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April 2015, issue # 36



E-Crane has a new, full range of material handlers that we want you to know about! In addition to our famous harbor cranes, we have further expanded our wide selection of products with a brand new line of 'E-Handlers?'.

We will be launching this complete and unique E-Handler-line during our Demo Days, taking place from May 26 to May 30. We welcome you to attend!

The expansion of our dealer network ensures the best possible support, both during the purchase process and after delivery. With guaranteed 'spare parts availability', short communication lines and a motivated team, your time can be spent focusing on your core business.


Do you have any upcoming projects? Then now is an ideal opportunity for you to learn more about our products and see them up close. Come have some refreshments and bring your plans and requirements. We will be happy to help transform your project into a viable economic solution.

Do not miss the E-Crane Demo Days! Come and see for yourself what E-Crane? can do for you!


Ir. Lieven Bauwens
E-Crane Group of Companies 

 Personal Invitation Demo Days 2015


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Do not miss the E-Crane Demo Days!


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