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October 2014, issue #30

Over the years, floating E-Cranes have been successfully delivered to every continent around the world.  To further illustrate the advantages of the equilibrium principle, four job-specific flyers have been developed. From floating bulk handling terminals, to midstream transfer, to dredging,... the possibilities for E-Crane applications are endless!


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Bas Tolhuizen

International Sales Manager

E-Crane International Europe



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* PICTURE OF THE MONTH: Port of Kokkola

 Scrap Metal Monsters




Galloo-Gent is believed to be the only company in the world using two massive 430-tonne E-Cranes to sort and load scrap metal, writes Steven Vale in the "Earthmovers" magazine.


With subsidiaries in France and the Netherlands, an increasing proportion of the 1.7 million tonnes of scrap metal handled each year by the Galloo Recycling Group ends up in Belgium for export. Operating from a 10-hectare terminal in the port of Ghent, this site handles mainly ferrous metals and is visited by as many as 150 trucks a day. Most of the inward trucks carry waste from local manufacturing operations, but the site also processes a  significant  volume  of metal  arisings  from the demolition sector and the quay is also host to ship dismantling work. Vessels from other Galloo sites also deposit material at the terminal, their holds full of scrap metal. We visited this site back in 2009 to see the first monster scrap handler in action, built by Belgium-based Indusign/E-Crane. This 437-tonne 2000 Series machine has now clocked up nearly 11,000 hours.

Since our last visit the site's pair of Komatsu WA500 wheel loaders have been replaced by Volvos - namely an L220G and an L250G model. The same changeover has occurred at all 58 Galloo Group sites, which together run close to 30 Volvo wheel loaders. All are part-exchanged for new ones after 8000 hours. Some things have not changed though, such as the reliance on Liebherr for hydraulic excavators, all of which notch up 1800 to 2000 hours a year.

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 E-Crane Floating Solutions!




Many ports are faced with problems such as congestion, no land for expansion, and costly outdated infrastructure.  E-Crane has the ideal solution to solve these problems by moving bulk handling operations to the water. The balanced design of the E-Crane results in significant energy savings, and it also makes the E-Crane ideal for mounting on a floating barge.


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 E-Crane Supplier of the Month: ING
E-Crane and ING: A Long Lasting Client Relationship
The international network of ING has proven to be a benefit to E-CraneE-Crane is a major client of ING, working directly with Patrick Roegiers, the relationship manager of ING.  E-Crane, is primarily a manufacturer of cranes for bulk material handling, but has also recently become a leading manufacturer of windmills with the acquisition of a company called Famaba.  Famaba, located in Poland, has had a long standing partnership with E-Crane, making all of the steel construction for the main E-Crane components.  In addition to this Famaba is also producing the circular steel structures found on windmills. 
E-Crane greatly appreciates working with Patrick and values the excellent communication with ING.  Lieven Bauwens, managing director of the E-Crane group, said "When I was in Poland, it appeared to me that Patrick his colleagues over there were fully up to date.  I didn't have to explain anything multiple times.  It was, as he put it, like we were all a team."

Our Picture of the Month 


Port of Kokkola
2000 Series, Rail Mounted E-Crane loads a ship (UBC Ohio) of 260x43m at the Port of Kokkola in Finland
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