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September 2014, issue #29

 E-Crane is heating up in South-America




3 New E-Cranes Installed in South America in late Summer


E-Crane has had a very busy end to the summer with three new E-Crane installations taking place back to back in South America. All three cranes are being used for grain handling operations.

700 Series E-Crane, during installation on a river barge.

One E-Crane is installed at CHS, Inc. to unload Mississippi and Paran� sized barges into a hopper nearby on the dock.

The other two new E-Cranes are installed together on a single barge. The barge acts as midstream transfer system to move grain from material barges to Panamax sized ships.

Grain Handling at CHS, Inc

CHS, Inc. located near Zarate, AR, purchased a pedestal mounted 1500 Series / Model 11264 E-Crane earlier this year for their grain handling operation.  The E-Crane is dock mounted and transfers grain from Mississippi and Paran� sized barges to a hopper located on the dock alongside the E-Crane.  The E-Crane has an outreach of 26,4 m (86.5 ft) and a duty cycle capacity of 16.5 Mtons (18.2 UStons).  The crane is equipped with a 14 m3 (18.3 yd3) hydraulic clamshell grab and is expected to achieve an unloading rate of over 1000 mtph.  The project is similar to the Terminal 6, S.A. installation which took place in 2013.

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Barge Mounted E-Cranes - Midstream Transfer System at UABL


Two 700 Series E-Cranes were installed on a single floating barge at UABL, located near Pueblo Esther, AR, to work together unloading grain barges.  One E-Crane is a 700 Series / Model 4264 with 26,4 m (86.5 ft) of outreach and a duty cycle capacity of 5.5 Mtons (6.0 UStons).  The second E-Crane is a 700 Series / Model 4290 and has a slightly longer outreach of 29,0 m (95 ft) and the same duty cycle capacity.  Both E-Cranes are equipped with a 4.5 m3 (5.9 yd3) hydraulic clamshell grab and work simultaneously to unload Mississippi and Paran� sized barges.  The two cranes are mounted on a 54 x 16.5 m (180 x 54 ft ) barge.  Two identical hoppers are also located on the barge, along with a grain elevator and shiploading arm system.  The E-Cranes unload grain from the material barges located on one side of the crane barge and load the grain into the hoppers.  The hoppers output the material onto the conveyor/shiploader system which transfers the material into Panamax sized vessels located on the other side of the crane barge. 


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 E-Crane Technology Showcase 2014



We are pleased to announce plans for a E-Crane Technology Showcase to be held December 3rd - December 5th, 2014 in New Orleans Louisiana USA.


This will take place alongside the International Workboat Show (IWBS) held during the same week at the New Orleans Convention Center. The Workboat Show is the largest Marine trade show in North America serving the people and businesses working on both inland and coastal waterway! 

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 E-Crane Supplier of the Month: Rothe Erde/Rotek
Rothe Erde is a world class manufacturer of swing bearings and the company Vansichen is their Belgian distributor. The following interview was published in the spring issue of the 'Vansichen Lineartechniek'-magazine.
1200 ton cranes can't be built single-handedly
On a sunny day in March we had the opportunity to interview some key personnel of the E-Crane company. What we heard was a fascinating story about the weal and woes of this crane manufacturer. By the way, E-Crane is the only remaining crane manufacturer of harbor cranes in Belgium!


The company was founded in 1990 by Lieven Bauwens and his associate Geert Watteeuw. They opted for a well-considered, careful and organic growth, avoiding careless investments.


From day one, these gentlemen have cast curious eyes far beyond their country's borders. At present E-Crane is active throughout the world, yielding branches in the US, Poland and Belgium. Essentially Europe is their playground, but they are also active in South and North America, Australia, Asia, ... you name it. Currently Indonesia is especially a genuine booming market. Since the beginning, the company has specialized in the niche-market of transshipment of mass products such as bulk goods and scrap for companies in various industries (cement, agriculture, steel, ...). The smallest crane weighs 100 tons and the largest ever built weighs 1200 tons.  


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Our Picture of the Month 


E-Towers, Glogow, Poland: paint shop expansion project well underway.

The third painting line at E-Towers Famaba is the closing stone of a 5,5 million Euro and 2 year long investment program.


As of November 2014, E-Towers Famaba will be offering state-of-the-art solutions for new market challenges!

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