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Edition No. 157— February 5, 2021 
Congregations of St. Joseph Worldwide 
Who They Are
By Dorothy Giloley SSJ, Sub-Committee Member
Our Direction Statement for Chapter 2019 includes: 

Attentive to the urgent needs of Earth and the global community, we will
deepen and broaden our existing networks of relationships while nurturing
new diverse and inclusive partnerships.

Along with the C/SSJ Federation, the Global Family of Joseph is one of these relationships that we need to deepen and broaden. The Directive 1 Sub-Committee is responsible for working on this directive. Presented here is some information about the Global Family of Saint Joseph and The Congregations of St. Joseph NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in General Consultative Status with ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) at the United Nations.

The Congregations of St. Joseph, the CSJ/SSJ family, is one of the non-profit groups with the United Nations DPT (Department of Public Information.) This department was established in 1946 to raise global awareness of the vision and work of the United Nations through various media tools. The main task of the NGO’s at the UN is that of advocacy, keeping justice issues before the eyes of Member States as well as UN bodies, commissions and committees. The presence of the religious NGOs has a definite impact, for they are witnesses to ethical behavior, focusing on the common good and grounded in grass roots realities. All this input is presented in written statements and oral interventions. 

The Sisters of Saint Joseph NGO contributes to the review of progress made in the implementation of and follow up to the outcomes of the major UN Nations conferences and summits in the economic, social and related fields and provide input to the discussions of the ECOSOC. 

The Congregations of St. Joseph embrace 10,131 members worldwide, found in 49 countries on six continents. Belonging to 30 independent congregations, the Sisters of St. Joseph work together and support one another through 4 national federations (Canada, France, Italy and the US) and 3 international congregations (Annecy, Chambery, Lyon) as well as the congregation of Argentina.

The Vision of the Congregations of Saint Joseph at the United Nations is the following: Promote the wisdom of all cultures and traditions; Be a locus of learning and teachings dedicated to preparing ourselves and others to think and act as global citizens; Be active participants in global systems change initiatives; Take an active role in preserving and using mother earth’s resources through sustainable development to enhance the neighborhood of the universe.  Sister Barbara Bozak CSJ, a Sister of St. Joseph of Chambery is the NGO representative at the United Nations for the Congregations of St. Joseph. 

  More information on the Global Family of Saint Joseph can be found at the following: 
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Catholic Girls Education and
Little Flower Catholic High School
Zoom Presentation
The American Catholic Historical Society is extending an invitation to a Zoom presentation on Catholic Girls Education and Little Flower Catholic High School. Sisters of Saint Joseph are featured prominently in the presentation which is free;  however, advance registration is necessary. The date is February 21 at 2:00 PM. Please see the attached flyer for additional information.
Sister Patricia Ralph SSJ
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy
Washington, DC
For over 32 years Sister Patricia Ralph SSJ has worked with children in inner city schools, both as a principal and a teacher. She teaches 4th and 5th grade Literacy and Social Studies at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy in Washington, DC., one of four Catholic elementary schools in the nation’s capital that are part of the Consortium of Catholic Academies. Sister Patricia was recently featured in the Catholic Standard, highlighting the outstanding efforts made to educate the students during the pandemic.
CLICK HERE to read the article.
ZOOM- Timeless Quest for Home
by Julie Gabell, SSJ Associate  
Migration! It haunted us during the Trump administration, just as it had reared its head throughout previous generations of migratory peoples seeking a better life. Today in 2021, who among us does not remember pictures of a lost migrant child peering from behind chain-linked patterns of confusion and despair? We are, after all, throwbacks to this timeless quest for home.

This week, in small significant ways, Zoomers tackled the complex issues of migration and immigration. Using Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti, they were quick to agree that under normal circumstances, their response would be one of welcome and acceptance. Where migrants face grave humanitarian crises, however, a whole new set of rules comes into play. What can we, as Villa Zoomers, do to address the overwhelming needs that exist among immigrant/migrant families of today? 

First and foremost, we can pray. Beyond that we should all look deep within ourselves and ask: How do I feel about fraternizing with diverse peoples? Am I open to recognizing the value of religions other than my own? Do I respect cultural practices that are foreign to my personal experience? Honest answers to these questions go a long way toward letting us know the disposition of our heart—and ultimately, our ability to respond to the needs of our disenfranchised brothers and sisters. Villa Zoomers, limited by circumstance, can nonetheless make a valuable contribution. Writing letters to Senators, e-mailing, making phone calls, and educating family and friends constitute a valuable service to Social Justice circles.

Today in our convoluted, mixed up world, we need to communicate more than ever. When we reveal ourself to another, we ensure a richness that is not possible if we allow ourselves to be the center of our own reality. To be fully integrated persons, we need to open our heart to the varied experiences that surround us—allow them to grow and enrich our own life and that of community. 

Our horizons are limited only by our inability to reach beyond ourselves. Possibilities abound. Look carefully!
Laudato Sí Reflection for February 7, 2021
Sisters of Saint Joseph serving on the Chapter Implementation Subcommittee for Directive II, offer this excerpt from Laudato Sí and questions that you can use for your personal reflection, local community sharing, or another creative way you can incorporate these into your life. Enjoy this week's reflection.
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"With the help of God's grace and in fidelity to our founder's expressed wish, we live and work lovingly among all persons with a special preference for those who are poor, which calls us wherever we are to be in union with them."
                         — SSJ Constitutions #21
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