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February 2016, issue # 44

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* E-CRANE USA 2015 VIDEO - "It's a Small World"  
Big Contract for E-Crane Offshore Services

Offshore wind farms are big business...
E-Crane Offshore Services , a Palfinger service partner,   currently works on (116) Palfinger Davit cranes, model PF6000 Marine, installed on TP's (Transition Pieces) for the EON Rampion Offshore Project in the UK.  

The scope of supply consists of:
 * A paint repair job in Hoboken (BE).
 * Crane commissioning including function & load tests in Vlissingen (NL).

All 116 cranes
received a paint repair and touch - up job in accordance with Palfinger and Offshore standards. This job is executed on the ground and on pre- installed cranes on a staggering height of 26 meters.
After paint repair, the TP's are moved over the river Scheldt to Vlissingen (NL) for the commissioning of the cranes. This requires the installation and wiring of j unction boxes followed by final commissioning . F ull load and function tests are also part of the commissioning process .
 E-Crane and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Local School visits E-Crane

Last Friday, E-Crane® welcomed students from the Sint-Lutgart school ( local school in Beernem , Belgium ). These STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) s tudents , together with their teachers got the chan c e to discover the exiting world of crane design and manufacturing.  

E-Crane structural designer Marjan Luteijn made a short presentation about E-Crane® followed by a tour (engineering department, parts & services, assembly,...). Also a demo with a crawler mounted E-Handler® with 29 meters outreach was part of the visit.

E-Crane systems designer Sven De Vriendt demonstrated what "designing with safety in mind" means. In our training center (E-Crane Academy) students could perform and test some important safety features found on our cranes.   The company visit was the perfect opportunity for the students to learn more about the equilibrium principle. All attendees were very enthusiastic. Some students indicated already interest to join our team.

We have much to learn by studying nature and taking the time to understand its secrets.

E-Crane USA 2015 Video - "It's a Small World"  
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There are many reasons why working at E-Crane brings unrivaled job satisfaction. No career in the world offers more variety!

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