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Edition No. 202—March 17, 2022 
SSJ Associates in Mission
Saint Rose of Lima
York, Pa
The Saint Rose of Lima SSJ Associates in Mission from York, Pa,gathered for their monthly meeting on March 1, 2022. This was a wonderful evening of hospitality, reflection and claiming their group identity. 

The group continues to discover ways to meet the needs of the dear neighbor. Recently, items were collected for ‘Undefeated Courage,' a local outreach for mothers and unborn children.
Saint Joseph Villa
Marian Beems' Retirement Celebration
March 9, 2022

Irene Dunn SSJ, President, Saint Joseph Villa
The joyous party was bittersweet as we wished Happy Retirement to Marian Beems, Convent Administrator at Saint Joseph Villa. For 13 years she has been a true Partner in Mission as she cared for our sisters, mentored our staff and used her many areas of expertise to help move the convent floors of the Villa into more of a social model, as opposed to a medical model. Marian, with her energy, joy, and love of our Mission will be truly missed.
Marian Beems with her daughters and granddaughter
Pictured from left: of Katrina Wise, Marian Beems and Lynne Watkins-Trice.
Pictured from left: Marian Beems and Dorothy Crowley SSJ
SSJ Neighborhood Center
Catholic University of America Students
Helping the Dear Neighbor
Students from Catholic University of America recently visited the SSJ Neighborhood Center in Camden, NJ. They blessed us with their presence, smiles and willingness to “roll up their sleeves and be ready for any and every good work.” 

Walls, doors, and stairwells were washed down and prepared for a fresh coat of paint. Mason jars were filled with soil, mesh bags received a variety of seeds, and the jars were adorned with lace! Laughter echoed throughout the Center as the students from CUA chatted about everything from religion to politics, and the many challenges they face as Christians in today’s world. 

As the students left the Neighborhood Center, they thanked us for welcoming them into Camden and for the opportunity to prepare a space for our neighbors. The day was filled with joy, hope and gratitude. We are so grateful for the students of CUA and wish them well as they continue to share their time and talent with God’s people in Camden and beyond.
Saint Joseph Villa 
Fundraisers and Events
Aid the People of Ukraine
The Saint Joseph Villa community is hosting several fundraisers/events during the month of March to help aid those in Ukraine. Many volunteers have helped make these events successful.  
The first event was on Thursday, March 10th: collecting donations of medical supplies. One of the Villa staff members has family in Ukraine and is working with the Ukrainian Women’s League to get these supplies over to those in need. 
On  Friday, March 11th, all proceeds from a pretzel sale will be going to the Ukrainian’s Women’s League. 
Thursday, March 17th is another drop off event for supplies. This time diapers, wipes, toiletries, and hygiene products will be collected.  
On Thursday, March 24th there will be a bake sale. Volunteers are needed to bake items and to help sell. The bake sale will be from 11:15a.m. through 1:00p.m. 
Lastly, blue and yellow ribbons will be sold at the Villa for $5.00, as well as a coin drive, which will be ongoing throughout the month of March. There will be a bin in the lobby, for anyone dropping off coins.
Sisters assemble blue and yellow ribbons
Visiting Ukrainian Sisters of St. Basil the Great
United in Love, Prayer and Hope
March 12, 2022

By Sharon White SSJ
Sister Peg Boyle, Mary Elizabeth Farrell and I visited The Ukrainian Sisters of St. Basil the Great in Fox Chase on Saturday March 12th. We delivered donations from our convents.

As we arrived on a very icy afternoon, we were greeted by gracious Sister Francis, the portress. Then we met with Sister Joanne, the Prioress and Sister Dorothy Ann who took us on an educational tour of their Mother house. They began by telling us that In October 2021 the Sisters of St. Basil the Great celebrated their 400th Anniversary of their foundation in Ukraine. They formed a new province in Fox Chase in Philadelphia in 1911. Currently 30 sisters reside there. On Saturday, they were able to zoom with their entire congregation, who are missioned throughout the world, connecting with their sisters in Ukraine, including those working with orphans. They shared the pure concern and solidarity of their sisters who serve in Ukraine, despite the terrorizing conditions they are experiencing.

As we toured the chapel, we met Sister Rita, the liturgist who explained the icons and symbolism in the chapel. It was obvious that they embodied the Spirit of the Birth and Resurrection of Jesus as indicated in many of the icons. It was explained to us that in the icons that Mary is never depicted by herself, but always with another person. The spirituality of hope and love continued to radiate as we entered a room in which Sister Theodora and Sister Monica, teachers at Holy Family College, were sorting boxes of donations to be taken by ship to Ukraine. Sister Theodora explained that her family lives in southwest Ukraine. The Russian forces are nearing her town. Her brother is a priest who is actively serving in Ukraine. Sister is worried but hopeful.

At the end of our tour, the sisters asked for our continued prayers for their sisters and all people who live in Ukraine. We assured them that we will unite in love and prayer with their sisters and those they serve, especially in Ukraine. 

Outside we paused in the wintery mix at the Statue of St. Basil surrounded by Ukrainian Flags. We were speechless as we began our journey home; our hearts overwhelmed.
Pictured from left: Sisters Joanne, Rita and Dorothy Ann
Pictured from left: Sisters Theodora and Monica 
Final Immigration Rally 
Advocate for Just and Compassionate
Immigration Reform 
March 11, 2022
The Sisters of Saint Joseph were invited to join New Sanctuary Movement lobbying group to advocate for just and compassionate immigration reform. In less than two years, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has carried out over 1.5 million rapid “expulsions” of asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border under Title 42. (Immigration Impact, 03-08-22) Migrants returned to their countries to face more trauma, rape and/or death. Voices raised in urgency as drums sounded on Friday, March 11, when President Biden arrived to meet with Democrats during their retreat at the Hilton Hotel on Columbus Boulevard in Philadelphia.
Bethlehem Village
Associates in Mission
Support for Martin’s House

By Eileen Dumsha, Associate in Mission
The Bethlehem Village Associates in Mission have a long tradition of supporting the sponsored works of the SSJs. For the last few weeks they have been using Sister Eileen McNally’s wish list to purchase items most needed for her refugee project. The mission was completed after spending the day packing and sorting before delivering everything to Sister Eileen. Associates would like to thank all Village residents, Over Fifty Club from St. Luke Parish, Glenside and Forrester Insurance Company for all of their generous donations!
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                         — SSJ Constitutions #21
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