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Edition No. 158— February 11, 2021 
ZOOM- Pope Francis' Plea for Action
by Julie Gabell, SSJ Associate  
This past Sunday’s Zoom meeting was inSpirited and insightful. Once again, we turned to Fratelli Tutti for motivational insights. Once again, we were not disappointed. 

In this latest encyclical Pope Francis, in no uncertain terms, called on politicians to “tend to the needs of all individuals and peoples.” He exhorted all leaders to take responsibility for “situations of utter marginalization and anguish” that exist throughout the world; urged them to restore a sense of dignity to society. He further commissioned them to find effective solutions to social and economic problems that result in human trafficking, marketing of human organs, sexual exploitation of children, prostitution, drugs, terrorism and organized crime. Zoomers who enjoy the blessed privileges of a dedicated lifestyle, listened and responded with empathy and concern.
We concluded the day’s discussion of Fratelli Tutti with Pope Francis’ comments on war. Referring to conflict as a shameful legacy of political and humanitarian failure, he urged us to remember that war brings with it the resulting “collateral damage“ of unnecessary death, displacement and suffering. “Let us hear the true stories of these victims of violence,” he tells us. “Look at reality through their eyes and listen with open hearts to the stories they tell.” Until the recent insurrection at the Capitol, America had not experienced “war” within its boundaries since the Civil War. Then, on January 6th, we were forced to face sobering realities of our own. Democracy, which many of us had long taken for granted, had been breached. Our country was at risk. This staggering thought brought our Nation to its knees.
As our country grapples with problems we could never have imagined, we remain safe at the Villa. A suffering world, however, beckons all of us to prayer and to responsible action insofar as we are able. Villa Zoomers are definitely on board for this challenge!
St. Mary by-the-Sea Retreat House
Cape May, New Jersey

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Laudato Sí Reflection for February 14, 2021
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