At a ceremony this week in King George, the Rev. Lee Gandiya, rector of St. Paul’s, King George blessed recovered gravestones that had been sold for scrap in the 1960’s. The gravestones were discarded when Columbia Harmony Cemetery, an historic African American cemetery of 37,000 individuals, was moved to build a metro station. St. Paul's parishioners Senator Richard and Mrs. Lisa Stuart recently discovered the stones on their property and are helping to relocate them to a memorial in a Maryland cemetery.

"This was our way of restoring that which had been denied to so many families," said Father Gandiya. "... the ability to identify and show love in a tangible way...the ability to recognize and relate to their ancestors...the ability to find important lessons and experiences they wanted us to find and know...the ability to find out that they ever lived and belonged here... and finally that this was their home...their life."

The event was covered this week in newspapers throughout Virginia. Read the full story.