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Monday, April 13  
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Tuesday, April 14  
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Wednesday, April 15  
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Thursday, April 16  
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Saturday, April 18
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Sunday, April 19
2nd Sunday of Easter
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 April 14, 2020

     I hope each of you found a way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on Sunday. I know we all missed meeting and having that time together, yet we all know it doesn't change the reality that Jesus is alive and walking with us through the very experience we are presently having.
      As we, your Forrest Burdette ministry team, have been putting together streaming worship experiences I have experienced a great sense of unity. Each person has come to the table with a positive and optimistic spirit and a desire to let the church know how much we value them and the experience of worship we enjoy together. I especially want to thank Jeremy for going the extra mile to set up equipment and take the steps to learn the process it takes to stream a service. I don't know where we would be without his assistance.
      I continue to be amazed and how music ministers to people at a time like this. Donna has been encouraging me to place some piano pieces on Facebook to encourage friends during this time. Hundreds of people have responded on my Good Friday video and Easter video. It is very humbling to think that in that small act of presenting a song so many people received a blessing.
      Like you, I am looking forward to the day when we meet together in person. In the meantime God is with us! God bless us and keep us safe. 
Mike Barnhouse, Director of Music   
A Note from the Senior Pastor  
O God, I cannot see the big picture; I cannot imagine the twists and turns I will encounter on my path. I may not come to the place I expect and I may not find myself at the end I assumed. Let me expect nothing but your presence. Help strengthen my covenant to do your will, to hear your call no matter what shape it may take. Build up in me patience, endurance, humor and wisdom, so that I may keep your promises when challenged, ask questions when I do not understand, and work diligently even in the midst of change. I dedicate my life and all my energy to building your kingdom, here and now. Amen
Dear friends,
     I found this on a card recently. It is so appropriate for today. There was no author cited, so I cannot give credit but wanted to share its message with you for this week following Easter Sunday. I was glad so many were able to worship with us as "the church". God is with us!
     Special thanks to Jeremy for using his technical and filming talents, to Erin for her uplifting song, to JaynĂ© for her enthusiasm and love for our children, and to Mike for his ability to lift our spirits with his music. We are blessed.
    If you have special prayer requests, please let Karen at the church office at know at Please remember in your prayers:
  • Odessie Long - Jim Long's mother. Jim and Toni are our neighbors and wonderful people. Jim's mother is in Columbus in the hospital in critical condition, and none of the family is able to visit.
  • Cindy Woodworth - her surgery went well on Monday.
  • Judy Smith - her sister passed away last Thursday at Edgewood Summit.
      Thanks for your prayers for Ella! Her sprained wrist is doing much better.
     As I have talked with a number of you, you have volunteered to help with tutoring, making masks, etc. If you would like for us to include your offers in these updates, please let us know.
     **Special Request** We miss seeing you. Please take a "selfie" or picture this week and send it to Jeremy at before Sunday, and put "Selfie" in the message line. We want to show these photos during the close of next week's service. It will brighten everyone's day.
"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation." Psalm 68:19  
Ed & Brenda 
Lilies & Lenten Giving 
Thank you to those who participated in this year's Lenten giving:
Penny Bailey in memory of Carl Bailey
Tene Barcroft in memory of Donald Barcroft
Thelma Carter in memory of Everette Carter, Jr.
Thomas Hill in memory of Betty Hill
Ann, Mike, & Cindy Hinshaw in memory of Dick Hinshaw
Geneva McGinnis in memory of Jack McGinnis
Coy & Joan Mullins in memory of Vernon, Thelma, & Irene Mullins and Harry, Rita, & Nelson Shaw
Edmond N. Mullins in memory of Nancy C. Mullins
John & Priscilla Simmons in memory of Gloria Balshaw
Terri Morton Stull in memory of Ronald L. Morton and David A. Stull
Jim & Linda Swan in memory of Jason Alan Swan 
Worship with Us Online! 
Thank you to our ministry staff for continuing to provide a Sunday morning worship opportunity via live video on Facebook (each Sunday at 10:30). If you would like to connect in this way, you will be directed to our Facebook page by clicking here, where you can watch Sunday's video. 
Your Prayers & Thanksgivings
During the weeks of closures and the pandemic, we welcome your regular prayers and continued giving. This is the perfect time to learn about our online giving option. Click here to access the online giving instructions from the Forrest Burdette website . Your continued giving to the church during this time, as you are able, is important for us to keep paying our expenses. Thank you so much for sending your offerings! If not online, then please mail your regular offering to 2848 Putnam Avenue, Hurricane WV 25526. To save a stamp, you may deposit your offering in our locked mailbox on Putnam Avenue. Open the top door, and slide your envelope all the way to the back of the box, where it will fall into the locked area. Thank you, as always, for your support of this ministry. 
This Week's Birthdays
4/5 - Ella Grant (we apologize for missing this date!)   
4/13 - Andy Burns, Alisha Dierdorff, Josh Westfall
4/14 - Adalyn Hill, Carol Rowsey  
4/15 - Reid Painter, Jeremy Rogers, Joanne Sovine  
4/16 - Debbie Bias, Leigh Ann Cutlip, Mia Ferguson, Lauren Milton  
4/17 - Jane Sentelle, Sarah Westfall  
4/18 - Danielle Johnson, Karen Ray  
4/19 - Abby Baker, Debby Cunningham, Chad Halstead