E/Clips by C/NET Solutions                                            July 2018
2018 Data Changes Update
C/NET Solutions has been staying on top of the status of several specifications concerning the 2018 Data Changes.  The following is a summary of what we know today.
Not yet published:
  • Version 18 Edits
  • COC 2018 STORE Manual (now scheduled for the 3rd week in July
  • Radiation and vital status conversion instructions
  • RQRS transmission layout for 2018
  • CDCs TNM 8th Edition DLL
  • Some sites for SEER Solid Tumor Rules

The following standards have been published:

  • NAACCR version 18 Layout (data format for case reporting)
  • ICD-0-3 Histology Code and Behavior Update for cases diagnosed 1/1/2018 forward with 4/4/18 Errata
  • AJCC 8th Edition Cancer Staging Forms
  • AJCC 8th Edition Histology and Topography Supplements
  • NAACCR Standards Volume II
  • SEER EOD Data v1.0
  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 Manual
  • NAACCR SSDI (Site Specific Data Items) Manual
  • NAACCR Grade Manual
  • SEER Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasm Database

C/NET Solutions staff continue to help test the CDC TNM 8th Edition DLL, the software that vendors will use to select the staging schema in their 2018 software.  Both the edits and the DLL are now expect by July 15th.  


C/NET Solutions staff continue to work with the group that is developing the radiation field conversion algorithm.  The draft is out for comment now with a finalized conversion algorithm expected on July 27th.  


To aid our customers in staying on top of their cancer registry caseloads, C/NET Solutions developed a "Limited Technology" release.  We refer to it as "limited technology" due to the outstanding specifications listed above.  This release contains the 2018 Data Fields which offers our customers a convenient means to collect the new fields.  If you are a C/NET Solutions customer and you have not installed CNExT Version 1.17.7 Limited Technology release, contact your support representative to make arrangements to obtain this version.   

Cancer Registry Plays a Vital Role in Quality Metrics  
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