Dear Colleagues

How do you feel with everything opening up? I’m happy to see people out and about and to be thinking about the possibility of travel. I’m sad for all we’ve lost and the fact that the pandemic continues to rage in other areas. And, I’m also still worried and wonder what will happen next. 

I’ve started going out without a face covering. I walk my dog without it and yesterday I went to the farmers market without a covering on but I had one in my pocket just in case – just in case I was worried and just in case I saw worry in someone else's eyes. I get confused about when to put it on and when not to. Signs in one place say I don’t need one and in others, they encourage me to put one on. Sometimes I just go back home so I don’t have to make a decision.  

While I’d like to think I can just go back to how it used to be. I can’t. I feel worries, concerns, and uncertainty continuing to bubble inside. I remind myself over and over again, it will take time. It will take courage. It will take patience. The most important thing is for you to do what feels best for you and not let anyone or any sign tell you anything different. 

I hope you enjoy this second-in-a-row long weekend.

Take Care,

Communications Director

Health & Wellness

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  • The Vanishing of Harry Pace – Harry Pace founded Black Swan Records exactly 100 years ago. Pace launched the career of Ethel Waters, Louis Armstrong, inadvertently invented the term rock n roll, played an important role in W.C. Handy becoming "Father of the Blues," inspired Ebony and Jet magazines, and helped desegregate the South Side of Chicago in an epic Supreme Court battle. Then, he disappeared. Radiolab

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