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Quintax Newsletter November 2020
New Quintax Courses via E-Learning!
In 2020, many of us have had to turn our hands to the art of Video Conferencing. Staring at a dot of light to enable one way eye contact, trying to avoid the ghastly and ghostly 'face in the broom cupboard' effect, selecting an unpretentious but subtly impressive background, etc., have all been on the curriculum. Then there is that feeling that you have joined a séance rather than a business meeting. 'I can't see you..', 'Is anybody there ..' , 'I know you are trying to communicate, but you are just not coming through ..' and the like are typical pleas. And even when we can meet people there is social distancing to think about. Being an introvert I suppose I should like the idea of increasing social distancing, but I don't. After all, sociability is only one element of introversion-extraversion. More to the point, social distancing is a misnomer, as it's usually physical distancing that we need to get right.

Introverted nit-picking aside, we have been busy in the Quintax world working on a couple of exciting E-learning alternatives to our main qualifying courses. These should help people develop their assessment skills in the current climate, and they provide a further Quintax training option into the future. The courses have now been developed and we are already enrolling and training participants. There are two main alternatives at the moment:

  1. Quintax Qualifying Course by E-learning. This course is an alternative to our face-to-face training course intended for people who have had no prior experience of psychometric test training. It covers the administration, interpretation, and application of Quintax in areas such as selection, leadership development, coaching, career transition, and general L&D.
  2. Quintax Conversion by E-learning. This course is an alternative to our Quintax Conversion programme aimed at people who are 'pre-qualified' by experience with an alternative personality tool, or who have qualified at the British Psychological Society's test competence standards, namely Test User Ability (TUA) and Test User Personality (TUP).

Both courses are full e-learning alternatives to our face-to-face training, and both make use of video-conferencing and provide full tutorial support for feedback and other exercises. Either course can be used as a stepping stone to the BPS TUP qualification in Quintax for those who have already completed TUA.

Participants in the second course have full access to all the content of the first programme, but engage in a narrower range of requirements that mirror the experience of our conversion day course. This allows them to explore as much detailed material as they like in completing the course. We allow up to 3 months for participants on each programme to finish the training.

Graduates of each course are entitled to open a Quintax account on our assessment website. This is supplied with a stock of usage units which allow up to 4 people to be assessed, depending upon the reports selected in each case. If the participant is already working in an organisation with a Quintax account, we will add them as an administrator and top up the account with the same supply of units.

Click the button below to request information about the courses, including details of our discounted introductory pricing!
Quintax Website Reminder
Quintax has two websites: a Support Website and an Assessment Website!

Support Website for Information contains general information for Quintax Users, potential users, respondents, and the general public. Also on the site there are Resource pages containing sample reports, and other downloadable information. One of the Resource pages is only accessible to qualified Quintax Users.  This contains tools, documents, video links, etc.  If you register on the website and you are qualified as a User, we can upgrade your registration to give you access to the extra page.

Assessment Website for Completing Quintax is only open to invited respondents and qualified Quintax Users. Both respondents and users are required to login with an Access Code or password before they can make use of the facilities of the site. People who qualify as Quintax Users may open an on-line account so they can begin to invite people to be assessed, generate reports, etc. 

It pays not to mix the two sites up!
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