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Edition No. 161— March 5, 2021 
Lenten Retreat Morning
Journeying Through Lent as the Beloved of God
Carol Beevers SSJ 
February 20, 2021

By S. Carol Beevers SSJ
Sister Carol Beevers SSJ began the Lenten Retreat Morning, Journeying Through Lent as the Beloved of God, by emphasizing that Lent is more about what God wants to do in us than about what we do. Participants spent time connecting with Jesus as the Beloved of God, hearing God call them Beloved and had quiet reflection time with Jan Richardson’s poem/prayer, Beloved is Where We Begin

In the second session, we looked at and learned from Jesus in his desert journey. We learned to pay attention to the spirit, how to live as the Beloved of God, to be dependent on God, to grow in intimacy with God, to listen deeply to God and how to face the struggles of life. We also saw that in the desert, Jesus was prepared for mission and open to God’s transforming grace, with reflection time to ponder these learnings. 

The retreat ended with sharing the graces of the morning and praying Jan Richardson’s poem/prayer, Rend Your Heart.
Sister Carol offered questions and quotes for reflection. Several are listed below:
  1. In the Wilderness, Jesus Teaches Us to Pay Attention to the Spirit
  • How is the Spirit leading me this Lent?
  • What are the inner promptings of the Sprit?

2. In the Wilderness, Jesus learned Dependence on God.
  • How is God inviting me to be more dependent on God?
  • What is God inviting me to surrender?
  • How is God inviting me to grow in trust?
  • How is God inviting me to awaken?

3. In the Wilderness, Jesus Learned How to Face Temptations
  • Can I bring to God whatever I am struggling and grappling with this Lent?
  • Can I spend time this Lent looking at Jesus and asking Jesus to teach me how to be more consciously and willingly inhabited by God?
Participants were asked to reflect on the experience of the Retreat. Several responses are featured below:

On the eve of the first Sunday of Lent, Carol Beevers SSJ inspired us with a wealth of insights, images, music and poetry as she guided us in a reflection: Journeying through Lent to the Beloved of God. Leaning into the poetry of Jan Richardson, she encouraged us to BECOME THE BELOVED in the common places of our daily existence, in the ordinariness of our thoughts and conversations, remembering to stay grounded in who we are…God’s Beloved. It was in the desert where Jesus was prepared for mission, where he was led to take on a new perspective. Perhaps it is in being led into the desert of this Lenten pandemic where we can ask God to show us a new way. Once we know our Belovedness, we can speak, act, and share in Jesus’ mission, S. Carol assured us, being open to God’s transforming grace during these 40 days of Lent. The poem, BELOVED, begins with, “If you would enter into the wilderness, do not begin without a blessing.” Thank you, S. Carol, for being that blessing to and for us.  
—Lil Needham SSJ

Saturday's Lenten Retreat was an inspiring experience which resulted in the spiritual direction that was needed for my Lenten journey this year. It has  always been a challenge to determine what "I want to give up" for Lent. This Lenten Retreat not only identified me as "His Beloved", but  "summoned" me "to give up my plans "and "Follow Him—Jesus", the center of my joy and focus on this journey. 
—Darcella Mercer-Wilson, SSJ Associate Mission

Saturday's session did not fill us with books to read, novenas to say, or meals of bread and water. Sister Carol gave us an invitation to travel into our hearts with the One who crafted them. There are no great mountains to climb up—just a place to snuggle into. The morning renewed our real name and real position as the beloved. She gave us a pathway to make these 40 days an authentic journey into intimacy with our Lord.  
—Betty Zywicki, Associate in Mission

We very much enjoyed the Lenten retreat given by S. Carol Beevers on the morning of February 20th. A wonderful way to begin the season of Lent. We loved the song to start, the various readings and quotes that S. Carol weaved through the session. It was both thought provoking and peaceful. 
Thank you for opening this up to us. 
—Chris & John Prendergast
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