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November 24 - 30,  2013
SUNDAY, November 24, 2013
First Sunday of Advent
Morning Service - 9:15 AM
Divine Liturgy- 10:00 AM


Scripture readings:

Isaiah 36:1-9;1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Luke 12:13-31 

Philippines Disaster Relief
This week, we witnessed the horrors of another natural disaster: this time a raging storm which struck the Philippines, dubbed Typhoon Haiyan.
The cost in human death-more than 2,300 people at this writing-as well as in dislocation and misery is a pitiful spectacle. The pictures of the devastation are heartbreaking, and we are all affected by the painful knowledge that we are witnessing the sorrow and loss of our fellow human beings.
Our hearts go out to the victims, and to all the people of the region. Please join us in offering prayers for their relief and consolation.

May God bless you. And may He answer the prayers of all people who call out to Him from the depths of their suffering.

With prayers,
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian
Our Diocese and its humanitarian aid organization, the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), will be contributing to the effort to assist the typhoon victims, working through international relief organizations. 

There will be a special plate collection on Sunday, November 24, to support the relief effort in the Philippines
Checks made payable to the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (please write "Philippines Typhoon Relief" in the memo) will be collected and forwarded to the Diocesan Headquarter. 
All proceeds collected will go to the relief efforts.

Commemoration of the Apostles St. Thaddeus and 

St. Bartholomew, the first preachers of Christianity in Armenia

Apostles St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew were two of the twelve Apostles of Christ, who came to Armenia and preached Christianity in Armenia deserving the title "the first illuminators". Still at the dawn of Christianity they were martyred in Armenia. It was the result of their preaching and martyrdom that the Armenian people, being the first nation in the world, proclaimed Christianity as the state religion. Indeed, Apostles St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew played an important role in the history of 2000-year-old Christian Armenian nation which has unshaken faith and keen love towards its Mother Church.  


Thanksgiving Every Sunday

Thanksgiving, writes Diocesan Primate Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, is more than simply a pious tradition. It is one of our points of contact with Jesus Christ himself: a spirit that our Lord exemplified, and shared with those around him.
It is, above all, a spirit that Jesus urges his followers to embrace, and act out in our daily lives.

In the Armenian Church, Thanksgiving is a feeling that flows through every prayer-and especially through the Holy Badarak. Thanksgiving is something that happens every Sunday...

Click here to read more.

Historic Event at St. James Armenian Church
Relic of St. James of Nisibis arrives to Evanston

On Saturday December 14, 2013, the Feast of St. James of Nisibis, also our church's Name Day, the Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America Archbishop Khajag Barsamian will celebrate Divine Liturgy on the Holy Altar of St. James Armenian Church in Evanston followed by a Celebratory Luncheon. A delegation from the Diocese of the Armenian Church will bring the Relic of St. James of Nisibis.


The 1700-year-old Relic of St. James of Nisibis was encased in a gold hand-shaped reliquary in 18th century and was donated to St. Kevork Church by Mr. Hayrabed. Every year, on the Feast of St. James in December, the clergy bless the faithful of the Armenian Church in Bulgaria with the relic. This will be the first time that it will travel overseas and we will have an opportunity to venerate the relic and receive the blessings of our Patron Saint.

In addition to the Divine Liturgy (starting at 10:00 AM), a Hokehankisd (Requiem Service) for the souls of the founders of the St. James Church and a Service of Veneration of the Relic of St. James of Nisibis will be performed.


Click here for the complete schedule of two- day celebration.

Living the Gospel of Christ: Who Do You Say I Am?
A Six-Session Bible Study

This year's Diocesan theme is Living the Gospel of Christ. The ultimate goal of this series involves knowing, understanding and doing as Christ prescribed through His actions and teachings as depicted in the Gospels. This series will also help us understand both who Christ is and what His Message is.


As always, you can either join Der Hayr at St. James or participate online on the following Wednesdays: Dec. 4 and Dec. 18 at 8:00 PM.

You need to download an application on your computer to be able to participate online. 
Go to to join the session online on Wednesday.

Questions? Need help with Mac? Click here

Volunteers Needed 

St. James Church is beginning a new undertaking and needs your help. We are in need of volunteers willing to give a few hours of assistance to elderly members of the Chicago Armenian community with household chores, minor home repairs, shopping, rides or just companionship.


We are in the process of putting together a directory of individuals interested in volunteering their time. This directory will be used by church staff to pair seniors in need of assistance with volunteers. (This is a great community service opportunity for students.) If you or someone you know wishes to help, please contact Der Hovhan at or (847) 864-6263. 

College Care Packages
New Ministry at St. James



In an effort to show our love, concern and support for our college students who are away from home and church, we will be sending them care packages throughout the academic year.  You can help with this initiative by:


  • Providing us with the name and address of your child/grandchild who is away at college.  Please give their information to Wendy Farsakian or e-mail Der Hovhan at 
  • Donating non-perishable snack items to fill the care packages.
  • Providing a monetary donation toward postage. To donate funds to this project, please make your check payable to St. James with "College Care" on the memo line.
  • Writing a note of encouragement to our students, including a favorite inspirational quote or Bible verse, and an invitation to join us for worship during their visits home or online.

All are invited to participate in this ministry. Again, please see Wendy Farsakian or Der Hovhan with questions or offers to assist. Thanks in advance for your help!

Video of the Week
Komitas by Hayk Sayadian
KOMITAS by Hayk Sayadian

Photo of the Week  
Helmet (crown)
Van (Vaspurakan), 1760
Museum of Mother See Holy Etchmiadzin

Altar Guild's Wish List

1. Four candle followers for two side altars. $15-60 each, not pledged.

2. Two banners. Donated.

3.  Two jajanch radiance (ostensorium). $300-600 each, not pledged.

4.  Painting for the main altar. $5,400, pledged.

5.  Painting of the St. Gregory the Illuminator for the left altar. Pledged.

6.  Painting of St. James of Nisibis. Not pledged.

7.  Curtain for the vestry and choir rooms. Donated.

8.  Priest's 'half-vestments'. $500 - not pledged.

9.  Set of a Chalice Veil and a Sadarium (linen-holder) for the Gospel book. $150- not pledged.

10. Twelve children's albs- shabeeg. $100 each, not pledged.

11. Large silver Hand-cross. Donated


Parish Council's Wish List

1.   Microphone for the pastor. $800 - donated.

2.   Security cameras- not pledged.

3.   TV and/or projector with screen for the Nishan hall. $7,000 - not pledged.

4.   Sound system for the Nishan hall. $1,000 - pledged

5.   Maintenance on supports in basement. $2,000 - not pledged.

6.   Alley wall repairs. $41,000 - not pledged.

7.   Windows for the Nishan hall. $15,000 - not pledged.

8.   Front entryway renovation. $35,000 - not pledged.


Sunday School's Wish List

1.   Cabinet for storage of books and supplies. Not pledged.

2.   Room furniture for students and teachers. Not pledged.

St James steeple
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November 25 -  Commemoration of Sts. Juliane and Vasilouhie

November 26 - Commemoration of Priest St. Lukianos, Sts. Martyrs Taragros, Probos and Andronikos, and Vonesimos, the Disciple of the Apostle St. Paul

November 28 - Commemoration of the Pontiff St. Klemes and Bishop St. Bagrat of Toromena

November 30 - Commemoration of the Apostles St. Thaddeus andSt. Bartholomew, the first preachers of Christianity in Armenia


Armenian Language Classes

Instructor: Dr. Aram Aghadjanian

Every Tuesday
7:30 pm



November 24, 2013

After Divine Liturgy
In addition to Sunday Morning Service and Divine Liturgy there will be
Saturday Evening (Kirakamtits) Service every first Saturday of the month at 5 pm (Dec. 7, Jan. 4, Feb. 1, March 1) and
Midday Service every third Thursday of the month 
(Dec. 19,  Jan. 16, Feb. 20). 

Deacon Training
(For ordained acolytes and Altar servers) 
December 7th 4-5 pm
January 4th 4-5 pm
February 1st 4-5 pm
 Acolyte Training
(For first time Altar servers, 9-13)


Dates will be announced as soon as the group is formed. 

If you have a son who would like to begin serving at the Altar 
please contact Der Hovhan at 847-644-7389 or 



Please join us as we make the holiday season happier for families in need.

Canned food items and gift cards will be accepted for distribution to needy parishioners and a local food bank

at St. James on the following Sundays: 

November 24  

and December 1, 8, 15 and 22. 

 Thank You!


Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 28, 2013
5:00 PM

 "O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever." Psalm 107:1

RSVP by November 23 if you plan to attend by calling (847) 864-6263

Do you have a favorite Armenian dish that reminds you of Grandma or your mother? Do you wish you could make them? Well stop wishing and come join our classes and learn how to make them yourself and treat your family to your favorite dishes. It is your turn to make memories! Come join us!
When: Classes will meet on Saturday once a month.
December 7, 2013, January 4, 2014, February 2, 2014

Time: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

For more information call Kary Valenziano 847-687-2526 or e-mail

If you are not already a 2013 dues-paid member, please consider becoming one. New members must pay dues by July 1 in order to be eligible to vote during the Parish Assembly on January 2014. Forms are available in the church office.

Please remember to renew your membership for 2013.  The deadline for paying your annual dues of $125.00 is December 31, 2013 in order to vote in the next Parish Assembly in January 2014.


Our community has been assembling a list of veterans living and deceased. This list will be an ongoing project. The veteran's list will be uploaded onto our website and will be distributed by email and other forms of communication used by our Church. Please help us out and review the list to ensure we have included all of the veterans in our community. Please contact the church office at or (847) 864-6263.


That will cost you nothing. You do not need to spend extra money, yet you will make a contribution to your church.

Go to to learn 

more and to sign up. 

It's FREE. 


The Parish is looking for old photos for the website and archive.  
Anything historical having to do with the Parish, Church Building, Church organizations and events or Armenian community in Evanston. We are also looking for photos of our past pastors. If you can help contact or 847-864-6263.

Your photos will be scanned and immediately returned.
Help us Celebrate the Parish 70 year anniversary!



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Parking is FREE on Saturdays and Sundays at the large condominium building at Clark & Benson (Quartet Copies). Enter the garage from Benson street.


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Women's Guild Meeting

Thanksgiving gathering at St. James

Bible Study

School of Cooking

Saturday Evening Service- Kirakamtits (5:00 pm)

Divine Liturgy- Feast of St. James of Nisibis (Saturday)

Bible Study

Midday Hour at (12:00 Noon)
St. Stephen, Protodeacon and the First Martyr, Remembrance and Deacon's Dedication

Saturday Evening Service- Kirakamtits (5:00 pm) 

Eve of the Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Feast of the Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Blessing of the Water

Midday Hour (12:00 Noon)
Parish Assembly (snow day- February 9)


Coffee hour tables can be simple or complex.  Sometimes when people do a coffee hour table they put out coffee cakes and doughnuts; sometimes they put out some fruits. Others put out entire lunch. We encourage you to sign up for coffee hour a couple of times each year. It can be simple or an entire meal - either is fine. The sign-up sheet is in the church hall.