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January 2015, issue # 33

Just like our clients, here at E-Crane we're very much inspired by our work. Indeed, we all draw inspiration from what we love: our families, our friends, our customers and our work. Also we appreciate the fact that our customers keep us focused and make sure that we reach a common destination. This is not going to change over the course of the next year. That's a promise!


Ir. Lieven Bauwens


E-Crane Group of Companies

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* PICTURE OF THE MONTH: E-Crane present on the WorkBoat Show

 E-Crane holds Floating Technology
Showcase in New Orleans






The three day event 

E-Crane was well represented at the WorkBoat Show

During the first week of December, E-Crane agents and special guests attended the E-Crane Technology Showcase in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The event took place in conjunction with the International WorkBoat Show (IWBS) which was held during the same week (December 3 - December 5) at the New Orleans Convention Center. The three day event consisted of a dinner reception and presentations on the evening on Wednesday, December 3, as well as two site visits on the following days to see actual E-Cranes in operation.


E-Crane guests and attendees were also given special access to the WorkBoat Show, and were able to attend the exhibit hall throughout the week. The show was well attended. Over the course of three days, over 1000 vendors exhibited, including E-Crane, and more than 7000 attended. The WorkBoat Show is the largest marine trade show in North America, serving the people and businesses working on both the inland and coastal waterways.

Dinner and reception

Day 1: The dinner reception held at the Hotel Monteleone was well attended.

The dinner and reception on Wednesday took place at the historic Hotel Monteleone, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The evening reception was attended by about 50 people, including E-Crane agents, clients, and special guests. During the reception, guests were able to view presentations about barge mounted E-Cranes and learn more about floating solutions. Once guests were seated for a plated dinner, Mark Osborne, President of E-Crane International USA, gave a presentation featuring several floating E-Cranes currently in operation. A presentation was also given by Steve Osborne about an upcoming project, and about the latest technological advancements with floating E-Crane applications.




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 ECI-USA: Field Service Milestone

1000 Completed field service trips

E-Crane International USA has reached a new milestone with the help of our Field Service Team. After a recent service trip to Kyger Creek, our Field Service Team has reached a total of 1000 completed field service trips.

The E-Crane service department has been consistently growing and improving over the past several years to continually meet our customer's needs. The ECI-USA service team has grown to 14 team members with two additional service centers added in the past two years.

In 2013, the E-Crane USA Service Group opened a new satellite service center based in Birmingham, Alabama called the Gulf Coast Service Center. This center supports 14 clients (15 E-Cranes) located in the Gulf Coast region and is equipped with E-Crane service trucks, support equipment, and tools to support on-site field service repairs. The Gulf Coast Service Center is also equipped with spare parts and consumables needed for emergency service and repairs.

Within the past year, E-Crane has also begun to open another satellite service center in Corpus Christi, Texas to service the E-Cranes in that area. This service center will have 6 on site technicians, ready to handle any 24/7 service and maintenance needs, as well as its own parts inventory and warehouse.

Congratulations to our Field Service Team on this achievement!

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 E-Crane Supplier of the Month: J&B Grijpers
Great cranes deserve the best grabs.

E-Crane has worked together successfully with many grab suppliers worldwide. For almost two decades there has been a regular cooperation with the Dutch grab supplier "J&B Grabs".

The valuable input of our customers combined with E-Crane and J&B know-how results in best value 'bulk grabbing solutions'.


Congratulations and a warm 'Happy birthday' from E-Crane to J&B with their upcoming 70th anniversary !


Our Picture of the Month 


E-Crane is well represented on the E-Crane booth at the WorkboatShow in New Orleans.
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