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Edition No. 174—June 4, 2021 
Reflection on Trip to Laredo 
Connie Trainor, SSJ
Although I have been home from the border for a month, the experience continues to be with me. Shortly after answering the invitation to volunteer at the border, Peg Conboy and I found ourselves on “The Streets of Laredo.” Each day we made a new beginning as we arrived bright and early at the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Care Center, ready for any good work. Our “good works” included preparing breakfast for 30, 60, 100…we were not usually sure how many we would be serving! After clean-up, we helped folks with whatever they needed—soap for a shower, clean clothes, a small bag of supplies to take as they began the last leg of their journey. By then it was time to prepare lunch! We did anything and everything. 

The families who came to the Respite Center were grateful for every little thing we did. They had been on the journey for days, weeks, months. One woman from Venezuela had been journeying for two years! Why were they seeking asylum in the United States? One answer: so that their children could have a better life. By “better life” they didn’t mean a two-car garage or an inground pool. By better life they meant that their children wouldn’t starve to death or be killed by the local gang. Tears came to their eyes and mine as they talked about the overwhelming sadness of fleeing from their home country. Nobody wants to leave their country, neighborhood, relatives or friends. How terribly hard that must have been! 
As we celebrate this year of Joseph, I can’t help thinking of the flight into Egypt. As we know from the Gospel of Matthew, Joseph was told to take Mary and Jesus and flee into Egypt. If not, the child Jesus would have been killed by King Herod. Did Joseph have documents? Passports? Were they welcomed as asylum-seekers? Or were they considered to be “illegal aliens”? The Holy Family is certainly a model for the asylum-seekers of today. 

I continue to pray for all those seeking asylum—that at the end of their journey, when they finally have their court date, the judge will rule in their favor and allow them to continue to live in the United States. 
Reflection on Trip to Laredo 
Peg Conboy SSJ
Since Connie captured the call and response reason for going to help with Catholic Charities, I decided to try and capture just a small piece of what my sisters and brothers were feeling and experiencing in my short poetic-reflection. Just a RESPITE.

Another line.
Eyes vacant,
Tired, too tired.

A phone call.
Voice begging,
Wait again.

A bottle of water.
Lips cracked, tongue parched.
a drop for now.

A warm shower.
Stripped-down naked
too much.

An egg-filled tortilla and juice.
Stomach growling,
Shared  nourishment.

A clean bed and sheets.
Muscles relaxing.
Safely surrendering,
All and nothing.

A packed lunch bag.
Arms encircling  child. 
Ticket in hand,
anxious again.

Adios. Que vayas con Dios.
Eyes ahead,
ready for the next line.

I pray…let me love my sister, my brother…today...tomorrow.
Saint Joseph Villa
Game Night & Phillies Fans are Back
The Sisters of Saint Joseph Welcome Center
Golf Tournament
Sandy Run Country Club
May 28, 2021
Kathleen McShane SSJ
The 1st SSJ Welcome Center Golf Outing is in the books and it was a huge success! A heartfelt thank you to our Tournament Sponsor, Delran Builders Co Inc. for their generosity and support of the SSJ Welcome Center. It was a spectacular day and we are grateful to all our sponsors and golfers. We so appreciate your goodness!
CLICK HERE to view a video of the event.
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                         — SSJ Constitutions #21
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