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Edition No. 190—November 5, 2021 
All Saints Celebration
Saint Joseph Villa
November 1, 2021
Once again, Celeste Robinson, Household Coordinator for the 6th and 7th floors at Saint Joseph Villa, planned a delightful and delicious All Saints Day Celebration for the sisters.

Dressed in white, the sisters entered the  beautifully decorated dining room to the sounds of When the Saints Come Marching In. Balloons and streamers hung from the ceiling, and an elaborate ‘photo booth’ was ready in the back of the room.

The sisters had a wonderful time and appreciated all the staff did to make this a stunning event. A special thank you to, Celeste, for all the planning and hard work that made the event so special.
A special thank you to Celeste, for all the planning and hard work that made the event so special.
The grace to pray for the grace I need

By Sister Colleen Gibson SSJ
Reprinted with permission from Global Sisters Report

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The grace that we name may or may not be the grace we receive. We trust, though, that by entering into prayer with our full being, God will guide us to what we need.
Sister Ann Moriarty SSJ's 20th (Final) Annual Bazaar
Saint Joseph Villa
October 29 & 30, 2021
On October 29th and 30th, the family of Sister Ann Moriarty SSJ, hosted the annual Fall bazaar in her honor at Saint Joseph Villa.
Pictured from left: Sisters Louise Kane and Kathleen Moriarty
VILLA ZOOM—Facing Life’s Lesser Battles

by Julie Gabell, SSJ Associate
Last month, when Villa Zoomers discussed the encyclical Fratelli Tutti, they zeroed in on war and the death penalty—two methods some see as ways to eradicate personal, national and international problems. It goes without saying, that these two solutions are only temporary fixes for situations that delve deep into the human spirit and sear the collective psyche of a nation. Inevitably their intended outcome only intensifies conflict and imposes further suffering and misunderstanding. 

Since the Civil War, we in the United States have been spared the catastrophic effects of war in our homeland. However, those who have fought overseas, lost loved ones, or suffered the horrifying results of combat, know well that “war is hell.” Century upon century has proven this.

War does not stand alone in its capacity for devastation and death. Capital punishment is yet another means of eliminating society’s perceived problems—this one aimed at individuals rather than at countries. The Church teaches us to live as a people of justice and mercy. Taking the life of another flies directly in the face of this teaching.

Respect for another’s life is something we all must be concerned about, especially since not all battles are fought on foreign soil, nor are death sentences confined to court rooms and prisons. How many times have little annoyances disturbed our peace or have disagreements shattered the stillness of our heart? When did we last “write someone off” because they differed from our cherished views?

These lesser battles are struggles in everyone’s life. They serve to ground us in our humanity and force us to seek peace at all levels, both within ourselves and among others. Only when we embrace this reality can we say we have fought the good fight and have kept the faith.
Welcome Jacke Hui, new SSJ Web Manager
We are excited to announce our newest member of the Communications Office, Jacke Hui, web manager! Jacke has extensive experience with the development and maintenance of websites.
About Jacke:
Jacke is a Philadelphia native and resides in the City's Northeast section with his cat, Yoshi. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Drexel University. Jacke is an avid traveler who enjoys blogging about his adventures, including the places to stay, food to eat and sights to see. In addition to English, Jacke speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Thai.
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