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August 2015, issue # 39
Ports as well as other equipment owners and operators have had to become increasingly conscious about making changes to reduce their carbon footprint and to be more sensitive to environmental considerations. Bringing cost effective and green solutions to clients around the world has always been one of the core values of the E-Crane Group.
Find out more about how E-Crane contributes to making the world livable for future generations and how 'White is the New Green'.

Bas Tolhuizen
International Sales Manager
E-Crane International Europe

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 White is the New Green
Reducing Environmental Impact 

Energy consumption and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important when a company invests in new material handling equipment. In other words, nowadays the impact on the environment caused by a material handler needs to be minimized. Additionally, the cost to handle one ton of bulk material also has great importance, as this shows the economic feasibility.
As a result, over the last few years, there has been a tendency towards more energy efficiency.

Several manufacturers now supply material handlers with hybrid systems, where the energy that is released during the boom down function is stored into accumulators. When the boom is lifted, the stored energy is utilized to support this movement. Usually an additional cylinder is required in combination with an energy storage system. Suppliers claim to save customers 30-35 % on their energy bills.

Where others claim to offer "green"

alternatives, E-Crane® actually delivers !

A t the same time, more and more electrically powered machines
are becoming available, instead of the traditional diesel powered
material handlers.
E-Crane Leading the Way

At E-Crane®, they have been doing things quite differently for the last 25 years. Utilizing the principle of equilibrium, where the stick is connected to the rotating counterweight by means of a connecting rod, the load can be moved from point A to B at a fraction of the energy usually required. The energy savings accomplished using hybrid systems is insignificant in comparison. The philosophy is simple; start with an energy efficient design rather than adapting to a fundamentally inefficient one.

Gravity Working for You

On an E-Crane®, the center of gravity of the machine always stays within the slewing ring as the movement of counterweight and stick are synchronized. As a result of this, a balanced state is maintained and guaranteed at all times. When working with lighter loads, the movable counterweight moves the stick out almost spontaneously as it pulls the boom up. When working with heavier loads, the movable counterweight assures that smooth lifting is possible at low hydraulic working pressures.
E-Crane and NC-State Officials Interview
Recently Hired Graduates
E-Crane Company Employs North Central State Graduates

A large international crane manufacturing company is expressing its appreciation to North Central State College for its help in finding qualified employees.

E-Crane officials met Monday with NC-State officials at the Kehoe Center in Shelby, to talk via Skype with recent graduates Joe Biglin, Neil Fortney, and Jeremy Scribner who are working as service technicians for the company in Corpus Christi, Texas.

E-Crane CEO Steve Osborne says the gulf coast city is undergoing billions of dollars worth of economic growth, and cannot find qualified workers locally.

NC-State President Dr. Dorey Diab says producing qualified graduates with the skills high-tech companies need is the college's mission.

E-Crane is based in Galion and Columbus, and has manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Poland, The Netherlands.
It produces a unique type of equilibrium crane that's used mainly in North and South America to unload cargo from ships.

Source: WMFD-TV

Annual Company Party @ E-Towers Famaba 

Polish Wedding Event
"On Friday evening, April 10th, 2015 the annual company party for employees of E-TOWERS FAMABA in Glogów (Poland) took place. The past year of very hard work and commitment of our team to in the production of world-class welded constructions was an excellent reason to meet together and celebrate joyously. The program included a number of attractions: contests, games, performances and feast at the tables full of delicacies.

The event was opened by Mr. Lieven Bauwens - Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Managing Director of E-Crane Group Worldwide. Among the guests was the Mayor of Glogów Mr. Rafael Rokaszewicz, Foreman of the District of Glogów Mr Jarosław Dudkowiak, as well as representatives of major companies cooperating with Famaba.

Lieven Bauwens, Mr. Rafael Rokaszewicz (President of the city of Glogów),Nicole Maenhout,

Mr. Jarosław Dudkowiak (Foreman of the district of Glogów), Rosan Bouché, Geert Watteeuw.

The event was a great opportunity for management of the company to get to know local government representatives better, as well as tighten cooperation with important customers in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.
The main artistic performance of the night was "The Polish Beatles" - "The Postman" group - which got a warm reception by the participants.
According to the Polish tradition, the event ended the next day in the early morning hours. The E-TOWERS FAMABA team was tired but very happy coming back home, making plans for the next event... in a year.
We kindly thank all the participants for creating a great atmosphere!
Famaba Received Certificate of Business Credibility

E-Towers awarded as 'Excellent Company'

Bisnode Poland, a member of the international group Dun & Bradstreet honored E-TOWERS FAMABA with the Certificate of Business Credibility.


Thus, the Company has joined the prestigious group of 1% of the most reliable companies on the Polish market.


The featured certificate is given to companies with financial data giving a guarantee for a high level of profitability and financial liquidity, whose level of debt and recorded overdue payments is negligible.



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