"Love is really giving of oneself from that state in which it is impossible to add or subtract anything and from which,
even in giving, there is no diminishing of the source."  - Swami Chetanananda

Volume 20.0
August --  2016
From the Cushion
Swami Chetanananda
The Good Feeling

By relaxing our bodies and quieting our minds and taking our attention into ourself and simply with the awareness of our breath, and an awareness of the energy centers in our body, we can find that good feeling and holding that feeling, lift our spirits.  

Spirituality is lifting our spirits. It is a simple thing we can do every day to feel good. If we grow that feeling, it will change us completely. It will change our life's work completely. It will transform our relationships. Simply feeling good changes everything and you have the ability to feel good no matter what and no one can take that away from you or deny it - nobody. It's yours. [read more]

Practice & Inspiration
Sadhvi Parānandā
Don't Borrow Trouble: 
Live Today's Gift
So many times we obsess about the past.  We relive who insulted us, who hurt us, why we have the right to be upset.  Or, we live for the future.  We make plans, we map out the next ten years, or, we look out into the future and predict all of the horrible things that are going to happen.  I have a very dear friend who regularly warns me of what harm is going to result in the future.  My response always is:  "Don't borrow trouble."  [read more]

Roots of Practice

Keep The Feeling: 
Honoring Bhagavan Nityananda

As Rudi and thousands of others experienced it, Nityananda's greatest impact was through the profound power of his very presence. Nityananda did not speak much. When he did, he would often advise devotees: "Bhavana Rakho" or "Keep the feeling," reminding them to return again and again to the feeling they had when they were with him. [read more]
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Yoga Studio
A practice to support change, intention, and transformation.

My first yoga teacher had a tattoo along the length of her spine, it was written in Farsi but it read: 
"From cradle to grave live with intention". 
In the mad rush of life, the reality is that it's a big challenge to effect change in ourselves and stay tethered to our deepest intention. To "live with intention" moment-to-moment is nearly impossible through all the noise, distractions and stress of modern life. [read more]

Rudra Press

Fundraiser for
Entering Infinity

During our July Retreat, we introduced our new version of Rudi: In His Own Words, which we are so pleased is finally back in print. We also kicked off a campaign to raise the funds needed to reprint Entering Infinity, a collection of Rudi's last teachings. It's been out of print for many years. You're invited to join us in this effort.  [read more]

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