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October 2015, issue # 40
As expected, the summer of 2015 has brought E-Crane more service calls than ever before. Many customers took the opportunity to service their E-Cranes during the summer holidays to make sure that their equipment is ready for another busy season. All of our service engineers have been extremely flexible to make the impossible possible. In this context, E-Crane is rapidly expanding its servicing capabilities both in terms of service engineers and parts availability.

Our sales engineers have been busy also. When looking at the current order volume, E-Crane is extremely proud to see so many repeat customers. 5 (five!) orders from returning customers have been confirmed in the past month. Proof of the pudding is in the tasting! These repeat E-Crane customers have a special place in our heart. They make our business more robust as they give our business a tremendous boost in terms of reputation.

Lieven Bauwens
Chairman of the Board
E-Crane Group of Companies
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* OUR SUPPLIER OF THE MONTH: Van de Calseyde Hydraulics
 Grain Handling Equipment Reaping
the Rewards of High Quality
More E-Cranes Handling Grain in South America

For the past few years, more and more E-Cranes are popping up in South America to handle grain. A few months ago, we discussed a several E-Crane installations taking place in 2014 and 2015. All of these machines are successfully up and running, and a new E-Crane installation is set to take place in the Fall of 2015.

The E-Crane is ideal for bulk handling applications that require heavy-duty production cycles and has proven to be a top solution for grain handling operations involving barge unloading, ship loading, and midstream transfer.

Case Study: CHS

1500 Series / Model 11264 PD-E
Zarate, Argentina
Barge Unloading
Grain, Soybeans
Duty Cycle Capacity
16,5 tons / 18.2 UStons
26,4 m / 86.5 ft
14,0 m³ / 18.3 yd³ Hydraulic Clamshell Grab
Power Source
200 kW / 300 hp Electric Motor
In 2014, a 1500 Series / Model 11264 E-Crane was commissioned for CHS in Zarate, Argentina.  CHS is a leading company in agribusiness with locations all over the world. 
The E-Crane is dock mounted, and is used to unload soybeans and grain from both Mississippi and Paraná sized barges at the CHS facility in Zarate. 
The E-Crane transfers the material from the barges to a hopper and conveyor system located on the dock using a 14.0m³ (18.3 yd³) hydraulic clamshell bucket.  
New E-Crane Dealer: Blue Fuchs

Blue Fuchs Appointed Dealer for E-Crane in the United Kingdom

The Blue Group is a specialist provider of materials processing equipment for the quarrying, waste recycling, scrap, port and wood handling industries in the UK & Ireland and E-Crane is happy to announce Blue Group Company, Blue Fuchs, as the dealer for E-Crane in the UK.

Blue offers complete solutions from single equipment specification and supply, to the bespoke design and installation of complete integrated processing systems.  With an extensive but focused portfolio of world leading brands in the materials processing sector, Blue is able to combine the very best in proven equipment with the latest innovative technologies to give a winning and competitive edge to your business.

As an exclusive dealer of TEREX Fuchs material handlers for the UK & Ireland, Blue Fuchs was quick to identify a need to offer larger capacity and longer reach solutions to larger port and scrap handling clients, and after an extensive global search for a suitable partner, identified E-Crane as the perfect manufacturer for Blue Fuchs to supplement the TEREX Fuchs program.
Double Surprise for E-Crane Employee

25 Year Employee of E-Crane

During the Demo Days, on May 30, Jan Depoorter, Senior Designer at E-Crane, has received a badge of honor for 25 years of service in the company. A few weeks ago was the handover of his official plaque.

We would like to thank Jan Depoorter for his confidence and commitment
in the company over the past 25 years!

Our Supplier of the Month

Van de Calseyde Hydraulics

Van de Calseyde Hydraulics
, our main supplier for hoses and couplings for our E-Cranes, is about to celebrate 100 years in business!
To make sure that the best ratio of quality and sustainability is achieved our engineers work closely with Van de Calseyde.
Recently, Van de Calseyde has renovated their workshop, complete with a separate production line for the first assembly work along with a hose crimping, cutting and peeling machine.

The execution quality, speed and flexibility are extremely important to us and help to confirm our confidence in this key E-Crane supplier.

A Warm Welcome 

New colleagues who recently joined our team:

Dirk Vande Vyver
OffShore Service Engineer

Brooke Lane
Financial Controller
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