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February 2015, issue # 34
Small is beautiful ! 

In 2015, E-Crane will put the 'small' but very popular 900-series 'Material Handler' in the spotlight.  From May 26th through May 30th, E-Crane will showcase the all electrical, crawler-mounted MH900 material handler at the Adegem (BE) facility. This E-Crane product combines a 10 tons lift capacity with - over 29 meters of outreach. These features result in an impressive working envelope, reducing re-handling activities and optimizing storage capacity. Add competitive pricing, and a very short delivery time and you have a truly state-of-the-art material handling solution!

Ir. Lieven Bauwens
E-Crane Group of Companies 

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 Rare but Efficient
Ship-to-Ship Transloading (STST)

STST @ DD Shipping

Ship-to-Ship transloading @ DD Shipping.


Most cargo operations take place between a ship and a land-based terminal. Nevertheless, some cargo is moved midstream or even in the open sea by a floating crane from one ship to another ship.

Usually the receiving ship is called the 'daughter' vessel while the delivering vessel is called 'mother' vessel. STST activities are very efficient due to the absence of intermediate storage.


At the DD Shipping-terminal in Puurs, an E-Crane installed in 2004 is regularly transloading peat from an 8000-tons ship into a smaller self-propelled river ship.

The fact that this is done by a land-based E-Crane makes this operation very unique. 


About DD Shipping (Puurs, Belgium)
This state-of-the-art terminal has a quay length of 440 meters, a maximum draft of 9 meters and is capable of receiving vessels up to 10.000 tons. A rail-mounted 1000-series E-Crane with 32 meter outreach is handling very diverse bulk cargo (peat, timber, logs, sand, gravel, bagged goods, etc...). DD Shipping has a strong network and the company combines coastal shipping (short-sea shipping), inland shipping and road transport with warehousing activities.  DD Shipping offers a 'one-stop-shop' solutions for multi-modal logistic problems. 

Read more about DDS 


 E-Crane Production Facility Receives

"Business Gazelle Award"

E-Towers/Famaba is ranked among
"The Most Dynamic Polish Companies"


Our E-Crane production facility in Poland, E-TOWERS FAMABA SA, was awarded the 'Business Gazelle Award' for 2014.


With this award E-Towers is officially ranked among the most dynamic Polish companies. This ranking is prepared by Coface on behalf of the nationwide newspaper "Puls Biznesu" (eng.  "Business Pulse").

The criteria taken into account are growth in revenue, investments and profits in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The award was presented to representatives of E-Towers/Famaba during a ceremonial gala in Wroclaw on February 17th.  

 Cooperation between E-Crane and
Local Technical School

  E-Crane supports VTI Brugge

VTI Brugge: Inspection by E-Crane engineer Sven De Vriendt of electrical cabinets.


E-Crane has worked together the past year with the 7th grade of the technical school VTI Brugge on a project for our 700 Series E-Cranes.

We made two electrical cabinets available for a school project with only the hardware components installed inside. The students of the science and technology school needed to make the connections between the different components by using the electric circuit diagram.

Everything was under supervision from their teacher Mr. Paul Verschelde who is very pleased with the cooperation. He said "The last year students get in this way a perfect experience with the real industry and latest technologies!". Afterwards the electrical cabinets were tested with the supervision of engineer Sven De Vriendt from E-Crane. 


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'E-Crane taking on the Amazon
by Storm'


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A Warm Welcome  

New colleagues who recently joined our team:


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