April 2nd, 2021
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“A lot can happen in
three days.”

These are words I have seen a lot as I made my morning scroll through social media on this Good Friday. There is no doubt that they are true – Christians all over the globe will be spending this particular weekend remembering and celebrating that a lot did happen in the three days of the Holy Triduum – Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. These words are shared to remind those who read them that the seeming defeat of the cross is not the end of the story; they invite the reader to look beyond the pain, anguish, and loss of Good Friday to the victory of Easter Sunday.

I applaud the positive intention of looking to the ultimate victory of the resurrection, but if we only see the cross as a mere step along the way we are mistaken. As one Tweeter tweeted on Twitter today: “Good Friday precedes Easter because there can be no resurrection without death, no testimony without a test. Our mourning will be turned to joy, but mourning can’t be skipped. Light is brighter when we’ve faced darkness.”

On this Good Friday, I invite you to read any of the gospel accounts of Christ’s Passion – to sit with them a while and do your best to enter into them. Look and listen for the sights and sounds in the text; imagine yourself, as Christ’s follower, watching on that day in the crowd; respond as Christ says “It is finished” and breathes his last breath.

Good Friday is a hard and solemn day in which we are invited to consider the love of God that would suffer on our behalf by absorbing all the sin and violence of humanity in order to ultimately defeat it. “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13 NRSV)

May we all sit with all of the events of this holy time, so that we might all know and experience anew the full glory of God’s resurrection power in our lives.
Pastor Charlie
This Sunday at Memorial... We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus at Four on-campus services: 8:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:00AM, & 11:00AM, and one online at 11:00AM! Watch the video at left to learn more!
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8:00AM in the Sanctuary
9:30AM in Maxwell Hall
11:00AM in the Sanctuary
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Access the online worship guide for
Easter Sunday, April 4th: mumconline.com/worshipguide

No matter when you worship, please record your attendance in worship or your prayer requests on our online form: tinyurl.com/Memorial4-4
Good Friday Worship
If you missed our Maundy Thursday Worship, you can participate with it anytime on YouTube (at left) or click HERE to watch on Facebook and see the participation on the community feed.

A few seats are still available for the on-campus Good Friday service and the on-campus Easter Sunday Services at mumconline.com/Easter

If the services fill up, please join us at our online Good Friday Service or our 11:00AM
 Online Easter Sunday Service.
April 11th, 12:15PM
A Charge Conference is needed to allow a vote on proceeding with proposed renovation plans for Maxwell Hall and the playground on April 11th at 12:15PM via Zoom or in-person in Maxwell Hall. Remember, all may attend but you need to be a member to vote.
BEFORE the Charge Conference, attend one of our Listening Sessions. Learn about proposed renovation plans for Maxwell Hall and the playground.
Pick the time that works best for you:
·    Tuesday, April 6th: 11:00AM via Zoom**
·    Wednesday, April 7th: 6:00PM via Zoom**
·    Thursday, April 8th: 11 :00AM via Zoom** and in Maxwell Hall
·    Thursday, April 8th: 3:00PM via Zoom** and in Maxwell Hall
RSVP to the Info Sharing Session of your choice and to
the Charge Conference by sending an email to:
** RSVP to be sent a secure Zoom link for the session
Dinner on April 7th is Stuffed Peppers, Roasted Potatoes, Salad, Rolls, German Chocolate Cake
Visit HERE to RSVP.
The Bridge Meets Again on April 11th

No Youth Easter Sunday. The Youth will meet again April 11th.
Classes and Groups This Week
For Zoom meeting IDs or
to RSVP for any class, email RSVP@mumconline.com

Yokefellows Class
with Carol Carroll, 9:30AM via Zoom

Comprehensive Look at the Bible
with Andy Foote, 9:30AM online

"Everything Happens" Podcast Review
with Pastor Drew 12:15PM via Zoom

Mom's ConneXion Group,
9:30AM in the area just outside the 2nd floor elevator in the Sanctuary building

Scripture & Prayer, Book of Romans
with Pastor Charlie 11:00AM via Zoom

Out of Obscurity
with Pastor Alyce 2:00PM via Zoom

4:30PM in Maxwell Hall

Wednesday Night Classes
Faithlinks with Carrie Mac
6:00PM via Zoom

Men's Bible Study
with Dave Bowers, 7:00AM, in the Multipurpose Room

Lunch & Learn
11:30PM on Zoom
Saints throughout Christian History 
Beginning April 14th
“All shall be well and all shall be well
and all manner of things shall be well.”
What a powerful statement to sustain us during this pandemic. The saint who wrote these words was living during the plague in the 1300s. This 6- week journey is led by Dr. Anna Wright and is ideal for people who is looking to dive deep into Christian tradition and history. The class will cover many different saints from Christian history, such as St. Hildegard of Bingen, Brother Lawrence, Julian of Norwich, and more. Join in to look at what constitutes a saint, how one becomes a saint, and what the Methodist tradition says about saints. 
Dive into stories about their lives, their spiritual practices, and writings and how you can apply their stories to our faith journeys.  The class meets on Wednesday nights on ZOOM at 6:00PM beginning April 14th. Each week will cover a NEW saint so join in for the whole class or drop-in when you can. To RSVP, email rsvp@mumconline.com or call the church office.
Beginners Guide to the Book of Genesis 
Join Pastor Carrie for a Beginners Guide to the Book of Genesis. Together we will read the beginning of our scripture and learn about how it was written and what impact it has on us today. This class will last 7 weeks and will be held on Wednesday nights at 6:00PM via ZOOM. RSVP to rsvp@mumconline.com or call the church office.
Interested in becoming a member at Memorial? Our next offering of our New Members Class begins on April 14th! Facilitated by our pastors and staff, our New Member's Class looks at the history of Christianity, the beliefs of the United Methodist Church, and how we live out our faith through prayer, Scripture, giving, and service. This class is offered quarterly and is required for those interested in joining Memorial as members. 
The next session begins April 14th and will be at 6:00PM via Zoom. Contact Karen Schmitt for more information or RSVP@mumconline.com to reserve your spot! 
Our youth had a GREAT time at Spring Breakout! They volunteered in our community, had fun, and deepened their relationship with God and each other.
"A Way A Week" With Sarah Flint
Weekly information and actions that can help us to explore our spiritual connection to creation and our religious responsibility to partner with our Creator in caring for this beautiful planet.  
THIS WEEK: One of the disturbing trends scientists have noted in recent years is a massive decline in pollinators, the birds and the bees. God created these magnificent creatures for a particularly important purpose. Animal pollinators are needed for reproduction of an estimated 90% of flowering plants, and one-third of human food crops. Domestic honeybees pollinate approximately $10 billion worth of crops in the U.S. each year. The cool thing is it’s so easy and fun to partner with our Creator God in restoring and nurturing the pollinator populations. At the following link, you will find excellent information on plants and landscape care for our region: HERE

Even if you’re not into planting, please review the tips on pages 13 and 15 for doing no harm from pesticides, herbicides, tillage, and overuse of manicured lawns. If you want to earn extra credit, keeping bees is a fabulous thing to do. If you are interested, I can guide you to some members of our congregation who keep backyard hives. If that’s a bit much, you might consider creating a simple “bee hotel” from the instructions found at the following link: HERE. These instructions are for 3rd-12th grade, so it’s another fun project to do as a family!
Last Week for our Lenten Collection for the
Day Drop-in Center
During Lent, Memorial is responding to a need of our local Day Drop-in Center managed by the Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County.
They are in great need of many items, including:
- Nonperishable food items, i.e., Vienna sausage, fruit cups, tuna/chicken in a bag, beef stew, spam, and water

- Hygiene items: shampoo, lotion, razors, toothpaste & brushes, nail clippers

- Sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, blankets, hand warmers

- Sun screen, band aids, bug repellent

Items may be brought to the Partin Center or dropped off at the Coalition for the Homeless Day Drop-in Center 1005 South 14th Street at the Fernandina Beach Church of Christ Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00AM – 1:00PM
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videos this week?
Ways to GIVE @Memorial  

  • GivePlus app (Google Play or iTunes )
  • at mumconline.com/give
  • Automatically through your bank

In Person:
  • drop boxes in Maxwell Hall
  • mail slot at the Partin Center
Through the Mail:
  • 601 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, Fl 32034

  • Are you feeling worn out? Frustrated? Lonely? Scared? In need of someone to talk to? Our Stephen Ministers are here to help. Memorial has a great team of Stephen Ministers who are extensively trained and gifted to help walk with you through this challenging season of life. Stephen Ministers meet with people one-on-one to provide spiritual care and comfort. To request a Stephen Minister, contact Pastor Drew or the Church office.

  • Pastor Alyce is also available by appointment for pastoral counselling via phone. You can contact Pastor Alyce by calling: 850-544-4826 
  • The Sanctuary and Chapel are Open for times of personal prayer two days a week. Mondays will be only for those ages 65 and over, from 10:00AM - 12:30PM. Wednesdays are open to all from 10:00AM-12:30PM.
Please pre-register your spot by calling the church office (904-261-5769) or signing up online HERE.
Need to Add Something to our weekly Prayer List?
If you would like to add something to our prayer list, there are a few ways to do that. You can email it to Pastor Drew or call the church office. You can use our weekly virtual attendance pad which has a spot to include prayers. You can also leave prayer requests on the community feed during our live 11:00AM worship service. If your prayer request is something you want to keep more private (only for our pastors or for our prayer team) please email or call the church or add it to the virtual attendance pad and be sure to note that you would appreciate privacy.
Our weekly prayer list is available in the Monday Connect, on the mumconline.com/connect page, or in the front office.
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