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      This E-Crane newsletter is the first issue of a monthly communication with our valued clients and associates of E-Crane International. The purpose is to promote networking, share ideas and update you on exciting new projects. There will be feature stories on topics such as our organization, important projects, new developments, and maybe even individual employees. 


      This is done with the express purpose of promoting growth, excellence and integrity within the E-Crane� organization. You can always "opt out" but we hope you find the information insightful and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Lieven Bauwens, Managing Director E-Crane Worldwide

Mark Osborne, P.E. ECI-USA

Port of Kokkola, Finland
Port Sutton, USA

Multifunctional crane improves unloading efficiency"   

- For Port Expansion, It's Full Speed Ahead 

- 10 Reasons why E-Crane is Best for Scrap 

- E-Crane� unloads barges at Red River terminal

Featured Article #1: Port of Kokkola, Finland. 

New E-Crane� offloading zinc concentrate in an existing dock-side hopper.

Featured Article #2: Newly commissioned 1500 Series E-Crane� indicates growing partnership 

Kinder Morgan #2

Installation of the new pedestal mounted E-Crane� in Tampa began in early December 2010 under the direction of Steve Suter, E-Crane� Service Manager.



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E-Crane Company DVD #2: Material Handling.



 E-Crane Newsletter #2 (April 2011) 


- Succesful E-Crane conversion of American Model 1200 crane for Turkey, which resulted in 2 more purchase orders 


- No less than five (5) E-Cranes to be shipped simultaneously to Bangladesh 

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pok-topImpressive new 2000-Series E-Crane� for the Port of Kokkola (POK) completes the cargo handling facilities at the Deep Port area.
After two weeks of intensive testing and advanced operator and maintenance training, this date marked the completion of the installation of the new 2000 B-Series E-Crane� (model 17359 GAE) at Kokkola's Deep Port dock.

Off to a quick start...

The newly installed 2000-Series E-Crane� has an outreach of more than 35 meters, a duty cycle capacity (grabbing duties) of 21 tons and a lift crane capacity (hook work) of 28 tons ! According to Torbj�rn Witting, Port Director at the Port of Kokkola: "A strong desire to find the right solution to the needs of the port's customers is the driving force of the port. In this context the port strives to constantly develop its services with investments that meet the requirements of customers served today and in the future !". Having successfully completed the advanced training program, all E-Crane� certified crane operators familiarized themselves within an hour with the new E-Crane's systems. After this brief introduction operators assisted with the soft loading of dark bulk material (iron ore oxide) into a large handy class vessel (shore-to-ship operation). This first job was completed swiftly and with great comfort so it was time to move to the next and more demanding job: offloading zinc concentrate from a coaster into the existing dockside travelling hopper (ship-to-shore operation)


Efficiency and Productivity go Hand in Hand  

Immediately after the offloading of zinc concentrate into the 14 meter (!) high hopper started, cycle times in a 40 to 45 seconds window were observed. Using the 7,5 m3 grab this resulted in a net payload of zinc concentrate between 14 and 16 tons (!) and peak offloading capacities in the 1150 to 1300 tons per hour range. As the operators' skills with this new piece of equipment will certainly further improve and as dock management will gain experience and know-how with the logistics up and around the E-Crane, all involved in this new and exciting project are convinced that the E-Crane will contribute to the further successful development of Kokkola's Deep Port activities and the long-term profitability of the port. (Read More)



 New E-Crane� offloading zinc concentrate in an existing dock-side hopper


Advanced Training Program for Port of Kokkola (POK) E-Crane operators and service engineers successfully completed by 15 operators and 7 service engineers




E-Crane operators are always working in a comfortable environment where they can concentrate on what really matters: moving material in an efficient, safe and comfortable way. This means that E-Crane's computer systems are designed to make life more easy, not more complicated !





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About Port of Kokkola

Today the Port of Kokkola has commercial links to countries and places all over the world, and cargoes provided both by local customers and by the transit traffics pass through the port.


The Port of Kokkola is the largest of the four major ports located along the coast of Ostrobothnia and now has a draft of 13 meters. Kokkola is one of Finland's three deep-water ports. Panamax size vessels can now safely enter the port fully loaded. Dry and liquid bulk cargoes, containers and general cargoes provided by both local and transit customers are handled in the port. Cargo handling capacity increased from 3 million tons in the beginning of the 1990-ies to today's 7 million tons. The port offers a wide range of both covered and open storage areas, and additional facilities are constantly built, whenever required. A total of 529 vessel called the port in 2001 to load or discharge metals, concentrates, talcum, chemicals, liquid bulk cargoes, zinc, sawn timber, general cargo and containers.

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top-km2Newly commissioned 1500 Series E-Crane� indicates growing partnership.
17-Jan-11 (Tampa, FL)  - A brand new 1500 Series E-Crane� has successfully offloaded its first vessel for Kinder Morgan Terminals location at Port Sutton; a second machine for Kinder Morgan who commissioned a rail mounted 1500 Series E-Crane� in Columbus, MS, back in 2008.
km2 testing
Testing & Tuning
Installation of the new pedestal mounted E-Crane� in Tampa began in early December 2010 under the direction of Steve Suter, E-Crane Service Manager.  Using water based support equipment, Suter and crew erected the crane in one week.  One week of hydraulic and electrical installation followed by a third week of testing, tuning and touch-up work which concluded on 20-Dec-10.

While the installation was progressing, Kinder Morgan elected to send three operators to E-Crane USA's headquarters in Galion, Ohio for training.  Phil Beasley, Donnie Brown and Tony Sanchez arrived in Ohio late in the day on 14-Dec-10.  A full day of training followed with classroom topics such as Operator Safety and Maintenance for Operators in the morning.  The afternoon was reserved for the E-Crane Electronic Machine Manager (EMM) Simulator.  Each operator was given a chance to sit in a real cab and interact with an E-Crane control system identical to their machine.  The day concluded with a Question and Answer session and finally a steak dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. (Read More)

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First vessel

km2 training


About Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan is the largest independent terminal operator in North America with more than 180 terminals handling or storing bulk, chemical and petroleum products.  The Port Sutton Terminal sits on 16 acres with 700 feet of private dock along the Port Sutton Channel within the Port of Tampa complex.  The terminal has inside storage capacity of 200,000 tons and is serviced by CSX railroad.

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