Saturday, November 21
4:00 pm Living and Deceased Members of Ed and Isabelle Kastelic Family
4:00 pm Mary Olson
Sunday, November 22
7:30 am David Steiner
9:30 am Steve Jetzer
9:30 am Ann Rammer
Monday, November 23
8:00 am Jerry Horres
Tuesday, November 24
8:00 am Roland and Etta Gruber
Thursday, November 26 Thanksgiving
9:00 am Deceased Members of the Schroeder and Hubing Families
Saturday, November 28
4:00 pm For the People of St. John the Baptist and St. Thomas Aquinas Parishes
Sunday, November 29
7:30 am OPEN
9:30 am David T. Sliwinski
9:30 am Richard J. Wieser