November 30 - December 6, 2014
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Second Sunday of Advent

Morning Service:
Divine Liturgy:
Bible Readings:
9:15 AM
10:00 AM

Isaiah 36:22-37:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:1-11; Luke 13:1-9


Commemoration of Pontiff St. Nikoghayos

by Rev. Fr. Dajad Davidian


Pontiff St. Nikoghayos (Nicholas the Bishop) was born in the town Batara (presently nearby Antalia), in the province of Likia, in Asia Minor. His rich and pious parents passed away when he was a baby, and he was brought up and educated by his Uncle Bishop Nikoghayos Yerets. The evangelical commandment: "... sell all you have and give the money to the poor..." (Mt 19:21) became the essence of the life of Nikoghayos. He took care of the poor, the sick, the prisoners and the orphans. By the will of the people he became the Bishop of Smyrna. Being rich he always helped his poor neighbors and especially children. When the New Year came he secretly put sweets and gifts near the windows of the needy children so that nobody should know about his charities. Years later it became a tradition.

Presently the monument to St. Nikoghayos (Nicholas) is on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea in Antalia, but in the past it was in the Greek town Demre (Myra). There is the monument of the modern Santa Claus before the monument of the saint and the ruined church named after the saint.

Santa Claus is the prototype of the St. Nikoghayos (Nicholas).

Prayer of the Week

A Prayer for Traveling by Hovhannes Garnetsi 


Leader to life, Path to truth, our Lord Jesus Christ; You led Joseph to Egypt, and the people of Israel through the Red Sea; and Moses to Mount Sinai, and his people to the land of promise. And you traveled with Cleopas and his companion to Emmaus. Now, I pray you, Lord, lead my companions and me to travel in peace on the journey before us. Save us from the visible and invisible enemy and lead us safely to the place we are headed. For you are our way and our truth and our life. Glory and worship to you now and always and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

St. James' Khachkar Project

The Parish Council of Saint James Armenian Church in Evanston, IL, at Der Hovhan's behest and guidance, has made the decision to commission a khachkar from Armenia.

Our new khachkar will be made by an Armenian artist who lives and works in Armenia and who specializes in khachkars and has made several for other Eastern and Western Diocese parishes. Our khachkarwill be sized to meet the architectural dimensions of the church building, and to be sure, in keeping with the tradition of khachkars, will be a unique creation with distinctive details that make no two khachkars alike. It will be placed outside in the small garden that adorns the entrance of our church.


Click here to read Der Hovhan's letter

Click here to read Parish Council's letter

Click here to print out the donation form.

70 Years, 70 Facts

Fact 7


By reason of its ARCHITECTURAL SIGNIFICANCE the building of the St. James Armenian Church has been declared an EVANSTON LANDMARK.
From ACYOA Jrs


"Please help us collect materials for Open Books, a local non-profit working to promote literacy in Chicago and beyond! There will be a box in the church foyer to collect any new or used books in good condition as well as CDs and DVDs in playable condition. Examples of types of books include fiction, nonfiction, craft books, cookbooks, children's books, textbooks, encyclopedias, and more! Thank you for helping support literacy in our community!"

For more information contact Selena Groh




Join us to pack food for children throughout the world.

When: Friday, December 12, 2014, 6:00-7:30 PM
Where: 742 East Park Ave, Libertyville IL
For more information contact Hugh Rabjohns

Loving Hearts- Serving Hands
New Ministry at St. James

Volunteers are needed for the newly established St. James Loving Hearts- Serving Hands initiative.  The goal of our Parish Council is to provide assistance to parishioners in need due to illness, accidents, or other dilemmas.  The Pastor and Parish Council would like to lead the parish by reaching out and helping in any way possible.  Volunteers can help in many ways including reading, visiting, mending, repairing, driving a parishioner to an appointment, preparing a meal for a shut-in or assisting in some other way.

As needs arise and are brought to the attention of Der Hovhan or the Parish Council, we will need an established list of volunteers whom we may contact to assist these parishioners. 

Volunteering your time and talents will ease the burden of others.  Please contact Debbie DerAsadourian ( or 847-259-6053), Outreach Coordinator, or sign up in the church hall, if you are able to help.

New Outreach Ministry at St. James

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The sending of greeting cards to friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbors is an age-old tradition in America. Now, rather than buying a generic greeting card, you can have a Saint James Armenian Church prayer card sent on your behalf. Prayer cards for bereavement, healing or a special occasion (Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, graduations, etc.) can be sent by the church on your behalf. The cards will have the name of the person for whom prayers are offered, your name and a brief message from you expressing your sentiments. Prayer cards can be requested from our office, on Sundays during social hour or online. All you need to do is fill out the request form, which is available in the vestibule and on-line. It's that simple!

I believe this new ministry will serve as a great outreach to the people we know to show them that they and their loved ones are in the thoughts and prayers of the St. James family.

May you be remembered before the Holy and Immortal Lamb of God.
Rev. Fr. Hovhan Khoja-Eynatyan
Armenian Bread Declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

On November 26, the decision to inscribe the nomination submitted by Armenia, "Lavash, the preparation, meaning and appearance of traditional bread as an expression of culture in Armenia," on UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity was made at the ninth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Paris.


The nomination, submitted in 2013, went through procedural stages set out in the Convention, getting positive expert assessment.


Thus, yet another, the 4th Armenian cultural value, was added to UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The nomination was elaborated by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of Armenia's National Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Culture, and Armenian National Commission for UNESCO, the press service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry reported.


Click here to read UNESCO records.

Video of the Week

Pass The Salt
Pass The Salt

Altar Guild's Wish List

1. Two processional lanterns. $250 (each). Not pledged

2.  Painting of St. Taddeus the Apostle. $1000. Not pledged.

3. Painting of St. Bartholomew the Apostle. $1000. Not pledged.

4.  Painting of St. Stephen the Protodeacon. $1000. Not pledged.

5.  Priest's 'half-vestments'. $500. Not pledged.

6.  Censer stand. $400. Pledged.


Sunday School's Wish List

1.   Cabinet for storage of books and supplies. Not pledged.

2.   Room furniture for students and teachers. Not pledged.


Calendar of worship services and events at St. James


December 3

December 7

December 7

December 13

December 14

December 28



Midday Hour (11:30 AM)

Guest celebrant Very Reverend Father Simeon Odabashian

Annual Diocesan Appeal Reception

Saturday Evening Service-Kirakamtits (5:00 PM) 

St. James Church Name Day

Commemoration of St. Stephen Protodecon and Protomartyr and deacon's dedication service 


St James steeple



December 1 - Commemoration of Bishop St. Genarius and St. Merkerius the Warrior, St. Hakob (Jacob) and the Orthodox

December 2Commemoration of Sts. Captain St. Kornelius, St. Shmavon, Christ's Relative, martyred in Jerusalem, and Bishop St. Policarpus of Smyrna and the holy martyrs of the East

December 4Commemoration of the Hermits (Egyptian Fathers)

December 6 - Commemoration of Pontiff St. Nikoghayos, the Wonderworker


is pleased to welcome 


Very Rev. Fr. Simeon Odabashian 

Vicar of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

Sunday, December 7, 2014
Fr. Simeon will celebrate the Divine Liturgy  at St. James Armenian Church

Divine Liturgy will begin at 10:00 a.m.



We cordially invite you to 

celebrate the 






December 14, 2014

Divine Liturgy begins at 10:00 am


MADAGH will be blessed at the end of the Divine Liturgy and will be distributed during the festive luncheon.


St Stephen

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Please join our parish 
as we make the holiday season happier for families in need

Can Food Drive

Canned food items and gift cards will be accepted at St. James on the following Sundays:
November 23, 30 
and December 7, 14, and 21,
for distribution to needy parishioners and a local food bank.

Please be sure expiration dates are current.
Armenian Pizza Co. Lahmejun
There are still several dozen frozen dumplings left over from the recent Fall Food Bazaar, $10/dozen. 

Also we have some lahmajoon left for sale, $20/dozen.

Please see any Women's Guild or Parish Council Member to purchase.

Thank You!

January 12-22, 2015

The Eastern Diocese will lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from January 12 to 22, 2015. It will coincide with the celebration of Christmas in Bethlehem-which is observed on January 18-19 (according to the Julian Calendar).

Click here to download the flyer.
Click here to access the online registration form.

Divine Liturgy
10:00 AM on Sundays

Morning Services
9:15 AM on Sundays

Midday Hour (Wednesdays)
December 3, January 7
11:30 AM

Vespers (Saturdays) Kirakamtits
December 13
5:00 PM



Please consider donating flowers to adorn the Holy Altar. You may either bring flowers or make a monetary donation towards the purchase.

Sign-up sheet is in the Nishan Hall.


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Parking is FREE on Sundays at the parking garage on Maple street. Main entrance on Maple Avenue & Clark Street.

Rev. Fr. Hovhan Khoja-Eynatyan, Pastor
816 Clark Street, Evanston, IL 60201