June 2014, issue #27



E-Crane Floating Solutions: Expand Bulk Handling
Capacity on the Water



Many ports are faced with problems such as congestion, no land for expansion, and costly outdated infrastructure. E-Crane has the ideal solution to solve these problems by moving bulk handling operations to the water.

The balanced design of the E-Crane results in significant energy savings, and it also makes the E-Crane ideal for mounting on a floating barge. Because of the E-Crane's excellent stability, the movement of the E-Crane causes very minimal listing and movement of the barge and smaller barge dimensions are required to accommodate the E-Crane.

A barge mounted solution is also beneficial because it floats up and down along with material barges and ships as the water elevation fluctuates. This means that a single midstream transfer cycle is never affected by water level changes and no additional cycle time is added to compensate.


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E-Crane opens new training facility at Adegem

The all-new training facility will be branded as "E-Crane Academy". E-Crane is dedicated to create a strong learning experience for both customers and E-Crane co-workers. All training courses will focus on the skills of the people participating in order to meet the expectations of the participants. Located just next to our assembly shop it will also provide possibilities to combine class-room training with some hands-on experience.


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A warm welcome to our new colleagues



E-Crane welcomes our new colleagues
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Service Engineer
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Service Engineer

who recently joined our team.
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15 year old E-Crane at Wayne B. Smith: Still looking and performing great!
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