APRIL 2011, ISSUE #2

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      Please find the second issue of the monthly communication with our valued clients and associates of E-Crane International.


Lieven Bauwens, Managing Director E-Crane Worldwide

Mark Osborne, P.E. ECI-USA

E-Crane erection team completed the installation of 2 E-Crane models 26317 PD-E
Succesful E-Crane conversion of American Model 1200 crane

- E-Crane Cuts Unloading Time At Lowman Power Plant  

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Featured Article #1: E-Crane erection team completed the installation of two 3000 Series E-Cranes, Model 26317 PD-E

Loreto 1-2

2 E-Cranes, Model 26317PD-E 

Featured Article #2: Succesful E-Crane conversion of American Model 1200 crane   

American 1200
One of the converted American Model 1200 cranes. 



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 E-Crane Newsletter #3 (May 2011) 


- Headline #1: in-house training facilities E-Crane International USA  


- Headline #2: Transportation/Shipping 26478PD-E to Turkey 

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top-km2An E-Crane erection team consisting of Michael Hamerlinck, Paul Hebberecht and Sven De Schepper has completed the installation of two 3000 Series E-Cranes, Model 26317 PD-E for Loreto Maritime, a subsidiary of CITIC Pacific
The installation took place in a shipyard in Nantong, PRC anim gif china flag
Loreto 1-2
Two E-Cranes, Model 26317PD-E
These 2 E-Cranes, the first from 2 sets, will be used on a 132 meter long self propelled transshipper to unload 16.000 DWT flatdeck barges with magnetite concentrate and iron ore pellets into dedicated hoppers. From the hopper the material will be transported by means of conveyor belt to a rotating boom loader designed to load the magnetite into Capesize vessels. Each crane has a design capacity of 2.500 TPH and the machines are designed and built to operate 24 hours a day seven days a week. (Read More)


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pok-topSuccesful E-Crane conversion of American Model 1200 crane for �olakoğlu, Turkey
E-Crane� has successfully completed the conversion of an American Model 1200 crane from the original mechanical driven diesel engine crane into a completely electric/hydraulic driven machine.

�olakoğlu is so pleased that they immediately placed an additional order for the conversion of the other 2 American 1200's to be operational mid summer 2011.

For dozens of years , scrap and finished products at �olakoğlu Metaluriji in Gebze (Turkey) have been handled by 3 American 1200 cranes. These AM-1200's are diesel driven, mechanically powered draglines. The cranes did not have "power load lowering" or other important security features found on modern cranes. Moreover, because of the "free fall hoist mechanism", there was little control over the grab and damage to the engine and/or the ship being loaded/unloaded could easily occur. The diesel engines did not comply with current emission standards and worst of all they consume an enormous amount of costly diesel fuel.

�olakoğlu asked E-Crane� to brainstorm with them about the possibility of converting the AM 1200 cranes from diesel engine driven to modern electric drives. The objectives of this exercise ...(Read More)


 American 1200   

 American 1200


American 1200 

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