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Saturday, October 05, 2019 edition

"The Discomfort of Change"

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Rev. Maryum Morse gives the talk: "The Discomfort of Change" this Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 10:30am. Rev will discuss how change challenges us to move beyond our preconceptions about ourselves and life, drawing from her personal experiences and wisdom teachings of Ernest Holmes and other spiritual examples. Douglas Howard, RScP will be on pulpit.
Eje Lynn-Jacobs & George Friedenthal provide the music to frame this service beautifully.
Come out and join in this powerful gathering which sets the tone for your week by strengthening your faith and connection with other truth-seekers in your community!
Stay after service and have a bite to eat with us and make friends too.
We look forward to your presence here with us!
You Are Welcome here
This week's quote:
"Our life is a manifestation, and we can very well make that manifestation beautiful and meaningful and have a good influence." - Thich Nhat Hanh
This Week's Affirmation
I embrace the changes in my life with curiosity and gratitude.


Reverend Maryum's Weekly Prayer
I Am Free to Choose My Good
There is One Creative Intelligence at the core of all things, seen and unseen. This Presence and Power fill my life, knowing I am one with God.
I boldly step into a higher level of awareness of the infinite number of ways my good now demonstrates. Each new idea becomes an even greater expression of abundance as I set my creativity in motion. I am truly prosperous in all ways and thankful for my blessings. I joyfully accept all the gifts of the Divine. I say yes to Spirit as I allow these gifts to fill my experience. Oh how good it is!
I am grateful for every opportunity to immerse myself in the creative love of God. With sincere feelings of joy, grace, and peace, I release my word to the Law. It is done. And so it is. Amen.
Rev. Maryum Morse
Center of the Heart Mantra
Miracles follow miracles;
Wonders always increase;
I give thanks for this amazing day!

Upcoming Events not to be missed!
Rev. Maryum's "Prayer Power Hour"
Mondays @ 5:00pm!

Relieve yourself of worry and stress through the power of one-on-one prayer with Rev. Maryum!
Saturday, October 05, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Medicine Wheel / Sacred Circle Ceremony
with Abby Haydon

  We are setting up a sacred circle and medicine wheel on the northernmost area of our property to do ceremonies in to help heal the land as well as ground and center us in the energies of our Earth.  
Abby has collected fire cleansed stones from the Montecito fire and needs our communities' assistance to set up this sacred gathering space. For more info, please email us at info@centeroftheheart.com or call (805) 964-4861. Abby's number is 928-451-0890

Tao Calligraphy
Writing Class
Thursdays Oct 3,10,17,24
with Lilan Smyth
Certified Tao calligraphy teacher
Tao Calligraphy can help anyone heal and tr ansform, including health, relationships and finances. It can also advance ones spiritual development, finding an internal stillness and peace that enhances every aspect of life.

at door $25.00 per class

The Good Thought
Quotes About
Embracing Change
"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.."
Alan Watts

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another." 
Anatole France
"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.." 
C.S. Lewis



Intuitive Card Reading just for You!
I am pulling a card from the Archangel Power Tarot Card, by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine for today's wisdom

Ace of Gabriel
"A gift of passion, opportunity, and inspiration! The chance to do something amazing! A sense of wonder."
"A wonderful gift is coming your way! It promises passion, opportunity, and inspiration. This is a time of action when you're called to take up whatever activity motivates you most and make great changes in your life!
Don't hesitate to move forward. It isn't necessary to know every single detail of what comes next in order to spring into action. You may be offered a new job or promotion, or you could start your own business. Accept new adventures and opportunities with open arms!
Additional meaning: A sense of wonder. News of pregnancy or a birth. Fresh ideas."
What stands out for me with this card is "a sense of wonder" and "fresh ideas"
The grind of circumstance can at times slather a steaming glob of mud all over your shiny new whatever.   You know the feeling - you've been upbeat and rolling with the punches. You've even achieved a moment of clarity and appreciation for what appears to be a good happenstance in your life.
But then, something slides up next to you and pulls the rug out from under you. The halcyon days are done and it seems like you're headed right back out into choppy waters.
Well, this Ace of Gabriel card shows up to tell ya - "Hell yeah the needle was yanked up abruptly from the record" No more smooth jazz programming - suddenly you're listening to something that sounds like Punk Rock!
So instead of getting your feathers all ruffled, it is time to rub the sleep out of your eyes and wake up and become alert to new exciting opportunity staring you right in the face.
With newness, you get all the sparkling adjustment time and you also get that fresh new car smell and you have to become accustomed to this new flow.
So instead of getting scared, it's time to get excited. Throw open the windows and let that fresh air flow through your mind. Let the new smells tease your senses and kindle your sense of adventure!
This is Life 2.0 rolling out (just like getting a new cellphone) you have to figure out all the newness that is an answer to your unconscious prayer.
Let's unpack the symbology:
Archangel Gabriel is the messenger, herald and its name means 'God is my strength'. So this means that during this NEWNESS unpacking itself within your life - you're gonna need a little help.   You aren't supposed to go it alone.  
You may need to open your mouth and ask for exactly what you need. Remembering that you are the Beloved and most precious heartling of the Most High.   That means that the means and wherewithal to withstand, pass through and triumph over is within this problem.   Within your heart and soul, there is assistance being brought forth to help you deal with this new opportunity. AND, It is guaranteed.
Also, you are to remember that this newness happening may have seemed like it came unexpectedly - but you can bet your bottom dollar that it was asked for and is required to help you soar to higher heights of being - in fulfillment of what has been promised to you and only you!.
Gabriel is known in this deck as WANDS which is about swift communication that inspires growth!   Aces of Wands is about inspiration (In Spirit - All Spirit) So you are experiencing things that inspire New ideas, dreams and ambitions that require energy and passion to fuel these new beginnings.
And it also represents a new home, a new community or more simply somewhere you are going to be accepted warmly by others.
This card represents that torch or light of Grace that helps illuminate the path from the darkness of uncertainty. So now is the time to release your inner Goonie and begin a grand new adventure secure in the knowledge that the team is being assembled to help you reach your truest happiness.
Here's quote to help bring this point on home:
" Change is inevitable in life. You can either resist it and potentially get run over by it, or you can choose to cooperate with it, adapt to it, and learn how to benefit from it. When you embrace change you will begin to see it as an opportunity for growth."
Jack Canfield
So with the Ace of Gabriel, I am going to look for the silver lining within every lump of coal. I know that if I put aside the dramatic and surrender deliciously into this situation, I shall begin to experience the diamond bright Light of grace permeating every corner of darkness, revealing to me all the goodness I can carry and then some~!
Here's an affirmation to use and let the peace from within flow:
"I am certain the outcome will be for my highest good, therefore I can wait without anxiety."

And so it is.
And So It Is.
Namaste & Peace - Roxy Angel Superstar
If you are interested in having a reading by Roxy, please call  (805) 636-4217  or email me at  roxyangelisrich@gmail.com. Visit my website at www.roxyangelsuperstar.com


In need of spiritual support?

Let our licensed Practitioners pray with you! 
A licensed Practitioner of Religious Science is a spiritual coach trained to see the absolute Truth in any situation, whether it is physical or mental health, finances, relationships, career issues, etc.  They serve individuals privately in person, by phone, or sometimes by e-mail assisting them to see the Truth behind their present situation.
Our Practitioners have completed 4 to 5 years of training and classes accredited by Centers for Spiritual Living to answer their Spiritual calling. A practitioner's license is renewed every two years with their minister's recommendation after having met service and continuing education requirements.

A licensed practitioner will pray with you after church service regarding any situation, circumstance, or goal you desire. These services after church are offered free of charge.

Below is a list of our licensed practitioners who serve this community  
Bev Berry,  RScP (Outreach)
Darrolyn Fennelly , RScP
Denise Foxwell,  RScP
Douglas Howard,  RScP
Ej√© Lynn-Jacobs,  RScP
Lily S. Cree,  RScP
Muriel Gilbaud,  RScP
Roxy Angel Superstar,  RScP
Shar Ybarra,  RScP
Sibyl Piediscalzi,  RScP (Outreach) 
Trish Jahnke,  RScP (Outreach)
Brian Bailey  (Prayer Warrior)
Susan Rice,  (Honorary Practitioner)
email us at  info@centeroftheheart.com  
or telephone office  (805) 964-4861
  Or catch one immediately after service for prayers

Our Mission:
Center of the Heart is a loving spiritual community that empowers all people to live passionate, successful and joy-filled lives.
Our Mantra:
Miracles follow miracles;
Wonders always increase;
I give thanks for this amazing day!
Prayer Intention for Center:
We are a thriving spiritual community. We claim our personal growth and healing now for the betterment of the Planet, our lives & everyone.
We are committed, supportive and joyful friends   We come together to celebrate our uniqueness and our Oneness in this safe & loving space.
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Friday, September 27, 2019:
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09 29 19 Center of the Heart Guest Speaker Jo Verdis 1
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What Brother Ernie said:
Chapter 12
What I Believe

This topic is naturally divided into three parts:
What I believe about God, what I believe about humanity, and what I believe about the relationship between God and humanity.
First, I believe that God is Universal Spirit, and by Spirit, I mean the Life Essence of all that is --- that subtle and intelligent Power which permeates all things and which, in each individual, is conscious mind. I believe that God is Universal Spirit, present in every place, conscious in every part, the Intelligence and mind of all that is.
I believe that humanity is the direct representative of this Divine Presence on this plane of existence. I believe that the relationship between God and the individual is a direct one and that the avenue through which the Spirit expresses Itself to us is through our minds. Our ability to think, to know and to act are direct channels through which the Universal Spirit flows.
It does not seem necessary, to me, that we approach God through any formula or intermediary, but rather that the Spirit of God, the Eternal Mind, is the power by which we think and know. It is self-evident that the only God we can know is the God our consciousness perceives.
But some will say that while it is true that we cannot think outside ourselves, we can know of that which is outside the self. This is true, as is the fact that we have a city hall, but it would have no reality to me unless I was first aware of its existence. This is true of everything, and while the possibility of knowledge may and must expand, we are ignorant of that which we do not perceive.
Therefore, I believe that God is to each one what that person is to God. The Divine Nature must be Infinite, but we know only as much of this Nature as we embody; in no other way can God be known to us. I believe the relationship between God and humanity is hidden within, and when we discover a new truth, or have a better understanding about an old truth, it is really more of this Infinite Mind revealing Itself through us.

By Ernest Holmes
Ebell Lectures

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Food for Thought...

Overcome Your Fear of Change in 7 Steps

By Lucio Giovannini

1. Life is change and change means life
The belief that most of us have adopted is that "Change is not a good thing, it's uncomfortable and potentially painful". Without a doubt most of us naturally seek to avoid it. When we were born we naturally have been separated physically from out mother's body. The first big change that we face when we come into this world is often unconsciously associated with separation and breaking away. It is for that reason that most people rather than go through the pain and suffering of breaking away prefer to remain gripped to a situation that they know even if these are dysfunctional: a job a relationship or a habit. Life is change and change is life. Don't live change as a punishment, but as an opportunity to grow, improve and to learn new things. Whatever lesson life is teaching you at this moment, ask yourself: What is perfect here in this? What is happening for me?
2. Accept the situation, but don't resign yourself to it!
Acceptance of the situation that we currently find ourselves in is the first step to embracing change. To accept doesn't mean to resign ourselves to the way things are, that is we don't have to passively accept things and behave like a victim of circumstances. Acceptance requires courage, determination and honesty. It means accepting the fact that life is working for us and our good, even if at the moment we don't realise that. And it means having become aware of those parts of us that we are more uncomfortable with - those we don't want to face but that we would like to change.
3. See failure as something positive
Perhaps the greatest fear associated with change is the fear of failure. The only way to avoid that is not to do anything, not take any action and live as a spectator rather than as a protagonist. Making mistakes is part of the learning curve. When we make mistakes we learn from these, making corrections and improving ourselves. When we learned to walk, we made thousands of attempts and failed a similar number of times. But this didn't stop us from trying again falling and learning how to get up again. No-one judged us when we weren't able to walk neither us nor others. Why not keep the same acceptance when faced with times we "fall" in life? It is the judgment and fear of that that paralyses us and falsifies our interpretation of events stopping us from moving forward. When we free ourselves from the emotional baggage transformation is made possible. Remember that the people who manage to achieve their dreams against all odds of success are those who worry less about failure. It is the people convinced that however things might go they will have learned something new along the way. In this way they enjoy the journey as much as getting to the destination itself.
4. Celebrate every little success
We are often quick to notice things that are not working or things we are not able to do and this can limit our progress. By celebrating even small victories each day we can keep our motivation levels high. Try this exercise: write in your diary at least one thing each day that you consider a small or great success (of any kind, not only things related to your career/work). You may have cooked something delicious, helped a stranger, and listened to a friend... After having written your success give yourself a round of applause and find a way to celebrate it. Be creative!
5. Be responsible
We cannot change what happens in life or how others might behave towards us, but we can change our behaviour in response to that, and it is this that makes the difference and moves us along the road of personal evolution. We all have a "power zone", those areas in which we do have the responsibility to act. To be responsible means to take back your ability to respond to events. It means using our ability to change and to give the most functional responses to life's problems that may come up from day to day.
6. Be patient
Sometimes we have to repeat a lesson again and again to pass the exam that life is setting us and to do that we need to have patience. Impatience is a reaction. Patience is a response. Growth (and change) is about evolution, not revolution. Yet when we are governed by impatience we tend to choose revolution. Revolution, however, creates turbulence, agitation and therefore tends to destroy rather than integrate. Patience is a muscle that needs to be exercised every day. How would things change if we transformed life's red traffic lights into signals for reflection, presence and appreciation of what we already have
7. Step outside your comfort zone
The "comfort zone" is that mental space where we take refuge, where we have the illusion of feeling protected and safe. So why do we feel so unhappy? To step out of our comfort zone and enter our zone of freedom and let go of fear does not require radical changes. We can start with small symbolic gestures, those that have the ability to disconnect our internal auto-pilot mechanism. Change the route you take to get to work, change where you usually sit at the dinner table, learn a new language, become vegetarian for a month or cultivate new hobbies. These are just a few ideas of things that we can do to break our usual habits and automated responses. Bit by bit, we implement these, we expand the outer dimensions of our comfort zone, discovering new passions, new abilities and new ways of living.

  Yes, You are loved
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