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January 2017, issue # 51

While 2017 is close to a month old in the western world, the year of the rooster is only just getting started in South East Asia. It is a new and exciting experience to watch from close by how our friends in this part of the world celebrate the arrival of the lunar New Year.

To all our friends around the world I would like to say: 'Let us celebrate this exciting, colorful, grand, magical New Year with a great big smile. Wishing you all a year full of happiness and prosperity.'

This newsletter will show you some of E-Crane's highlights in 2016, yet we are even more excited about the new roads we will explore in 2017.

Bas Tolhuizen
E-Crane International Asia

 HIGHLIGHT 2016 - The 70th Anniversary Celebration of E-Towers Famaba

The Official Opening of E-Logistics Facility.
In 1946, upon the ruins of the former German river shipyard, construction works of a new Polish enterprise began. According to documents from that period and accounts given by the then employees of the company, the inhabitants of Głogów, this was not an easy task. 

However, at that time, and as it occurred later, this place has always attracted extraordinary talented and hard-working people. A relatively small group of pioneers first decided to reconstruct the shipyard and then start production of barges and tugboats. 

This is how  the history of today's Famaba started.Over the years thousands of employees have decided to share their lot with our company. We may hazard a guess that in almost every family from Głogów there is or was somebody professionally linked to the River Shipyard in Głogów or to Famaba

When we read life history of our employees, we can find out that most of them were closely connected with our company  for many years. After a father retired, he was substituted by his son and then brother, daughter, mother, sister...

See it here for yourself, the E-Towers Famaba production movie.
 HIGHLIGHT 2016 - First E-Crane Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Welcome speech by the CEO of E-Crane Group of Companies, Lieven Bauwens.
The E-Crane Day Conference took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, bringing a high level of educational opportunities to crane owners, users, and trainers. E-Crane Day is unlike any crane event in Bangladesh.

Besides education sessions, attendees had plenty of opportunities to network, and learned about the latest products and services.

The event hosted panel discussions on reducing incidents, and introduced the formation of the Bangladesh's E-Crane Service Center, an organization dedicated to harmonizing hoisting and rigging standards in Bangladesh.

 HIGHLIGHT 2016 - Princely Mission with HRH Princess Astrid, Jakarta

From left to right: Bas Tolhuizen, Lieven Bauwens, Pieter De Crem, HRH Princess Astrid, Dato' Dr. Low Tuck Kwong, Mr. Chin Wai Fong.
E-Crane Worldwide was proud to be a part of a large Belgian Trade Mission, presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid, in Indonesia from March 12 - 19, 2016. 

With 301 participants, it was the largest ever Belgian Economic Mission to Southeast Asia's largest economy. Belgium is the fifth-largest investor from the European Union (EU) in the Indonesian economy.
E-Crane's participation underlines E-Crane's strong ties in the country and its commitment to bring superior bulk material handling solutions to the Indonesian and Asian marketplace. 
During the event, E-Crane, represented by Lieven Bauwens and Bas Tolhuizen, had the honor of signing a long term, all-in maintenance contract with its valued customer, Bayan Resources in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid. Bayan Resources, represented by  Dato' Dr. Low Tuck Kwong, President Commissioner,  and Mr.  Chin Wai Fong, President Director and Chief Executive Officer, owns and operates a floating E-Crane in Central Kalimantan, used for unloading coal.
  A Warm Welcome to our New Colleagues
New colleagues who recently joined our team:
Office Management
Sales - Latam Region
Mick Fraser
Service Technician
Office Management
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