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Monday, April 6 
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Tuesday, April 7 
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10:00 a.m. C ommunity Cupboard (unless posted differently at the Cupboard) 
Wednesday, April 8  
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Thursday, April 9  
Maundy Thursday
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Friday, April 10  
Good Friday
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Saturday, April 11  
Holy Saturday
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Sunday, April 12  
Easter Sunday
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 April 6, 2020

Well. Here we are, all spread out, each in their own area, but through our faith, church, and children's education center, we're still in a way together. As I thought about what I would write at this time, my first thought was it's Holy Week: I am not the one that should be writing! I am not trained in doctrine and theology, only in child care. My next thought was the children. Wow, how I miss them. I miss our times of devotion each week, searching for stories to present in a way that the children get it - get the unconditional love Jesus has for them, get that treating people the way we want to be treated is doing as God wants us to do, get that no matter who we are, how young, or little, we are, we are able to do things for others as God wants us to do, and the underlying theme of every lesson, to get that no matter what we are going through Jesus is always with us. With this time of uncertainty we are now in I hope we all can keep just that thought, the knowledge that no matter what, God is with us. I hope that our slowing down and staying in is giving us a little more time to reflect on what we can each do to honor God, the understanding that the things we are "giving up" are so small compared to what Jesus gave for us. We are giving up some running around, some socializing. God gave his Son. Jesus gave his life that we might live. As we go through this Holy Week, I pray that each of us gains an even deeper, stronger relationship with God, with a plan as to what we can do to honor him and his sacrifice for us.    
❤️ Work Hard, Have Fun, & Make a Difference ❤️
Cathy Daley 
Director of Children's Outreach Ministries (COM)   
Walking with Jesus: A Holy Week Study 
Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball invites you to a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus. Experience God's word anew through reflections and special resources that take us to the places Jesus walked, taught, preached, healed, and transformed the world!  
     Walking with Jesus  is an experience of new beginnings, new life, renewed hope, and light. It is a new opportunity for laity and clergy to hear God call our names and help us to discover, or rediscover, the gifts God has given to each of us to help bring life and light to all God's people.Bishop Steiner Ball takes the reader on a journey along the streets of Old Jerusalem, retracing the steps of Jesus along the Via Dolorosa. Each day from Palm Sunday to Easter, pause to read, pray, and reflect on Jesus' final steps.
     To download Walking with Jesus: A Holy Week Study click on this link: A limited number of print copies are available at each district office (Midland South District: 304-342-8843).
Worship with Us Online! 
Thank you to our ministry staff for continuing to provide a Sunday morning worship opportunity via live video on Facebook (each Sunday at 10:30). Many of you participated in the service as well! If you would like to connect in this way, you will be directed to our Facebook page by clicking here, where you can watch Sunday's video. 
Joys & Concerns and Photos for Sundays
Prayer requests for Sunday morning worship can be submitted (prior to Sunday) by clicking on this link: Send your pictures for Sunday to: with "Let There Be Peace" as the subject line of your email.      
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While it's highly unlikely that we will be able to reopen the church during the month of April, we welcome your regular prayers and continued giving. This is the perfect time to learn about our online giving option. Click here to access the online giving instructions from the Forrest Burdette website . Your continued giving to the church during this time, as you are able, is important for us to keep paying our expenses. Thank you so much for sending your offerings! If not online, then please mail your regular offering to 2848 Putnam Avenue, Hurricane WV 25526. To save a stamp, you may deposit your offering in our locked mailbox on Putnam Avenue. Open the top door, and slide your envelope all the way to the back of the box, where it will fall into the locked area. Thank you, as always, for your support of this ministry. 
This Week's Birthdays
4/6 -  Mark Akers, Michael Fruth, Carl Proffitt  
4/7 - Ann Hinshaw, Mckenzie Myers, Amy Nitzel, David Shanklin  
4/8 - Chris Brown, Morgan Brown, Karen Campbell, Karlee Edwards, Gail Samson, Kristin Smith, Trent Surface, Jennifer Weiss, Clarence Woodworth
4/9 - Alan Clegg, Ryan Clegg, Rusty Ellis, Tyler Kirk, Austin Miller, Shelby Nitardy, Nathan Wendel  
4/10 - David Bobbitt, Donna Landin, Harold Walker  
4/11 - Brad Hall, Dale Huffman, Aidan Martinez, Priscilla Simmons, Barbara Wyatt  
4/12 - Jean Ellis, Joe Ann Gyke, Bailey Hill, Joseph Rogowski