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1. Ob Agit- i proziskusstve. On Agitation and Productive Art. By B. Arbatov. Front cover design by Rodchenko. Repairs to spine. Federaltsiia. Moscow. 1930.  

. Marsh Dobrolet. The Dobrolet March. Sheet music with Rodchenko design on front and back covers. Minor restoration at corners. Iconic constructivist images. Moscow. 1926. 


3. Kniga i revoliutziia. Books and Revolution. Cover and overall design by Stepanova with Rodchenko photos (cover and inside). Professional reinforcement at spine and small tear at rear cover. Moscow. 1925, no. 15-16.

4. Ekran. Screen. Back cover reproduction of iconic Stepanova constructivist advertisement for Izogiz publishing house. Professional restoration at spine. Issue toned at margins throughout without affecting Stepanova design. Moscow. 1925, no. 17.



5. Sovetskii ekran. Soviet Screen. Rear cover - Rodchenko "One Sixth of the World" poster. Professional restoration to re-attach covers and reinforce miscellaneous edge tears. Moscow. 1926.  






6. Krasnoe studenchestvo. Red Students' Life in the 1928-1929 School Years. Layout and design by Stepanova. Several internal photos by Rodchenko. Gosizdat. #7 December, 1928.  




7. Aleksei Gan. Proizvodstvennyi zhurnal. 10 let. Industrial Magazine. 10 Years. 1927, no 13. (November 7, 1927). Profusely photo illustrated. Constructivist covers and interior. Moscow.

8. Za Sotsialisticheskuiu stroiku. Protiv Paskhi. Toward the Building of Socialism. Anti-Easter. By N. Iudin. Leningrad. Izd-vo. 1931.

9. Daesh' motor. Give us Engines. Nizhegor (Nizhni Novgorod Region) Trade Fair. Airborne Fleet. Photographic portrait of Trotsky. O.D.V.F. #1 September, 1924. 

10. Sud idet! The Court [is now in session]. No. 16 (56) Special issue memorializing F. Dzerzhinsky. Rabochii sud. August, 1926.





11. Spravochnik radioliubitelia. Ham Radio Handbook. Constructivist cover design  by Aleksei Gan. Uncut pages. Unobtrusive repairs reinforcing spine and ex-lib stamps at title and last pages. Moscow. 1926.  





12. Risunki dlia tkanei. Fabric Drawings. A. Mantel'. Introduction by N.N. Sobolev. Gosizdat. Moscow-Leningrad. 1930.  



13. [A. Strakhov].
Prospectus for the International Competition in Composing a Project for the State Ukrainian Theater. Mass Musical Stage with a 4,000 Seat Capacity.
Kharkov. 1930. Moderate tide stain runs out from bottom right throughout interior; otherwise, as new.  




14. Komsomoliia na stroike. Raport Komsomola proletarskogo raiona g. Moskvy. XVI Partsezdu. Komsomol Constructs. Report of the Komsomol Proletariat Region, City of Moscow. 16th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party, which took place in 1930. N.G.T.U.I. Moscow. No date [circa 1930]. Some restoration.  




15. [A. Gan]. O vladet' tekhnikoi elektrifikatsii.
No. 23. About Our Own Electrical Techniques. By H.A. Sazonov. Cover design by Aleksei Gan. Energetitel'stvo. Moscow-Leningrad. 1932.  




16. Avariinost' i ulichnaia signalizatsiia. Accident Rates and Traffic Signals. By Arsen Tumanian. Twenty (20) color illustrations by P.E. Lalenkov. Gostransizdat. Moscow-Leningrad. 1936.  




17. Na Dneprostroi. At Dneprostroi. Anonymous design. Text by N. Filianskii. Photo book in paper wraps showing the history of site-planning and construction with photomontage front cover. Covers professionally secured to spine. 32 mezzo-tint photos from Rabochaia Gazeta-Moscow. GIU. Kharkov. 1930. 

18. Stroim 5 letku. Vypuski I i II. Building the 5 Year Plan 1 and 2.
Cover and photomontage by V.M. Khodasevich and A.R. Diderikhs. Typography by V.P. Belkin. Publisher's cloth-backed boards. Krasnaia gazeta. Leningrad. 1931.

19. [S. Telingater]. Kachestvennaia stal' SSSR ot VI k Vll sezdu Sovetov. High Grade Steel in the USSR. Artistic contributors: S. Telingater, M. Dobrokovski and V. Griuntal'. ONTI NKTP SSSR. Moscow-Leningrad. 1935. Faded stamp on title page. One of the famous "metal" books. See Great Stalinist Photographic Books, pages 113-115. 



20. Vserossiiskii Soiuz poetov. 2 Sbornik. Russian Union of Poets. Second Collection. First book design by Klutsis. Small signature at front cover. Professional restoration to title page (tip of upper right corner restored) and at spine. Pages unstapled as issued. 1922. Tirage unknown and black and white cover as in MoMA.  




21. Ogon'. The Story of Fire by W. Hough. Front and back covers designed by Klutsis. Molodaia gvardiia. 1931.    



22. Vremia. Cherez bor'bu Kommunizmu. Time... Moscow: Krasnaia nov'. February, 1924 - #8. Cover design by Klutsis. Expertly restored. 

23. Udarniki polei. Bound volume of year 1934 complete in 24 issues. Not shown in Smits. Klutsis montage showing the Central Committee of the Communist Part is the cover to issue 1. 



24. [S. Senkin]. Sputnik turista. Traveling Companion. By L. Barkhash. Front and back cover designs by Senkin. Moskovskii Rabochii. Moscow-Leningrad circa 1927. Lacking a title page. Restoration at upper left front cover.   



25. Zadachi profdvizheniya i VI s'ezd profsoyuzov. Problems in the Trade Union Movement and the Sixth Trade Union Congress. Ex-lib with de-accession stamps on title page and label on lower spine. Tour de force of 8 Klutsis (republished shortly after their appearance in Vestnik truda, 1925 #1) and 8 Senkin full-page color photomontage plates (16 in all) along with original Klutsis cover photomontage. While these images are reproduced in surveys of Russian Constructivism, this book is rarely offered. Moscow. 1925.  


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