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Edition No. 198—January 31, 2022 
Villa Zoom—We Can Get Through This

by Julie Gabell, SSJ Associate in Mission
How many times have we wondered, Will Covid ever take a break? When does it go on vacation? Take a deep breath and consider: grueling as the current Pandemic seems, we can get through this. 

This month we celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a man who, like us, deeply believed in something far greater than himself. Though he faced many roadblocks in his quest for equality, he never gave up in his pursuit of righteousness. His dream enabled him to move beyond injustice and latch on to the positive and possible. He overcame incredible obstacles and “got through it.’’

So too, we have had dreams that inspired and motivated us in our life choices. Through the years these dreams have remained front and center in our own quest for goodness and truth. We need to take time to appreciate and value this. Though inconveniences stirred by the current pandemic may frustrate us, they are but temporary annoyances left to simmer on the back burner of our lives. We can get through this!

Perhaps this pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop short and re-evaluate what the world has become. Perhaps it is calling us to address attitudes in our heart that may need tweaking--or to appreciate the fine things we have achieved. Certainly, Covid has given us numerous opportunities to reflect, pray, and look into ourselves. This we can do!

Thus, when we find ourselves locked in temporary closets of uncertainty and isolation, consider that perhaps we are being led to a greater understanding of our own worth in a chaotic world and of our sacred obligation to respond to its urgent call. This we can get through together!
SSJ Associates in Mission
Commitment Ceremony
January 24, 2022

The SSJ Associates in Mission welcomed Karen Langford in a commitment ceremony during their monthly Christian Growth Group (CGG) meeting on January 24, 2022 in York, PA. 

The new Associate in Mission was welcomed by SSJ Associates in Mission from the Saint Rose of Lima CGG, and pinned by fellow Associate, Bonnie Slagle who served as her orientation mentor. 

Embracing with enthusiasm, the mission of unity of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God!
Pictured from left: Karen and Bonnie
Chapel at Saint Rose of Lime Convent
Members of the Saint Rose of Lima Christian Growth Group enjoy a meal together at the SSJ Associate pinning ceremony
SSJ Associates in Mission
New Monthly Series
Mission Monday

Dannah Addalli, Program Coordinator, SSJ Associates
Welcome to our first Mission Monday post. This monthly series will introduce our SSJ Associates in Mission, as they give heart to our mission of unity in their daily lives.

Christine Barranco from Lawrenceville, New Jersey, shares how she is living the mission and sharing the charism with the dear neighbor.

Since 2018, I have been serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). The program is designed to help monitor abused and neglected children in out-of-home placements. CASA fulfills this mission by the careful recruitment, training and supervision of community volunteers, who are then assigned to a child in the foster care system. The primary objective of a CASA is to represent to the court the best interests of the abused and neglected child, to whom they have been assigned. The court gives CASA investigative authority to examine all aspects of a child’s case and to explore all viable avenues to achieve a stable home environment for that child. CASA becomes the child’s voice in court. Program volunteers are required to complete mandatory program-specific training prior to appointment, and in-service training thereafter. In this way, I am able to connect with the community and live the SSJ Charism. I am grateful for the formation I have received as an SSJ Associate in Mission.
Christine Barranco
Chestnut Hill College
Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams
Shooting for Success
Both the Chestnut Hill men’s and women’s squads are in the midst of unexpected breakthrough seasons, pushing one another towards potentially new heights. Although both the men’s and women’s teams were predicted to be in low positions—5th or 6th places, both have blossomed. The women are in first and have even beaten the first team in the north, and the men are in second.  

Congratulations to both teams. We wish you continued success!
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"With the help of God's grace and in fidelity to our founder's expressed wish, we live and work lovingly among all persons with a special preference for those who are poor, which calls us wherever we are to be in union with them."
                         — SSJ Constitutions #21
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