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Friday, April 19, 2019 edition

"Spring Soul Rejuvenation"
Sunday, April 21, 2019

This Easter Sunday, Rev. Maryum Morse gives the talk "Spring Soul Rejuvenation." She will cook up a celebration and ritual to help us greet our soul's rejuvenative powers while embracing the season's renewal in springtime. Bring your rattles and drums to celebrate life's goodness with us!
Bring your rattles and drums to celebrate life's goodness with us!

Eje Lynn-Jacobs, RScP will be on pulpit.
George Friedenthal & Eje Lynn-Jacobs     will provide the music to frame this service beautifully.
Come out and join in this powerful gathering which sets the tone for your week by strengthening your faith and connection with other truth-seekers in your community!
Stay after service and have a bite to eat with us and make friends too.
We look forward to your presence here with us!
You Are Welcome here

This week's quote:
"We believe in the Unity of all life, and that the highest God and the Innermost God are one God." Ernest Holmes
This Week's Affirmation
"I am radiant, beautiful and strong; and I enjoy a healthy life." .


Reverend Maryum's Weekly Prayer
I Am One with God
God is present in all things, powerful and strong. God is intelligent and all-knowing. Where I look, I see God is there. God is Love. I am one with God, Spirit, the Divine. My body, mind, and spirit are tapped in and Spirit flows through me, as me.
I claim an intimate connection with nature, all the birds, animals, trees and flowers are part of Spirit. I immerse myself in this truth and know I am a powerful, creative being. I am always embraced by God and know Divine grace guides and blesses my life experience. I fee Divine infinite love for I am One with the One. I am filled with peace, joy and harmony. I live in this now moment.
I give thanks for this truth. I appreciate the spiritual system of which I am part. This treatment is complete as I release it to the Law accepting it is done. And so it is. Amen
Rev. Maryum Morse


The Good Thought
Quotes About
Soul Rejuvenation
"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."
Lao Tzu
" "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come." 
Joseph Campbell
"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Intuitive Card Reading just for You!
I am pulling a card from 
"Keepers of the Light"
Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray!
Master Jesus
"You are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father healing is possible at this time."
About: "A man who needs no introduction. Through both the Gospels and the Gnostic Gospels we have come to know Jesus as a great teacher, loving guide and generous soul who accepts us all. Although he is the focal point of Christianity, he will respond to anyone who reaches out to him. He helps us overcome sacrificial love - when we have to leave behind something in order to get the love we want. He is also the light keeper we can call on for support with forgiveness.   He reminds us that our connection to love is the most important connection we will ever create. His twin flame is Mary Magdalene.."
Extended Message: "Forgiveness is an act of self-love. You are being encouraged to know that whatever you have done to yourself or others, the divine is not condemning you. You don't have to forget what has happened, but you no longer need to allow your whole story to be defined by a situation that doesn't support your happiness. Jesus is here to bring miraculous shifts of healing to you and all those around you and to release you from the burden of self-loathing. He wants you to know that he sees the child of God within you. He also brings clarity and healing to any situations concerning your father, either on Earth or in heaven.."
What stands out for me with this card is "release you from the burden of self-loathing" and "healing any Father issues on Earth or in heaven..."
Any message about soul rejuvenation like this week's message Rev. Maryum will bring - and anything to do with Easter Sunday - I suppose Brother Jesus is definitely due to make an appearance. In fact, when this card came up, a part of me, felt relieved to be utterly frank.
Reason One: because it personally is like a family reunion for me - I fell deeply in love with Jesus when I was 13 years old. I had been trying to make heads or tail out of my catechism lessons at Holy Cross Middle School (a catholic school I had been attending) - and I met Jesus through a rock opera that starts with his name and ends with Superstar.
Reason Two: and most importantly, I believe most fervently, that the way to reconnect to the Divine Father is through the power of forgiveness.
Daddy issues abound for many people. Let's face it - Mommy issues too) but in both cases - it all stems from a forgetting of who you are. Brother Jesus's main message is to kill all that noise. Meaning, because of this grand illusion of separation, this first mistake extends through all relationships. In English what I mean is when we started to believe God abandoned us, this one flawed thought became like a computer virus that twisted up all relationships from A-Z. It's like photocopying an incorrect master copy - the message was flawed and everyone who received that message got it all wrong too. So of course you are suspicious of everyone including yourself. Deep down you've known all along something was off, right?
The only correction to this breakdown is through the healing power of love and atonement that is possible through getting on board with Jesus. Go to the cat who mastered the curriculum.
You have forgotten who you are. You have forgotten your eternal connection to Divinity.
Let's pause a moment to let that sink in.
Healing comes when we remember that which Love created can never be unlovable. There is not one heart and soul here in existence that is not made from Love.
Forget love visions featuring fat cherubs with heart shaped arrows. That's not what I'm getting at. Real love is what I'm speaking about - this type is dressed in the bad-ass threads of forgiveness.
So this week, we've seen holy cathedrals have burned to the ground. Is that a blow for what is holy and real? Nope. Love is eternal and buildings don't house what is precious, real and here to stay.
You are the house of holiness. Right where you stand or sit. You are the most precious. Turn away from what doesn't serve you. Put down what isn't yours to even carry. Surrender your troubles to love. Let it rejuvenate your heart. Fluff the pillows of your mercy so that you can be at rest in the blissful knowledge that you are forgiven of all errors in thinking.
Poof! Let God's Grace swoosh out all that twists you up in bitterness and disappointment. Allow Spirit to return you back to the innocent loving being of hope and light that you truly are. Call on Jesus when you need a friend and a way shower back to compassion and remembering that you are more precious than all rubies because you are one of God's children.
Here's some questions to ask yourself:
  • Am I ready to let go of any story that keeps me feeling like crap right now?
  • Have I really tried surrendering (giving) my burdens (grief) to Jesus?
  • What would it feel like to love everyone instead of clinging on to past pain?
A few powerful words just came to me - some of you I think remember them:
Our Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day
Our daily bread
Forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For thine is the kingdom, the power, the glory
Forever and ever.
Love is here to rescue and reconnect us to be the One Soul Family that we are.
As they say in church "Praise Jesus!

Happy Easter, allow the tender loving goodness of Spirit to rejuvenate your soul!
Here's an affirmation to use and let the peace from within flow:
"I am a vessel of God's divine healing. Right where I stand there is only love."
  And so it is.
And So It Is.
Namaste & Peace - Roxy Angel Superstar
If you are interested in having a reading by Roxy, please call  (805) 636-4217  or email me at  roxyangelisrich@gmail.com. Visit my website at www.roxyangelsuperstar.com

Our Mission:
Center of the Heart is a loving spiritual community that empowers all people to live passionate, successful and joy-filled lives.
Our Mantra:
Miracles follow miracles;
Wonders always increase;
I give thanks for this amazing day!
Prayer Intention for Center:
We are a thriving spiritual community. We claim our personal growth and healing now for the betterment of the Planet, our lives & everyone.
We are committed, supportive and joyful friends   We come together to celebrate our uniqueness and our Oneness in this safe & loving space.
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George Friedenthal sings "Into the Mystic"
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04 14 19 Center of the Heart RevMaryum blessing
What Brother Ernie said:

Jesus Forgives a Man and Heals Him

Now some of the scribes who heard Jesus tell the sick man that his sins were forgiven, said he blasphemed God in attempting to forgive sins. But Jesus, reading their thoughts and knowing what was in their minds, asked them if it were easier to forgive or to heal? In order to prove his position he healed the man.
This incident has to do with a great psychological law. If one labors under a great burden of past mistakes he devitalizes his body and if the condemnation is great enough it might render the body incapable of moving. Jesus, seeing that the sick man was laboring under a load of condemnation, told him that his sins were forgiven. This removed the weight from the man's consciousness, making it possible for him to receive the healing word.
Would Jesus have forgiven the man if he thought that God held anything against him?
Certainly not. He knew that the Eternal Heart is one of love and that God forgives from the foundation of the universe. Indeed he knew that the Divine Mind is too pure to behold evil and knows nothing about sin.
If God knew sin He would be a sinner, for what the Infinite Mind knows must BE.
Sin or mistakes are outside the province of Reality; Jesus knew this; he also knew that while man labors under the sense of condemnation the burden of his thought weighs him to the dust. Being able to read thought he knew just what step to take in relieving the burden of this man's mind before telling him to arise and walk.
We shall do well to remember this lesson. How often we condemn when we should forgive, how often censure when we might praise. What untold grief of heart might be relieved by words of cheer and forgiveness. Especially should this lesson be remembered in the training of children, for they so readily respond to the thought of others.
Remembering that the Spirit holds no evil toward any and that God is Love, we should emulate this divine lesson and forgive all, that our hearts may be free from the burden of our own condemnation.
  Excerpted from
The Bible in the Light of Religious Science by Ernest Holmes


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Our Practitioners have completed 4 to 5 years of training and classes accredited by Centers for Spiritual Living to answer their Spiritual calling. A practitioner's license is renewed every two years with their minister's recommendation after having met service and continuing education requirements.

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Food for Thought...

9 simple ways to rejuvenate your mind and body
For when the daily grind is running you down.

Indeed, burn outs are increasing at an alarming rate. It's important to know your limits and be mindful of your health as the culture of busyness we're exposed to pushes us to the edge.
To help, we've pulled together some ways you can add a bit of you back into your day and help refresh your mind, body and soul, so you can put your best self forward.
Spend time outdoors
It doesn't matter if it's on sand or the footpath, a few minutes outdoors, enjoying fresh air is one way to help improve your mental health, and simply brighten your mood. Plus, adding a few steps to your day doesn't hurt either.
Read a book or magazine
Did you know a recent University of Sussex research study in the UK discovered participants' stress levels decreased after less than 10 minutes of reading? Imagine what a cover-to-cover read would do! Not only can reading help you relax and provide moments of escape, but you may even learn something new. Join a book a club and meet like-minded people, too.
Make a favourite meal or snack
Are there certain aromas or flavours that give you a sense of comfort? There's a lot to be said about the power of food. Whether you're preparing a dish you whipped up a couple months ago and can still taste, or scouring through a family recipe book for childhood chocolate chip cookies, going through the motions of cooking can be quite therapeutic once you get started.
Meditation and breathing exercises
Taking time to be still and empty one's mind can be difficult as there are a limited number of hours in the day and so many things on our to-do lists. However, finding emotional and psychological balance is part of a healthy mindset. Quieting a racing mind and focusing on breathing can not only reduce stress, let you focus on the present and set intentions for the day, but also lower a heart rate and increase focus. There are many apps and websites available to aid you in finding Zen.
An outing with friends
An evening (or sometimes a few days) away from the day-to-day, lock step routine will rejuvenate the mind and provide a necessary change of pace, scenery, diet and timetable. Of course, spending time with friends not only changes your mood, but also helps you recharge and take your mind off all of life's noise. Don't hesitate to cross off that bucket list item that's been nagging you, all the while reducing stress and increasing your general wellbeing.
Rest and relaxation
Take a necessary break from all of life's demands and rest up. Learn to say "no," and to make sure you're getting enough rest. Power down technology and unplug when bedtime approaches and try methods like aromatherapy and bubble baths to help get your mind and body ready for rest. Too often we jeopardize our sleep for other priorities. Plus, if you're in the mood for indulging check out what local spa sale packages are available!
Try a new exercise class
Whether it's a spin class at a studio you've been dying to try, barre work, or a trying a jogging group with a friend, exercise is good rehab for the body and soul-you may even lose a few centimetres or kilograms in the process!
Book a dream holiday
Have you ever come back from a holiday wishing you hadn't left? New sights, sounds, experiences and food can have your wanderlust wanting more. Sometimes, in order to get out of a rut it's important to have something to look forward to. By booking the trip of a lifetime, you're setting goals and finding a new sense of self-fulfillment.
Explore a new hobby
Try something new and break your own boundaries! Adopt a dog or learn to knit, either diversion is a change from the ordinary and usual. Training a dog has positive outcomes (along with a new friend and form of stress relief), as does complete lying a scarf or sweater. Both are productive and provide long term gratification.
Article Excerpted:

  Yes, You are loved
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