  Painting for the main altar. $5,400. Pledged.

3. Painting of St. James of Nisibis. $1000. Not pledged.

5.  Painting of St. Stephen the Protodeacon. $1000. Not pledged.

6. Priest's 'half-vestments'. $500. Not pledged.

8.  Censer stand- $300, not pledged



Sunday School's Wish List

1.   Cabinet for storage of books and supplies. Not pledged.

2.   Room furniture for students and teachers. Not pledged.


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Saintly Women's Day (Greenfield, WI)

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday) 

St. James Parish Leadership Retreat

Mid-Lenten Luncheon (Mejeenk) 

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday) 

ACYOA Sr. Regional Retreat 

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 
Lenten Vigil (Wednesday)   

ACYOA Jr. Lenten Retreat at Camp Hickory

Women's Retreat (Racine, WI)

Youth Choir Rehearsal (12:30 PM) 

Lenten Vigil (Wednesday) 

Palm Sunday. ACYOA Day

Easter Sunday

Martyr's Day Commemoration  (Sts. Joachim & Anne) 

Commemorative Concert hosted by ACYOA of St. James

Instructional Divine Liturgy

St James steeple
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March 22 - Commemoration of St. John the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Armenian Patriarch St. John of Otzoon, St. John of Vorotan and St. Gregory of Datev


Armenian Churches of IL and WI invite you to attend

Saintly Women's Day

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Church Service: 11:00 AM

Luncheon and Program: 12:00 PM


Guest Speaker

Rev. Fr. Vazken Movsessian, 

Founder of Datev Outreach




Reaching out to families affected by Domestic Violence -

Healing the pain with the LOVE of Christ

Hosted by St. John the Baptist Armenian Church (Greenfield, WI)


Luncheon/Program $15:00

For Luncheon reservation kindly inform Yeretzgin Diana Keutelian by March 9th by calling (847)485-9610 or Diane Blinka (414)423-1358

or email


Friday, March 14, 2014

Click here for the flyer.

St. James Armenian Apostolic Church


invites you to its annual





March 23, 2014,

following Divine Liturgy -12:30 PM

please join us for a variety of delicious Lenten foods and an afternoon of fellowship

Suggested donation: $10 - Adults, $5 - Children under 10




Saturday, April 5, 2014

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Siena Retreat Center

5637 Erie Street

Racine, Wisconsin


Sponsored by 

the Women's Guild Central Council

Registration Fee: $20

Morning refreshments and lunch included


Click here to see the flyer.
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Coffee hour tables can be simple or complex.  Sometimes when people do a coffee hour table they put out coffee cakes and doughnuts; sometimes they put out some fruits. Others put out entire lunch. We encourage you to sign up for coffee hour a couple of times each year. It can be simple or an entire meal - either is fine. The sign-up sheet is in the church hall.

Rev. Fr. Hovhan Khoja-Eynatyan, Pastor
816 Clark Street, Evanston, IL 60201