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Graduate Certificate in E-Learning!
E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate ProgramThere is still time left to join Fall Classes. Earn your Graduate Certificate in E-Learning and Online Teaching.

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E-Learning Graduate Certificate COURSE SEQUENCE:
Reminder: We recommend that courses be taken in the following sequence. Note Fall 2011 dates to mark on your calendar. 

Download Program Plan for E-learning and Online Teaching Certificate ( PDF)

E-Learning for Educators
EDUC 760 900 September 19- November 11, 2011 Instructor: Jim Erbe
EDUC 760 901 October 3 - November 30, 2011 Instructor: Dennis O'Connor
EDUC 760 902 October 3 - November 30, 2011 Instructor: Sara Turansky


Assessment in E-Learning 
EDUC 762 900 September 19 - November 11, 2011 Instructor: Datta Kaur Khalsa
EDUC 762 901 October 3 - December 2, 2011 Instructor: Jim Erbe


Instructional Design for E-Learning
EDUC 763 September 19 - November 18, 2011
Instructor: Dr. Susan Manning 

Creating Collaborative Communities in E-Learning
EDUC 761 September 19 - November 18, 2011

Instructor: Dennis O'Connor 

EDUC 764 EDUC 763 September 19 - November 18, 2011
(Prerequisite: Successful completion with a 3.0 gpa in EDUC 760, 761, 762, 763 and Consent of Instructor)

NEW! Practicum FAQ Answers to your questions about the practicum. If you are eligible, register today. Space is limited and internships take time to set up!
Apply ASAP to secure your internship placement. Already teaching online? Ask about our customized practicum!


The university tuition is $397 per graduate credit ($1191 per course) for the 2011- 2012 academic year if you are enrolling for professional development.


Financial aid is available for students who are taking these e-learning courses as electives in our online masters of education program.

If you wish to apply to the Masters program, call 715-232-2253 or email Amy Gullixson at gullixsona@uwstout.edu. Amy will assist you in mapping out your program plan and guide you through the Masters degree application process.
The E-Learning and Online Teaching Jobs Blog

I maintain a specialized blog where I post all of the online jobs I find while searching the Internet.  August is a hiring month, be sure to check out the The E-Learning and Online Teaching Jobs Blog for current listings.   


Getting Started Teaching Online
5 secrets of teaching online brian robison I recommend Brian Robison's How to Teach Online website. Brian has done a wonderful job of explaining how an adjunct instructor, online professor, or virtual schoolteacher can compete effectively for the many online teaching opportunities available across the country and around the world. Brian offers quality advice. For more information...click here
ePortfolios for Career Development: It's not just resumes anymore!

Assumption: You want to work as an online teacher.

This means you want a job and a chance to build experience as you explore new career opportunities. ortfolio that will help you get work in online teaching and learning.

Here's what an ePortfolio can do for you:

Create a professional presence on the web.

Demonstrate technical competence in your web presentation.

Demonstrate an understanding of online presentation.

The ePortfolio is established in our first course, E-Learning for Educators, and refined during all of the courses in the Certificate Program.

Read more about ePortfolios, including links to rubrics, examples and resources.  


New: Finding E-Learning Jobs: E-Zine

I've put together a free e-book of my best articles on how to find e-learning jobs.  Find out about networking, training, goal setting, academic marketing and more. power triangle


This E-Zine is available free in multiple formats: PDF, Kindle/Mobipocket, and ePub.


These articles will help you reach your goal of teaching online!

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