"Who knows where madness lies? …maddest of all [is] to see life as it is and not as it should be."
- Man of La Mancha

For over 16 years, I witnessed life as it is in my own La Mancha, as inmate #1028210 in five of Virginia's more than 30 prisons.  
As a child growing up in the Diocese, I never looked at "life as it is." Baptized at The Falls Church, and a member of Holy Comforter, Vienna, since the age of four, I had the tremendous privilege to see much of life as it should be. Summers were highlighted by 12 days at Shrine Mont as a St. George's Camper. At St. G's, we celebrated Christmas in July, read stories about the selfless Barrington Bunny, and shouted our prayers as one full voice from the cliffs of North Mountain. Read on