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Monday, April 20  
No Activities; COM Closed
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Tuesday, April 21
No Activities; COM Closed
10:00 a.m. C ommunity Cupboard (unless posted differently at the Cupboard) 
Wednesday, April 22  
No Activities; COM Closed
(this includes Small Group Studies)
Thursday, April 23
No Activities; COM Closed
Friday, April 24  
No Activities; COM Closed
10:00 a.m. C ommunity Cupboard (unless posted differently at the Cupboard) 
Saturday, April 25
No Activities
Sunday, April 26
3rd Sunday of Easter
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 April 20, 2020

     It is springtime, and signs of hope and new life are all around us. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, sunshine and rain showers renew the earth. Spring adds new life and beauty to everything around us.... A sure sign that no matter what we are going through, God is in control. As the lyrics in the song "Redeemer" say; "All of Creation testifies, this life within me cries, I know my Redeemer lives!" I was very blessed Sunday to sing this song with Ed, JaynĂ©, Erin, Mike, and Donna. Thanks to all of these folks who continue to work together to stream the weekly services online, and a special thanks to Jeremy who in addition to everything else he does has also worked hard on the technical aspects of streaming the service.
     I know all of us are longing for the time when we can once again meet and worship together in person. Until then, remember that although we don't know what the future holds, we do know who holds the future. We will persevere through this storm and come out stronger than ever on the other side. Everything will be ok. May God bless us all!
David Shanklin
Assistant Director of Music
This Week's Devotional - on Monday!  
Please click on this link for a special message from J.D. Philyaw:  
Thank you, J.D., for providing this week's devotional. 
Worship with Us Online! 
Thank you to our ministry staff for continuing to provide a Sunday morning worship opportunity via live video on Facebook (each Sunday at 10:30). If you would like to connect in this way, you will be directed to our Facebook page by clicking here, where you can watch Sunday's video. 
Visit Our YouTube Channel  
Our FBKids and FBUth Ministries have been providing instruction and entertainment for our children and youth throughout this stay-at-home order, and all the videos can be found on our YouTube channel. Past worship services and devotionals are available as well. If you have some free time,   check out our channel by clicking here!  
Lilies & Lenten Giving 
Thank you to those who participated in this year's Lenten giving:
Penny Bailey in memory of Carl Bailey
Tene Barcroft in memory of Donald Barcroft
Thelma Carter in memory of Everette Carter, Jr.
Thomas Hill in memory of Betty Hill
Ann, Mike, & Cindy Hinshaw in memory of Dick Hinshaw
Geneva McGinnis in memory of Jack McGinnis
Coy & Joan Mullins in memory of Vernon, Thelma, & Irene Mullins and Harry, Rita, & Nelson Shaw
Edmond N. Mullins in memory of Nancy C. Mullins
John & Priscilla Simmons in memory of Gloria Balshaw
Terri Morton Stull in memory of Ronald L. Morton and David A. Stull
Jim & Linda Swan in memory of Jason Alan Swan 
Your Prayers & Thanksgivings
During the weeks of closures and the pandemic, we welcome your regular prayers and continued giving. This is the perfect time to learn about our online giving option. Click here to access the online giving instructions from the Forrest Burdette website . Your continued giving to the church during this time, as you are able, is important for us to keep paying our expenses. Thank you so much for sending your offerings! If not online, then please mail your regular offering to 2848 Putnam Avenue, Hurricane WV 25526. To save a stamp, you may deposit your offering in our locked mailbox on Putnam Avenue. Open the top door, and slide your envelope all the way to the back of the box, where it will fall into the locked area. Thank you, as always, for your support of this ministry. 
This Week's Birthdays
4/20 - J.T. Holdren, Cole Newman
4/21 - Bob Blankenship, Jada Good, Andrew Hankins, Derek Krall, Todd Lilly, Claude Nelon, Will Painter
4/22 - Sarah Clark, Bruce Hunt, Mary Lane, T.J. McFadden
4/23 - Jean Kirk, Zeke Perry, Lee Simmons
4/24 - Trey Smith
4/25 - Harold Payne, Judy Smith
4/26 - Sherman Burlingame, Melissa Catlin, Spencer Davis, Oliver Johnson, Joe Kirk, Steve Neumeyer, Bree Ogle, Jennifer Stover