This Week at
Forrest Burdette
Memorial UMC
2848 Putnam Avenue
Hurricane WV 25526
C.O.M.: 304-562-9170

Monday, January 7
8-9:00 a.m.  Open Gym for Walking
9:30 a.m.  Preventicare -Byrd Hall
6:00 p.m.  Emmaus Men's Group -110
6:00 p.m.  Emmaus Women's Reunion        -Little Narthex
6:30 p.m.  Boy Scouts 236 -Scout Hut
7:00 p.m.  Cub Scouts 236 -Basement +
8:00 p.m.  AA -308
Tuesday, January 8            
8-9:00 a.m.  Open Gym for Walking
9:30 a.m.  Y.A.H. Quilters -Byrd Hall
10:00 a.m. C ommunity Cupboard
6:00 p.m.  Hurricane Amateur Basketball League -Gym
Wednesday, January 9
8-9:00 a.m. Open Gym for Walking
9:30 a.m.  Preventicare -Byrd Hall
10:45 a.m.  Midweek Bible Study -207
No Wesley Circle this month
12:00 p.m.  We Care -201, Conference Rm
2:30 p.m.  Hooks & Needles -J. Mullins home
5:15 p.m.  Fellowship Dinner -FH
6:30 p.m. Small Groups
Clark: Room 225W, upstairs
Conley: Room 207, upstairs
Cunningham: Rm 211, upstairs
Delph: Room 219, upstairs
Gatewood: Chapel
6:30 p.m.  Uth -111
6:30 p.m.  C.O.O.L. Kids -Sanctuary
7:30 p.m.  Praise Band -Sanctuary
8:00 p.m. Putnam Storm Lacrosse Practice -Gym
Thursday, January 10
8-9:00 a.m.  Open Gym for Walking
8:00 a.m.  TOPS 0530 -Byrd Hall
6:00 p.m.  Hurricane Amateur Basketball League -Gym
6:30 p.m.  Dances Choice -Byrd Hall
7:00 p.m.  Choir Practice -Sanctuary  
Friday, January 11
8-9:00 a.m.  Open Gym for Walking
9:30 a.m.  Preventicare -Byrd Hall
10:00 a.m. C ommunity Cupboard
6:30 p.m.  Basketball (Thompson) - Gym
Saturday, January 12
7:30 a.m.  Emmaus Prayer Group - 110
10:00 a.m.  Basketball (Stout) -Gym
Sunday, January 13
Baptism of the Lord
Service of Baptismal Renewal
Isaiah 43:1-7, Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
"With and For Us"
8:30 a.m.  Worship
9:45 a.m.  Sunday School
11:00 a.m.  Worship
No Handbells until January 20th
6:00 p.m.  Men's Group -111
6:00 p.m.  Worship -Chapel
6:00 p.m.  Finance Committee -201
7:00 p.m.  Church Leaders' Mtg -211
7:00 p.m.  Adult Basketball -Gym
Upcoming Events
1/17: Staff Parish Relations Committee Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
1/22: Hurricane Civic Chorus resumes practice, 7:00 p.m.
1/25-27: Uth & Young Adult Winter Retreat, Resurrection 2019, Pigeon Forge, TN
2/3: Confirmation Class begins, 4:00 p.m.


 January 7, 2019

   Happy New Year! It's a great time to look back over the successes and plan for new ones.
   Christmas is still fresh in my memory, and there are thank you's I wish to give:
   Thank you David Shanklin for being such a down-to-earth, easy-to-work-with kind of guy. If you've been around musicians very much you have likely found the "showboat" type of leader or performer where everything has to be grandiose. I am fortunate that our director is not that way! As a matter of fact, all the musicians and singers are very humble and hard-working contributors.
   Thank you choir for presenting a beautiful cantata and leading the carol-singing. I pray God will send us new members to strengthen and enhance the sound of each piece we sing.
   Thank you orchestra for adding energy and color to our music. I'm so pleased with the enhancement you are giving to the hymns and choir pieces. I hope to arrange some pieces for you to play as a stand-alone ensemble. I love you guys!
   Thank you Handbell Choir for the stunningly beautiful piece you played on Christmas Eve!
   Thank you JaynĂ© for a beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night" with the orchestra on Christmas Eve!
   Thank you Allen Harrah for guidance with the magnificent Harrah Symphonic Organ.
   Thank you Karen for beautiful bulletins and programs.
   Thank you Ellis and Jeremy for outstanding leadership and for the freedom you allow us as functioning musicians.
   And finally a special thank you to Donna for the support and understanding all through the crazy schedule of the Christmas season as I arranged for the orchestra, played rehearsals, taught my many students, and tuned pianos! I love you! 
Mike Barnhouse
Wednesday Night Live Resumes This Week
Be a part of a Wednesday evening small group! Groups begin at 6:30 p.m.
Chris Clark- -"The Foundations of Our Faith: A Study in the Book of Hebrews", Room 225W, upstairs
Ellis Conley--"The Gospel of Matthew", Room 207, upstairs
Debby Cunningham --"Moses: In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet", Room 211, upstairs
Ron Delph --"Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God", Room 219, upstairs
Don Gatewood --"The Book of Romans", Chapel
Uth --Middle & High School (6-12th grades), Room 111
C.O.O.L. Kids --age 2 through 5th graders, Sanctuary; nursery provided for those under 2 yrs.
Fellowship dinner is served from 5:15-6:00 p.m. Reservations may be made by signing up at the Connection Center or by calling the church office (304-562-5903).  Reservations are appreciated but not necessary.  Adults $6, Children (under 12) $5; no family pays more than $20.  This week's menu: macho nachos and fixings, dessert.
Confirmation Classes
Sixth graders and above who are not yet members of the church are invited to our annual Confirmation classes, Sunday afternoons, 4:00-5:30 p.m., February 3 through April 7 (no class March 31). Confirmation service will be held on Palm Sunday, April 14, for those who complete the course. To sign up, call Karen in the church office, 304-562-5903.
Special Offering for Africa
$2022 was raised after services yesterday for building and project supplies for my trip to Living Hope High School, Bungoma, Kenya. An additional $500 from my original fundraising funds were added to that to send over $2500 for Living Hope High School.  Thank you for your support!  -Pastor Jeremy Daniels
   Pastor Jeremy flies to Africa on Tuesday, January 8.  Please keep him and the mission team in your prayers.
2019 Upper Room Disciplines
The 2019 Upper Room daily devotional guide is available at the Connection Center for $5 (originally sold for $12). Stop by to look at one of the books, and s tart the new year with a new daily habit!

PipeSounds CDs for Sale
Rodney Barbour recently recorded a CD in conjunction with PipeSounds called "Repeat the Sounding Joy", filled with holiday classics on the Harrah Symphonic Organ.  This CD is available to purchase in the church office, Monday-Friday.  $15 each, 2 for $25, or 5 for $50. 
This Week's Birthdays
1/7 -  Seth Bowers, Brittany Bowie, Anna Caldwell, Gene Lewis, Tom Plumley
1/8 - Terri Brookshire, Curtis Ferguson
1/9 - Leigh Anna Bennett, Shannon Lawman, Hilda Mynes
1/10 - Lois Brewer, Lori Folio, Bob Sauvageot
1/11 - Sara Davis, Joshua Johnson, Brent Nelson, Jennifer York
1/12 - Megan Fisher, Cindy Hinshaw, Logan Jackson, Jennifer Romeo, Doug Ward, Lauren Ward
1/13 -  Joshua Campbell, Julie Cremeans, Drew Johnson, Josh Shaffer
Coming Up This Sunday
January 13, 2018
Baptism of the Lord
Isaiah 43:1-7, Luke 3:15-17, 21-22   "With and For Us"