Saturday, November 14
4:00 pm t Reggie Barber
4:00 pm Intention of the Rammer Family
Sunday, November 15
7:30 am t Walter and MaryAnn Dedlow
9:30 am t Joanne Schulz
9:30 am t Jean Wifler Steiner
Monday, November 16
8:00 am t Desmond and Mary Foy
Tuesday, November 17
8:00 am t John Linnemanstons
8:00 am t Jim Faller
Thursday, November 19
8:00 am t Winona Krueger
8:00 am t Ron Schmitt
Saturday, November 21
4:00 pm t Living and Deceased Members of Ed and Isabelle Kastelic Family
4:00 pm t Mary Olson
Sunday, November 22
7:30 am t OPEN
9:30 am t Steve Jetzer
9:30 am t Ann Rammer